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How We

We are an independent nonprofit entity and not associated with Unity Worldwide Ministries. In the spirit of transparency we share information about our governance and operations.  


Our leadership consists of a Senior Minister, an Executive Council and a Leadership Council. 

All work together as a team with the mission to 

“Be authentic, intentional, transforming stewards of love, to listen effectively and guide Unity of Music City forward.”

Deb Moore 400x400.jpeg

Rev. Deb Moore

Senior Minister

Executive Council

Ryan Gill 400x400.jpg

Ryan Gill


Sarah Esper


Amy Riddle FB 400x400.jpg

Amy Anderton

Vice President

Tom Oullette 386x386.jpg

Tom Oullette


Executive Council members may be reached by sending an email to the office at

Leadership Council

Ryan Gill 400x400.jpg

Ryan Gill

Music Ministry

Stefanie Jakobs 400x400.jpg

Stefanie Buppert

Youth Ministry

Frank Castellano 255x255.jpg

Frank Castellano

Healing Arts Ministry

Charlotte Palmer 400x400.jpg

Charlotte Palmer

Prosperity Ministry

Sarah Esper 400x400.PNG
Susan Hurt 400x400.jpeg

Susan Hurt

Hospitality & Welcome


Amy Riddle FB 400x400.jpg
Valerie Dennison 400x400.jpg

Valerie Dennison

Membership Ministry

Sarah Esper

Sacred Community Action


Amy Anderton

Keepers of the Sacred Circle

Tammy Seay

Member At Large

Deborah Champion 400x400.jpg

Deborah Champion

Member At Large

Benjamin Borck-Wells

Member At Large

Leadership Council members may be reached by sending an email to the office at

"Co-creation is a form of collaborative innovation: ideas are shared and improved together, rather than kept to oneself."         ~

Bylaws, Minutes & Financials

The UoMC Governance folder below contains sub-folders and files that include official documents related to the business of our spiritual community.  This includes meeting minutes, financial reports, bylaws and policies.


Documents started being published on this website during the 2021 calendar year.  Files are organized in folders for each calendar year with the current year in the main folder.  Bylaws and Policies are in a separate folder for ease of access.

All file names begin with the date of the file represented as "yyyymmdd" where yyyy=year, mm=month and dd=day.  You can sort by file name in ascending or descending order (using the small up/down arrow) to more easily find a given document.

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