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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/06/2015

unnamedWednesday’s are one of my favorite days as a minister.  I have begun to realize that is because of the many different people I get to “be in relationship with” on that particular day.  Other than phone calls and other situations that flow in and out of our church office, Wisdom Filled Wednesdays are a chance for those of us who jump into any piece or part to experience a Holy Instant. There is a Lunch Bunch that meets together at 11:30 on Wednesday to eat lunch and do a book study.   There is a group of persons who meet at 6:15 for a time of Meditation – a centering experience for mid-week.  And then at 7:00 p.m. we have a Wednesday Evening Class.  Presently our topic on Wednesday Evenings is “All In” Written and facilitated by Prof. Deb Moore.

As we have begun to focus on being more fully present and “All In” with our lives, many of us have made personal commitments that assist us in staying focused. (I will remind each of us that those commitments are being held by the Meditation group also on Wednesday evenings – so put your commitment on the “blue paper” in the Prayer Room and place on the walls.)  My commitment is “I am a commitment to deepening relationships with myself, others and with Holy Spirit.”  Soo…it should not be a surprise that I continue to be gifted opportunities to do just that; when I ‘Let Holy Spirit Lead’ and trust the outcome.  Over the last few days, my life has been even more delicious because I have just continued to say YES and jump in! 

Yesterday was one of those amazing adventures that I wish each of you could have been a part of.  Renee Burwell, a friend of Unity of Music City, brought two young men to our Lunch Bunch.  Those two young men were from the UK and had just completed their college education.  They were simply on a grand adventure, traveling through the United States with curiosity and wonder.  They seemed to be kind of soaking the experience in.  Those of us at our Lunch Bunch class were able to share with them and answer many questions about not only Tennessee, but also religion, spirituality, life, our justice system etc. etc.   Quite interestingly, our class topic of conversation yesterday was “Risky Invitations” – defined as – Divine Opportunities to interrupt the assumed course of your life and take you beyond your comfort zone, inviting transformation.  This “Risky Invitation also assists us in enlarging our understanding of ourselves, others and the Holy Spirit. I can’t speak for anyone else in the class, but I know I experienced a most “holy instant” yesterday. 

The Course in Miracles states that A Holy Instant is “when we choose the Holy Spirit as our teacher instead of the ego.”   Grrrr…..   That was just a growl. “It is this purpose which makes the instant holy, and establishes it as an integral part of the overall Atonement plan for correcting our misperceptions and misthoughts.”  Grrr….. That is another growl.  Holy Spirit is ready in every moment to lead me towards the most amazing life, full of all the abundance that I could ever imagine – and many times I say – No thank you – not today.  Those two precious young men, who stated that they had preconceived ideas about what “Americans were like – given to them by the UK” and I was able to say to them that I had preconceived ideas about what people from London were like — well may I say that we both were delighted in the process of proving our perceptions were not broad enough.  I also believe that as we left the class/holy instant, each of us realized that we had only scratched the surface in our understanding of each other, with much more to be learned and understood. 

Atonement = At One Ment….and there was a moment when looking into those two young men’s eyes, I not only knew, I felt “We Are One!”    Put Your Whole Self In–Maybe the Hokey Pokey IS what it is all about!                   
Namaste’ Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/30/2015

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unnamedGet Ready My Soul – I’m Diving In.  You may have heard me say over the years, we are going to take a dive into the deep end of the pool.  Depending on our comfort level with the analogy of water or diving, just hearing that phrase could cause some anxiety or fear. 

This week, in both our Lunch Bunch and our Wednesday Evening Class, we have discussed RISKS.  Some of the risks we have discussed are risks that each of us take daily, like driving a car in rush hour traffic.  Other risks we have talked about were things like skydiving or public speaking.  You may find it odd that I grouped skydiving with public speaking.  My experience is that people who are fearful around speaking in public would just as soon jump out of a very good airplane, not knowing how they were going to get safely to the ground as to stand up in front of a group of people and make a speech. 

BUT – The risk I am really referring to is a much bigger risk than any of these.  The risk I am referring to is the risk you take of being your authentic self; being real or showing up with integrity in each and every situation – AND realizing that some people will love it and others may question you.  This risk would include living your purpose, stepping into your passion or diving into the deep end of expanding your personal destiny.  BUT – and I do mean BUT, because each of us has one, and I am not speaking of the physical one.  Each of us has a BUT that keeps us “enclosed” as Robert Taylor referred to in The New Way To Be Human, or as Prof Deb Moore referred to in All In

Being a Counselor, Minister and now Dream Builder Life Coach, over the last 30+ years I have heard numerous reasons why a person cannot step into the dreams they have for their life, or even why an organization cannot move forward into the magnificence that is right there before them.  Some of the main reasons that come to my mind are:  “You see I would do this thing I have always wanted to do, BUT: My Family needs me; My present job takes all my time; I don’t have the right education or my personal knowledge base is not large enough; I’m afraid of failing and looking stupid; I’m too Old; I’m too Young; I don’t have enough money; The market is already flooded; The economy is not right…… Bla…bla ….bla…bla…bla……..

Last week our Sacred Reading was taken from the writings of Genevieve Behrend, student of Thomas Troward and the book, Your Invisible Power.  I will be using much of this material over the month of August to assist us individually and as a spiritual community to go through some Divine Mind Operation.  Do any of you remember the game of Operation?  I loved it – and when you were attempting to do the operation and go to close to certain areas, the red light went on and the buzzer went off really loud.  I propose we have that system at work in our own thoughts, words, emotions and actions. 

In the Religious Science Tradition, Prayer is referred to a Spiritual Mind Treatment and I believe that the Unity Movement could take note of that fact as we speak not only our prayers but just our words to our friends, family and others we come in contact with.  BUT and again I Mean the big If’s we put out there – If we are attempting to create, generate, imagine, manifest something in our world and that thing is not present there is only one thing that can be in the way…….   ME….You….Us!   I know – that doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy but sometimes “The Truth Can Set Us Free – But First It Has To Piss Us Off!”   Pissed off enough?  Good!

Join Me On Sunday morning as we begin this Journey of Divine Mind Operation for our Bodies, Our Minds and Our Souls.  Get Ready for the Deepest Kind of Love – for the Deepest Kind of Life – Get Ready, Get Ready My Soul!                                                                                                                                                                                         Namaste’  Rev. D