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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/25/15


Are you ready to live a new reality?  Doesn’t that statement send chills down your spine?  It does mine as the reality of “this stuff is real – it’s not just a game” – and I begin to live my life differently.  The moment you first “Tune Into” the evolutionary impulse that has been vibrating inside nothing is ever the same.  Dr. Michael Beckwith, the founder of the Association of Global New Thought, calls that process Spiritual Liberation!  What better time to notice your own Liberation than right here right now as we move into the month of July and celebrate our own country’s liberation and freedom. 


So after you tune into the vibration or the essence that has been breathing you into existence what happens next?  You Turn Up the Volume and Transform Your Life.  It’s kind of like driving down the road in a car alone for the first time and just the mere experience turns up the volume on your feelings of independence and freedom?   Do you remember?  I sure do! 


My first car, other than driving the family car, was an “Easter Egg Green Camaro”.  It had been owned by a family that my father was friends with.  This family had three teenage boys that had already spent several years driving this car.  My father told me that it had been “souped up” and that we would probably have to make a few adjustments before I drove it.  When we drove into the driveway, I saw the car.  It was excited, BUT, I did notice one thing.  The car had big silver tubes running down each side.  I had no idea what they were until we started the car and I had to then drive it home.  The drive home was extremely loud – and of course everyone turned their heads to look before I actually got even with them.  Several people had quite interesting expressions on their faces when they saw this young girl with blonde hair behind the wheel.  I’m sure they expected a very different driver.   I just remember being embarrassed and wanting to get to my driveway even though I was driving my own car.  I didn’t feel too liberated because I could not “tune into” the vibrations that were coming out of those silver pipes running down each side of the car.     


The minute I got home, I asked my dad if those “big silver things” could come off.   I remember him grinning and saying that he had few things to do to the car before tomorrowand then he thought I would be more comfortable driving it.  (On a side note:  My dad came from a long line of mechanics, so he was planning on making adjustments to the car when we got it).    His,” yes “, was a big relief.   Don’t get me wrong, I was very excited and grateful at the thought of having my own car.  I was starting college and my schedule was going to be very different……. and, I couldn’t quite ‘tune’ Into the experience of driving down the road in something that everyone heard blocks before I got there.  But – I do remember the next day being Saturday.  My dad worked in our garage most of the morning.  I remember him walking into my room and saying the car was ready and handing me the keys.  I also remember him asking me if I would like to go to the grocery store and pick up a few things for my mother.  At that very moment, I felt that evolutionary impulse begin.  I was tuning into the vibration of “my car” and “driving by myself to the store.” 


The store that we went to each week was at that time in 100 Oaks.  The drive was down Edmonson Pike, onto Nolensville Road, then turning onto Harding Place and then Armory Drive to get to 100 Oaks.  I was so excited and I remember smiling to myself, “This is going to be great!”  And it was!  As I tuned in more and more to the feel of driving “ALONE” in “MY CAR!”  I felt the volume of vibrations turn up inside of me.  What I didn’t tell you in the beginning  was that there was an 8-Track Tape Player in the car – and as I popped a Tape and drove to 100 Oaks, I felt such freedom and liberation.  “Take it to the Limit – Take it to the Limit – Take it to the Limit – One More Time!”     I threw back my head and sang at the top of my voice.  I am sure that at some point, (it wasn’t because of mufflers, but because of The Eagles blaring) people could hear me coming for at least a block away.  And in that moment of Tuning In and Turning Up – I was ‘Transformed’!  I was ‘Liberated’.  I was living a new reality by taking my life to a new level – past the limits I had had only one day before.   


This Sunday we make our commitments to the Universe in a bold way.  Many of us have already ‘Tuned’ into that evolutionary impulse within and are beginning to TURN UP THE VOLUME so that people hear us and feel us from blocks away!  The Amazing Lynn Beale will assist up in TURNING UP THE VOLUME even more.  Come have An Experience Authentic Transformation!                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Namaste’,  Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/18/15

Are You Ready?  “Ready for what?, you think.  Are You Ready?  And again you think “What am I supposed to be ready for?”  Are You Ready?  You hear these words for the third time and the nudge gets a little more intense each time.  And then you remember, “I was supposed to work on my commitment……  I don’t like to make commitments so I’ll just sit in the back on Sunday and no one will bother me.”  Are YOU Ready?  “Wait a minute!  Why is that voice in my head getting louder?” 
If you have been on this journey for the last three months with us, many of us have been shifting our consciousness in deep ways.  And yes, We Are Ready!  Ready to Create the Lives We Have Dreamed Of!  It is a commitment.  It is the most important commitment you will make for the rest of your life.  It is a commitment to being fully you, and to being the best you that you are capable of being.  It is about balancing your life so that you are able to enjoy every last drop of it.  It is about letting go of any last remnants of the 3D’s….remember them?  
  • DISTRACTION:  What is it in your present life that takes time away from you creating the life you want to live? 
  • DISSAUSION:  Who or What situation continues to dissuade you from being all you came into your physical body to be?
  • DefCon 3:  What fears do you still have that keep you from walking through the gate of Love? 

Join us on Sunday as we celebrate Father’s Day.  And as we focus on what our Heavenly Father – the part of the creative energy of the universe that is masculine – desires for us.  The Father energy supports you fully.  The Father Energy loves you, says yes to your desires and want you to be all that you are capable of being.  So in this moment, make a first commitment to being with us on Sunday morning.  Then make a second commitment to give some thought to your personal commitment.  Then make a third commitment that you might even share it in our service as we continue to MAKE the rest of our lives – the best of our lives.

Namaste’, Rev. D