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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/14/15


It’s May – It’s May – The Lusty Month of May. And when you work in the realms of education, the students may be feeling lusty, but the teachers and administration are feeling the stress of deadlines, paperwork, final testing, reports….need I say more. Soooo…. As I have spent time this week preparing for Wednesday evening class and our Sunday Morning Celebration service, I have seen the byline “How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.” That actually sounds pretty appealing to me right now.

What would it really mean to Lose Your Mind? I think that at first glance, that may sound a bit over the top; and when you give yourself a moment to allow those words to sink into your being something magical begins to happen. What if – just play with me here – what if something could shift within you that would enable to you create exactly the life you were meant to live? “ No Holds Barred”


I know you have heard that phrase. Do you really know what it means? No Holds Barred means no restrictions whatsoever. Can you allow that to sink into your beingness? No restrictions…… Not even one….. Not money….. Not Time….. Not ability….. Not education……   What would yours be?


Dr. Joe Dispenza, in his book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, shares with us 7 Steps toward having an Authentic Transformation; or a Spiritual Awakening. We take the first step every Sunday morning during our Morning Breathe of Life. This is a time of Initiation with Holy Spirit. This time allows us to “feel the presence”. Step 2 is Re-Cognizing which we focused on last Sunday. Re-Cognizing our Past, Our Present and Our Future, and realizing that when we dream and create from the energy of our Present Moment and carry that energy into our Future – Magic Happens! Join us this Sunday as we take Step 3 –Admitting and Declaring. This step is all about acknowledging your true Self – not the little self you may have allowed to seep in, but the Divine Self that lives and breathes and has its being within each of us.  


Namaste’ Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/07/15


Sunday is Mother’s Day, and many of us, whether our mothers are alive or in the next dimension, have realized the wisdom of their words. The Reverends Becky Whitehead and Jamie Sanders join me on the stage as we talk about Past, Present and Future of our spiritual community and the Unity Movement.  We will add some words of wisdom from Mother Myrtle Fillmore. Many wish Myrtle had written more books so that we would have her words to guide us in our lives.  But when she was asked to write her memoirs she stated:  “I have never cared to interest folks in my individual life.  It makes no difference who I am or what I have done.  What is important is that I am doing what the Father has given me to do, according to my best light.”

What has “the Father” – Divine Mind – Holy Spirit – Universe or God given you to do?  What talents and gifts do you have to share with the world?  Are you willing to share them? Or are you hiding them so that you will not be asked to serve others?  Over the next two months we will be focusing on 7 steps towards being more authentic and transparent with your gifts so that the doors of heaven will open and shower you with a life that is “heaped up, pressed down, and shaken together and running over.” We are told that as we give, so shall we receive and this giving is not just about money – it is about our time and our talents.  We have been blessed with these amazing talents to share them with the planet.  Not to sit and wait until we are good enough or smart enough or old enough.

Sunday we begin by focusing on Re-Cognizing; who we are as a movement, as a spiritual community, and as individuals in a collective consciousness on a planet which is a part of a galaxy which is a part of a universe…..  Get the picture?   We will do just that by stepping into a sort of “Life review.”  I leave you with three Myrtle Fillmore quotes to ponder:

PAST:  “The past recedes from us if we do not embrace it and the light that the changing perspective throws upon it makes it a pleasing background for present activities.”

PRESENT:  “Keep your soul open to the shining light of Truth by denial of past or future claims upon you, for you live in the now.  Affirm the now as your only active eternity.

FUTURE:  “The future is what we make it.  But we are learning that we are developing God given faculties and powers, coming into consciousness of son-ship.  So, after all, the future is in God’s hands, and it will reveal in our life the state that Jesus called the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven.”   What are you dreaming or creating within your own Kingdom of Heaven?

Namaste’, Rev. Denise