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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/10/2015

Denise's Daring Daydreams

Our Affirmation this Sunday is, “I move in harmony with this present moment always knowing the truth of my being.”  This thought comes from Lao-tzu and the Tao Te Ching.  The Tao is the unknowable, un-seeable realm where everything originates; while at the very same time, the Tao is invisibly within everyone and everything.  Can you see, hear and feel the similarities with our Unity concept of God?

In Unity we speak quite frequently about “being” in the Flow.  I know over the years, I have had numerous persons ask questions about what that statement really means.  I thought I understood it fairly well 20 years ago, and what I can tell you in this moment, I know much more about it today —  AND – I am still learning how to maneuver through the flow of this substance we call Living Loving Spirit.

During the months of August and September we have focused as a Spiritual Community on what true Abundance really is.  If I had to place a definition on Abundance my words in this moment would be “True Abundance is living in the flow of life with Awareness”.  With that said, I think the confusion begins to lie in the fact that we want to say God is Good – which is true.  We also want to say that Living in the Flow is good – which it is.  AND, (There’s another one of those things! I use And instead of But.  It helps me reframe the situation.) Sometimes the flow leads us through places that at first glance don’t appear to be “good.”

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto explains that we are water, and water wants to be free to flow.  He also explained that be vibrating or being love, we can literally change the crystallization process of the water crystals.  The implications of Emoto’s work were stupendous.  Since consciousness is within and around us and we are water, then if we are out of balance with our personal intentions or who we have come here to be —  Isn’t it within the realm of possibility that our misguided vibrations can and will impact the entire planet in destructive ways?

When I think of Living in the Flow of Life with Awareness, the whole process becomes timelier to the events that are transpiring on our planet.  During this day I encourage you to be Mindful.  Drink water silently today.  Notice how it nourishes you.  Notice the places water is there for you, serving you and flowing naturally and freely.  Say a prayer of gratitude for your noticing and for allowing yourself to be aware of the flow.
Namaste’    Rev Denise

P.S.  You don’t want to miss Sunday’s Special Music Guest – Charles Holt. Known not only for his amazing vocal performances, (You Tube Charles Holt I AM) but also for his Ted Talks and Motivational Speaking. And Yes – we are in conversations about bringing him in 2016 to speak at one of our services. He is from Nashville, TN and currently lives in LA.   Check him out on Google.

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/03/2015

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Denise's Daring Daydreams
Our affirmation this Sunday morning is “I look for the blessing in all situations.”  Our lesson title is, “Counting All The Blessings”.  I think most of us in new thought spiritual groups understand the fact that we attract what we focus on.  I also think that most of us remember that gratitude focuses our attention on the good in our life, thereby multiplying it.  AND – how many of us forget that fact when we encounter something less than lovely across our radar screen?  In that very moment our consciousness challenges the Unity Principle, “There is just one presence and one power in my life and in all the universe – God the good omnipotent.”


I was sitting in a rehab facility on Monday with a friend of mine and as we talked about her health challenges over the last month or so, we began discussing this very thing.  Now mind you this woman is well versed in Unity Principles and concepts.  She knows the lines and can recite them as well as any Ordained New Thought Minister.  That’s not the issue.  The real issue, the place where the rubber meets the road is how do I remember those principles and bless every situation as I journey through my life?

Each of us reading this somewhat Daring Daydream are breathing into these words and knowing that in our lives there either was a time in the past or possibly a situation unfolding right now in this present moment that challenges our personal beliefs.  So what are we to believe?  What are we learning in those moments?  Do we continue to hold onto the things we say you believe?  Do we revert back to old beliefs and ways that are familiar even if they don’t completely assist us or the situation at hand?  Do we turn to addictions that seem to mask the whole darn thing so that we don’t have to look deeper?

I know this is a holiday weekend and some of you are traveling to events and vacations – and I encourage you to listen to the lesson on our website after it is posted, even if you can’t be with us physically.  I leave you with these words by Laura Story:

“What if your blessings come through raindrops?

What if you healing comes through tears?

What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you’re near?

What if trials of this life

Are your mercies in disguise?”

There is just one presence and just one power!

Namaste’ Rev. D and Dr. B