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Jar of Coins


We create experiences in the Nashville TN area to expand consciousness and awaken infinite possibilities in peoples lives.

Giving and Receiving 

As you interact with our community, we invite you to connect with your heart and notice how you might wish to engage in a deeper journey through the sacred actions of giving and receiving.  


We practice three categories of gifts to self and others.  All gifts are blessed, especially when done freely, generously, consistently and joyfully from an open heart.  We are grateful for the gift of your presence in our community.


Invest time in your personal spiritual growth by attending services, classes and events.  Share your time with others in our community to expand love & peace through our ministries.


You have specific God-given talents that are unique to you.  Let's find a place where you can share and grow them through our mission in the community.


Money is what fuels much of our action in the world.  Your financial gifts are gratefully received and used to fund our mission, operations and outreach in the Nashville TN area.

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