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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/25/2015


Yesterday I contacted FTD Florist, like I have for the last 33 years, and ordered my mother a centerpiece for her Thanksgiving table.  These flowers will be delivered to her today.  When I was in my 20’s I would receive a phone call at work to say the flowers had been delivered.  Then usually in about 30 minutes or so, my mother would call my office and say, “somebody sent me some beautiful flowers.”  We would laugh and I would say, “I’m glad you like them,” and we would continue a conversation for a few minutes ending with, “I’ll see you tomorrow at lunch.”

Well this tradition has continued through the many shifts and changes of communication not only between my mother and me, but also between me and FTD Florist.  The process is pretty simple at this time.  I go through an app on my phone, order the flowers, receive a confirmation through an email on my phone and then when the flowers are delivered today (Wednesday) I will receive a text from FTD that they have been delivered.

The interesting thing is that within about 3 minutes, I will also receive a text from my 83 year old mother that will say, “sum1 sent prty flwrs,”  I will text “WOW!  Njoy.” And then “c u tumoro.”  This shift to less communication has been going on for quite some time now; ever since we all have been texting more than calling and talking.

Interestingly enough this year, I sent a horn of plenty for her table with beautiful flowers bursting out in an array of colors and shapes.  I was thinking about that this morning and thought, it will be nice to be sitting around the table this year with Judy, my parents and both my boys with their new wives.  I am sure there will be “plenty of conversation.” And I don’t think we will have to ask the boys to “put up your cell phone so we can share with each other.” Time does shift some things!

The cornucopia (from Latin cornu copiae) or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment.  My dream this year is that first, each of you reading this email will have an abundance of friends, family, food and fellowship during this coming weekend. — AND – my daring daydream is this:  May we see a world where every person has an abundance of friends, family, food and love.

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent.  In Unity Advent is celebrated, but you may find a bit differently than some religious traditions.  We become the messengers or the “Angels of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.”  Join us this Sunday when we will be discussing Getting Everything By Giving It:  “No Room In The Inn.”  Also, the awesome and inspiring John McAndrew will be joining us with special music.

“We Are Messengers of Hope – Messengers of Hope is What We Are.”    

Have a beautiful and abundant Thanksgiving,
Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/16/2015

A Superstar as defined by Oxford Dictionary is: a famous or exceptionally talented performer in the world of sports or entertainment.  A Supernova is a super star that outshines an entire galaxy – radiating as much energy as the sun.  Sunday morning is Unity of Music City’s 20 year celebration.  Our overarching theme is “20/20 Vision Moving Forward”.  My lesson topic is “Superstars Know Who They Are” and when I begin to think of superstars – how could they not know; they feel it!
In Unity we affirm a statement that our Founder Myrtle Fillmore took from a talk by E.B Weeks in the late 1800’s — “I am a divine child of God, therefore…..   Myrtle finished that statement with, ‘I do not inherit sickness.  As we have talked over the last two months, we affirm that any sense of lack or limitation is not true – the truth is I am a divine child of God and Therefore — I Inherit the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is the substance from which all things are created.  Because I was created in the image and likeness of God – I am literally swimming in that substance meaning “The Kingdom” is within me, running through me, and all around me.  That my friend is Star Quality!  When I am a star – all I really need to do is shine that light that comes from within.  As I let who I really am flow out into the world – my world is filled with more light.
I invite you to be a part of our Sunday Celebration of  “20/20 Vision Moving Forward”  As we shine our lights together, we share laughter, joy, love, peace, communion, breaking of bread, mindfulness, breath, and so much more.  There will be Amazing Music with Harmony 5, Voices of Unity, Youth of Unity, Sherrie Phillips, Stephanie Urbina Jones, Stella London, Jamie London and myself.  Our Unity Unleashed will unleash at a new level.  Our Youth will be a part of our service with awesome quotes from many Superstars – including Dr. Seuss.
And – If you need to do a bit more preparation to Shine:  Don’t forget the Magical Mystery Tour of STAR WOLF – Friday Evening, Nov. 20th from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. at Unity of Music City. A great Kick off of our newly renewed Healing Arts Ministry led by the amazing Valerie Dennison.   Experience an evening of guided meditation and breathwork.  Take a leap of faith as you breathe deeply to activate your Imaginal Cells and embrace your future self on this journey into the heart of the unknown.
“You are a shining star, No Matter Who You Are, Shining Bright to See, What You Could Truly Be.”  (Earth Wind and Fire)
Namaste’,   Rev Denise