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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/16/2015

A Superstar as defined by Oxford Dictionary is: a famous or exceptionally talented performer in the world of sports or entertainment.  A Supernova is a super star that outshines an entire galaxy – radiating as much energy as the sun.  Sunday morning is Unity of Music City’s 20 year celebration.  Our overarching theme is “20/20 Vision Moving Forward”.  My lesson topic is “Superstars Know Who They Are” and when I begin to think of superstars – how could they not know; they feel it!
In Unity we affirm a statement that our Founder Myrtle Fillmore took from a talk by E.B Weeks in the late 1800’s — “I am a divine child of God, therefore…..   Myrtle finished that statement with, ‘I do not inherit sickness.  As we have talked over the last two months, we affirm that any sense of lack or limitation is not true – the truth is I am a divine child of God and Therefore — I Inherit the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is the substance from which all things are created.  Because I was created in the image and likeness of God – I am literally swimming in that substance meaning “The Kingdom” is within me, running through me, and all around me.  That my friend is Star Quality!  When I am a star – all I really need to do is shine that light that comes from within.  As I let who I really am flow out into the world – my world is filled with more light.
I invite you to be a part of our Sunday Celebration of  “20/20 Vision Moving Forward”  As we shine our lights together, we share laughter, joy, love, peace, communion, breaking of bread, mindfulness, breath, and so much more.  There will be Amazing Music with Harmony 5, Voices of Unity, Youth of Unity, Sherrie Phillips, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Stella London, Jamie London and myself.  Our Unity Unleashed will unleash at a new level.  Our Youth will be a part of our service with awesome quotes from many Superstars – including Dr. Seuss.
And – If you need to do a bit more preparation to Shine:  Don’t forget the Magical Mystery Tour of STAR WOLF – Friday Evening, Nov. 20th from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. at Unity of Music City. A great Kick off of our newly renewed Healing Arts Ministry led by the amazing Valerie Dennison.   Experience an evening of guided meditation and breathwork.  Take a leap of faith as you breathe deeply to activate your Imaginal Cells and embrace your future self on this journey into the heart of the unknown.
“You are a shining star, No Matter Who You Are, Shining Bright to See, What You Could Truly Be.”  (Earth Wind and Fire)
Namaste’,   Rev Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/12/2015


Have you ever been asked to promote something that you did not know much about?  It can be very challenging.  Over the years, because of my position in education, I have been asked to “get behind and sell ideas” to a staff or a group of parents.  And many times those ideas were being given to me during an hour presentation in such a way that I wasn’t even 100% sure of what they were – much less how to promote them so that everyone would be applauding and saying Yeah Rah Tootie!  It was a tough gig at best.

This Sunday we will be taking about a type of Sale or Promotion that was shared during the Sermon on the Mount.  That particular Sermon was given by Jesus to a group of persons who had been following him and listening to his messages.  They were intrigued with a man who seemed to not be caught up in the rules or the policies and procedures of the Jewish way of life – but was truly living his life in full integrity – knowing who and what he was and coming from that space.  He made no apologies for his words, his thoughts, his emotions, or his actions.  He spoke from a place of true authority and promotion of something that was much greater than he was.  Although he was a part of all that he spoke about and wanted everyone who heard him to be a part too.

The Sermon On The Mount is the longest piece of teaching from Jesus and has been one of the most widely quoted elements of the Gospels.  It includes the Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer along with the Golden Rule and many other familiar teachings.  Many followers of Jesus the Master Teacher believe that the Sermon on the Mount contains the central tenets of Christianity.  And — quite interestingly it does contain two statements about who we are as humans on this planet that many times we brush over and do not see the full significance of what Jesus was actually telling us.

Jesus shared two analogies, which we will unpack on Sunday.  He stated that there were similarities between us as humans living in communities with Salt and Light.  He was encouraging us through these two analogies to promote ourselves in this life — Not to honker down and be a lowly worm.  You are the Salt of the Earth and You are the Light of the World.  During the next few days, begin noticing what you are noticing.  What is salt for?  What has it been used for over the ages?  What is light for?  What has it been used for over the ages?  Where in my life am I aware of the qualities of salt and light?  Are they similar in any way?

Joining me this Sunday is the amazing Jill Sissel with her talents and skills.  She will definitely be adding “flavor” to our Celebration Service on Sunday through the process of Shining her Light.   See you in a just 3 days!  Don’t forget our LOVE YOUR CHURCH DAY on Saturday – starting around 1:00.   Live in the Blessings.

Namaste’, Rev. D