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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/11/15


Do you like to play games?  Or maybe just do an experiment with your life? That is kind of what our Wednesday evening class has been about for the last few months. We have been focusing on how to break habits. And not necessarily habits like smoking or biting your fingernails. The habits I am speaking of here are habits that are deep within your subconscious and have you creating limiting behaviors in your life. 

Some of us and Unity of Music City have been struggling to know the next step in our lives. Some of us have been on this spiritual journey for quite some time and are not getting the results we had hoped for. Do you think there might be a reason for that? Could it be that we have “hardwired” our brains to think and react in certain ways – and that we need to install an interrupt pattern to begin the journey back to wholeness. 

Excuse Me!  I interrupt this broadcast, with a message from my soul!  If you have been to UMC over the last few months you have heard that song a few times. You have seen Suzie Wright climb up in a chair and stop our entire service. And when you see that happening, have you ever had just a small inkling that it might be fun?  

What if you could do just that in your personal life? What if interrupting the monkey mind broadcast that is playing in your mind could be as easy as climbing up in a chair and shouting Excuse Me!  I am a child of God and I deserve to have – everything I want!  Join me and Voices of Unity as we create a magical experience of Re-Directing our thoughts, our minds, our bodies and our souls. 

See you on Sunday at 11:00 as we continue to have An Experience of Authentic Transformation.
Namaste’  Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/04/15


I spent this morning having a wonderful surprise adventure.  Judy is very good at knowing just what I need after a long month of May in a school counseling office closing down files for the year.  And of course this year, I was having to prepare notes for another person who would be opening the files for the next school year.

Judy had made us both an appointment at Serenity Salt Cave in Nolensville, TN.  This facility has a Himalayan Salt Cave Room created by Dr. Smiechowsky, an expert in the healing effect of Himalayan Salt.  The experience is designed to enhance your relaxation while getting to the benefits of wellness.  As I lay in a zero radius lounger and breathed in the salt air that was flowing into the room, I had a moment of realizing that I was in an amazing environment of peace and love.  It felt as if the energy of that room had just “wrapped me in the loving arms.”   Of course, the song Judy wrote and Jamie London sings so beautifully ran through my mind.  “You are the one that I, I know will leave me never – wrap me in your arms of love to stay.”

Wouldn’t a relationship with Holy Spirit be just the ticket we need to move to the next level in our lives?  Whether it is to deal with a crisis; to swim through the rapids of a situation or to create the life of our dreams – a relationship with Holy Spirit gives each of us the support and connection we need to stay in the flow.

When we are living the “Unity Way of Life” we don’t look to the world for comfort – we look to spirit.  We don’t look to the world for peace, we look to spirit. We don’t look to the world for security – we look to spirit.

The shift to Sprit Led Living may take a bit of time to adjust to.  Just as we look to food and water to fuel our physical selves, we begin to look to meditation and prayer to fuel our spiritual selves.  Just as we engage in exercise to firm up our physical bodies we look to meditation to firm up our spiritual bodies.  Meditation is a spiritual exercise of sorts, which develops our spiritual muscles.  At some point in our lives, whether is it physical or spiritual, gravity pulls our muscles down if we’re not working at keeping them up.

What are Flabby Spiritual muscles?  Well I am so glad you asked.  Spiritual Flab is things like negativity, victim consciousness, fear…..need I go on?  Just as we would do well to exercise our physical muscles on a regular basis, we would also be doing ourselves a favor to exercise our spiritual muscles.  And yes – you can ask why!  We want to be vital, alive and strong.  We want to be living the lives we dream of.  And the greatest benefit of meditation is that at some point – the reenactment of our dramas become boring to us, (as they have already come to those around us).

Are you really ready to Live Your Dream in 2015?  Join us on Sunday as we discuss the process of Observing and Reminding Ourselves.  And of course the awesome Gregory Fisher will be with us for special music.  See you on Sunday.

Namaste’  Rev. D