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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 12/24/2015


Judy and I just spent 4 1/2 days in New Orleans, a destination known among other things for its music, food, and night life.  This famous city is also known for its spiritual components, all the way from very visible Catholic Traditions to the dark side of voodoo in the swamps.  As we walked through the streets, I began to think, no matter how you choose to experience this universal energy we sometimes call God the one thing we can all be sure of is that it is ever present with us. Our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions lead to the manifestation of experiences in each of our worlds.


New Orleans was mine and Judy’s Christmas to each other.  Over the years we have found that we like to create experiences more than things; and may I say our New Orleans trip did just that.  We experienced people, food, drinks, smells, tastes, and many different emotions. The experience that still gives me chills was Dec 20, 7:00 p.m. caroling in Jackson Square with over 2000 people.  These were people of all different races, beliefs, colors, ages, rich and homeless alike, holding lighted candles and singing from beautifully printed song booklets produced by the city of New Orleans.  Yes some of the people were singers and some merely hummed along.  Some knew all the words, others just la la la….  For about an hour we sang song after song, harmonizing together and lighting up the French Quarter with our lights and our voices.


At the end of the experience I had many thoughts, but one was definitely I had experienced the presence and power of God….the birth of the Christ….the harmonizing of the Christ Consciousness.  I hope you can join us on Sunday as we discuss this a bit deeper. On this Christmas Eve I leave you with a 13th century poem called There is a Community by Rumi and (translated by Coleman Barks).


“There is a community of the Spirit. Join it and feel the delight of walking in the noisy street and being the noise.  Drink all the passion and be a disgrace.  Close both your eyes to see with the other eye.”  The Essential Rumi.        


I wish for you and your family a blessed holiday season.                                                                  Namaste’,  Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 12/17/2015


Are you ready to celebrate a whole week of J O Y?  Papa Charlie states that Joy is the “happiness of God.  Joy is perfect ideas and the expression of those ideas in your life.”  I know what you may be thinking, “What are perfect ideas, and how do I know I am expressing them in my life?”  One example we have been focusing on during Advent is the story of the birth of the Christ.  This birth brought Joy to the World, even in the midst of worry, struggle, and heartache.  Soo – I’m thinking that the birth of the Christ in each of our lives brings Joy to the world even in the midst of whatever is going on.

A few years ago I did a series of lessons on Joy and Happiness.  It was when we were in the Posh Office space in Old Hickory that we called 5 1 5.   I had a congregant come in to see me and say, “You know, I am beginning to realize that I’ve really never been Happy, and I don’t believe I have ever experienced Joy.  Those words seemed to just cut into my heart and I have never forgotten them.  One of the reasons it had such an effect on me is because I have always known my purpose on the planet is to be the Joy.  I intend to bring laughter, happiness, and joy to all situations – no matter what they are.  And I can tell you that many times it has not been appreciated.  I fully understand now that others “non-appreciation” comes from a place of not understanding that Joy brings strength (One of our 12 powers) to any situation no matter how difficult it may be.

The process of adding Joy is not always easy, but it is always worth it.  When we look into the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah, Chapter 8 tells a story of “God’s people crying because they were struggling with life and feeling sorry for themselves.   The way these people were offered compassion was a little different than the models most of us were taught to use in compassionate living.  The model most of us were taught was very therapeutic and empathetic – and many times that model is just what the doctor ordered.  And….. Have you ever been in a situation or been with someone that is “stuck in their stuff?”  In that case, the model doesn’t work because it causes no movement, resolution, or action.

The Prophets Ezra and Nehemiah listened to the people cry and feel sorry for themselves and then said in our words, Don’t Worry – Be Happy!  Of course the people looked surprised and shocked!  How rude of these two prophets who are supposed to say something soothing and “ministerial” to us.   So next they shared “Divine Law”.  I know, you are thinking how would sharing Divine Law help anyone?  The speaker shared three main points:

  1. Divine Law is the orderly working out of Divine Ideas
  2. Divine Law cannot be broken
  3. Divine Law keeps us all responsible by looking at the consequences of our action or inaction.

These prophets were saying as long as you stay in this place of feeling sorry for yourself, you will continue feeling bad and nothing good will happen. The law of the universe states, what you put out there, you get right back.   Then an interesting statement was shared that you may have heard in songs and other statements; “The Joy of the Lord/Universal Law is your strength.”  We have been learning about adding joy and strength through experiencing a Rampage of Appreciation.  The Wise Men understood this long ago and brought appreciation to the Christ Child.

Join us on Sunday morning as Michael Elley, Deb Moore and Voices of Unity assist me in creating a Joy-filled celebration service.  By incorporating Joy into every situation, I begin to dispel negative thoughts and feelings; and begin to see the good in every situation.  Dr. Hugh says to us, “God is good – all the time!”   Make the Joy of the Lord/ (Universal Law) your strength.

See you Sunday.

Namaste’, Rev. Denise