Dear God,

I know that You are always with me, yet there may be times when I feel as if I do not have what it takes to go on, that I just do not have the strength or courage to do what I must do. So today, I am making it my resolve to trust You, to have faith in You.

Your spirit is within me, God, a nourishing life-force that flows throughout my body. As I give You my complete trust, I begin to feel Your mighty strength. This gives me the power to be who I am meant to be – who you created me to be.

You give me the courage to be true to myself, true to my divine heritage. I realize that no person or circumstance can take away what You have given me, for You are the source of all there is.

Dear God, I welcome each new opportunity to express the life and power that You are within me. I feel Your strength flowing within me now. In this quiet time of prayer, I am filled with power !


Divine Order: Peace fills your heart and mind. You know that God is present in all persons and situations. You trust God to establish, that which is right and orderly.

Guidance: The wisdom of God guides you to right action. You know what to do, and you do it.

Serenity and Faith: There is a place deep within your heart where all is still, all is quiet. As you turn your thoughts from outer things you find this still and quiet place, where there is strength and faith to meet your concerns with confidence.

Harmony: You are peaceful and relaxed in the knowledge that God’s spirit of harmony, order, and understanding is at work in your life.

Prosperity: You give thanks that God is your source and supply. God is the fulfillment of your every need, and all your needs are met.

Employment: You are being guided to your right place of employment where you are needed and appreciated and where you have something important to give and receive.

Bereavement: You are not alone. God is always with you and loves you, supporting you, and guiding you through your loss. You trust every circumstance in life to God’s care. You live in the light of God’s peace, and you are comforted.