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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/20/2015

Denise's Daring Daydreams

We are right in the middle of a dynamic series of Lessons on Sunday mornings in our discussions around Abundance.  We have spoken several definitions of Abundance.  One definition of Abundance is “overflowing fullness.”  The definition of Abundance and Prosperity are not exactly the same thing in theory; even though many of us think about them in the same way.   Edwene Gains will be assisting us the last Sunday in September to fully understand Prosperity; and – Abundance is a here and now reality that is inexhaustible.  Abundance is always flowing; it is our personal choices that make us feel that the flow has stopped.  What that statement means to me is that we all grasp the Abundance ring, but maybe not in the way we were expecting.  I will share an example.

Now back to the overflowing fullness. . . Have you ever had a meal where everything was so luscious, you ate more than you really needed to?  At that time the overflowing fullness begins to set in and you realize that you are very uncomfortable.  All that wonderful food was so awesome going down, but at some point, you stopped listening to your body and just keep poking food in your mouth.  We do exactly the same thing with the “stuff” we create in our lives.  Most of us never intend to have too much stuff, but in the process of living our lives, we wake up one day, look around and say – where did all this stuff come from?

Several weeks ago, Judy and I were cleaning out some of her mother’s “stuff” in Savannah, TN.  And it was interesting the things we found.  One such abundance was 47 sweater vests.  Now I don’t tell you that to judge, because heaven knows, I have had similar situations, not in the sweater vest department but in the shoe department.  I remember a time when I had high heeled shoes and purses to match most of my outfits.  Again, not to judge but to say; did I set out to accumulate all that stuff?  Have I worn some of this in the last year or more?  Is there someone else on the planet who could possibly get some good out of some of these clothes, this Tupperware, these dishes, those towels,….the list goes on and on.

This Sunday we will be jumping in with both feel into a discussion of “Making Room for the New.”  These dreams that many of us are creating and working on will bring with them new situations and possibly new beliefs and new people to spend time with and, and, and – do you have room in your life for the new. Do you need to let go of one thing so that the next can “fit into your life?”  As I let go of clutter; clutter in my surroundings, clutter in my mind, clutter in my emotions, and clutter in my heart…..I then make room for the new.  Breathe a sigh of relief . . . . . Ahhhhhh.

Last week we allowed Holy Spirit to pull us out of the limiting beliefs that have kept us stuck in old patterns of living.  Are you really ready to step out and step up into a new vibration?   Join us on Sunday morning as we make room for the new and prepare to let go and allow the new flow of good that is abundantly and inexhaustibly ours.  Learn how to “pay attention” to your body and your emotions and your mind -allow your needs to be met and more.  Love and blessings to each of you as you move toward the weekend.
Namaste’, Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/13/15


We talked about a great Universal truth last Sunday.  Life is Naturally Abundant.  This week we will begin Building An Awareness of that truth.  How you may ask – by observing our lives and how Universal Laws begin to play out inside the context of our lives.  In the realm of this Universal Law, We build from within and we attract from without.  What that really means is everything is worked out in the unseen (in our minds) before it is manifested in the seen (our world).  The realm of the unseen is the cause and the realm of the seen is the effect.


So let’s go to a very tangible example of this.  When a contractor is building a house, he or she begins with a blueprint.  And if the blueprint is followed, the house begins to take shape and form in a very straight forward, tangible way in the real world. The blueprint begins as a picture in someone’s mind; it is transferred to paper, and then tangible materials that are used to construct the home. 

You may be asking, what if the blueprint is not followed?  Well that depends on what exactly happens in the possible misreading or refusal to follow the blueprint.  Someone could decide not to follow the blueprint and “do what they want to do.”  Something similar to that happened when my parents had a new home built in 1969.  They worked with an architect and got the blueprints exactly like they wanted; even down to the type of materials that would be used in each area of their new home.  One day my dad came home very upset.  When my mother asked him what was wrong, he stated that the construction workers were not following the specific instructions. 

I was only in the 7th grade, so I don’t really remember the entire conversation, but I do remember my dad saying they were “cutting corners.”  To him that meant they were using materials that “didn’t cost as much” and they were attempting to get things done in a very quick way; sort of throwing things together.  The bottom line was that he was not happy with the way the blueprint was showing up in the material world.  So he immediately called the Contractor, who was a friend of our family.  I remember my dad and Mr. Cooper sat for quite some time discussing what the final outcome would be.  In the end, my dad got the house of his dreams, AND – he had to stand firm and be extremely willful because some of the materials that were already in place had to be taken out and new ones had to be put in their place.   It meant literally “tearing down what had been created in the material” and going back to the blueprint. 

I know what you are thinking.  Those people just got fired!  And the contractor lost business and money and time.  And his stress made him sick, and, and…..  Have you ever known someone who may have created a life like that?  I believe I have even created one of those before, that literally had to be torn down and recreated because it was such a mess.  At the time, I blamed others for that world that I seemed to “find myself in.”  Now I am able to step back and see how old beliefs about myself and what I believed about others and the world drew me right into the middle of that chaotic lifestyle.   

We each create many blueprints in our minds of the lives we desire to live.  Most of us create in our minds lives of love, joy, peace and abundance and then when we actually begin building in the real world, we cut corners, and we fall back on old beliefs that cause us to “throw things together.”  Ultimately we do not create the desires of our hearts.  Join us on Sunday when we share conversations about Awareness.   How do we become aware?  Look at our lives and we can begin to see where we might want to work on our beliefs or possibly create a new blueprint or even tear down a few things and rebuilt. 

When we become aware that what we are creating is not what we thought we were going to see, do we take the time to be aware of our own thoughts?  Maybe some of our thoughts are things like, this dream is going to cost me too much and so we begin to cut corners.  Maybe some of our thoughts are things like, I am not really worthy of my dream; or I am certainly not good enough at x, y, or z to “have my dream come true?”  Are you really aware that Life is Abundant and you can have everything you want, once you take the time to create the blueprint and then to follow it – allowing the universe to bring it to you in such a way that we will be surprised and you will know that it is part of the amazing infinite flow of Divine Mind.                                                                                                                           
Namaste’ Rev. D