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We Are

Founded in 1995 Unity of Music City is a new thought metaphysical church that serves the Goodlettsville area of Nashville with spiritual teachings, sacred healing events and community outreach.

Our Vision, Mission and Purpose

Our mission is to create experiences to expand consciousness

and awaken infinite possibilities.

Our vision is to remember the Universal Presence alive in each of us. 

 Our purpose is to create a sacred space for transformation

Our Values and Beliefs

Unity of Music City is an affirming interfaith spiritual community.
• We honor the unique path of each person’s spiritual journey.
• We encourage a heart-guided exploration of the Truth in all faith traditions.
• We strive to be a presence that contributes to the well-being of all.


We believe:
• A direct relationship with Universal Presence, known by many names, is available to everyone.
• Love, peace, and joy are our highest spiritual principles.
• Inclusion is our expression of Oneness; we are all connected.
• Intuition is a guide to our spiritual understanding.
• Thoughts and emotions are forms of our creative spiritual power.
• Care for the earth and all creation is the natural act of our spiritual stewardship.
• Service to others is a manifestation of our love and our pathway to peace

Live Intentionally

Transform Authentically

Change Your World

Our Sunday services, classes, and special events are all designed to give you practical tools for more focused and joyful living. Our messages are positive and heart opening. Our music will stay on your mind throughout the week. At Unity of Music City, we don’t just want to be your Sunday church; we want to be a resource for your journey.

Spiritual evolution is at the heart of who we are and what we do. Your growth as a spiritual being is our singular focus. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning. It doesn’t matter if you know how to pray and meditate. It doesn’t matter if you believe one thing or another. What matters is that you know you can evolve and you’re ready to give that some attention.

Our community is made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Regardless of the religion or spiritual practice with which you are most familiar, Unity welcomes and honors all paths. From its inception, the Unity Movement has sought common ground and oneness, and we believe this oneness is how we change our world.

We Choose Peace

In 2016 we held a Spirit of Unity festival with the theme "Nashville Chooses Peace."  We issued a Peace Proclamation, signed and erected a sacred Peace Pole and created a human peace symbol to express our belief in Peace.  

History of UoMC
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