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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 01/21/2016


If you were in our service last Sunday, you heard the words “Spiritual Atmosphere.”  Those two words refer to what each of us “live and move and have our very being in.”   The atmosphere I am referring to is, “the pervading tone or mood of a person, place or situation.”  The word I use when talking to Judy is I want to go back to a certain place because it has a great “ambience” or “feel”.  And so how does that ambience, feel, or spiritual atmosphere actually happen?  It begins with the planting of dreams in the substance of spirit.


We plant our dreams through our thoughts, our words, and our emotions which become our spiritual atmosphere.  That atmosphere begins to become palpable.  People around us begin to feel it.  As they feel it they respond to it/us and that whole process then becomes our belief about how the world works.  The interesting thing about the process is we forget we created the belief within ourselves and we think the world is “doing it to us.”  When all we really need to do is change our beliefs – which will begin to change our world.


You may ask how does that happen.  Well as I continue to move through the world in my own spiritual atmosphere, that specific vibrational energy creates my perception of what I see, hear, feel and experience in my world.  That atmosphere may be peaceful or not, loving or not, joyful or not — It is the essence of substance (God – Holy Spirit) in which we move through the world.  It is the same substance or essence that our own Dan Speering referred to in an email to our leadership and finance team and a “vibrational field of dreams”.  And yes – everyone begins to feel it, whether it is individual, or a collective Spiritual Atmosphere such as we have created at Unity of Music City.


So if I am not really happy with my life or I have the intention to make some changes it only makes sense that I might want to spend time shifting my own “Spiritual Atmosphere?” Of course one great way to begin the process is spending time in Prayer and Meditation – which we are focusing on as a spiritual community.  Sometimes during Prayer and Meditation there are things that rise to the surface that seem to continue to want our attention.  Then we need a bit deeper spiritual “surgery” of sorts.


Sunday Morning, Rev. Donna Michael will be presenting, “Making Sense of Your Soul’s Journey.”  She will also be leading us in an afternoon workshop called Soul Mapping – understanding the many twists and turns our lives have taken.  “When you connect the dots (events) of the life you’ve lived, you can create the life you want”, Rev. Donna.  Don’t miss experiencing Donna, a nationally known speaker, teacher, song writer, and recording artist.  Rev. Donna Michael is an ordained minister for the Centers for Spiritual Living, a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, and the creator of Possibilities Program — Live Your Limitless Life!  Donna will also be sharing musical chants with us on Sunday during the lesson that will assist in shifting our spiritual atmosphere.


Peace is the Way,

Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 01/14/2016


Anais Nin has a quote, “We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.”   The first time I read this quote I could not quite wrap my mind around it.  I realized that the reason I couldn’t take the quote in was because I had a very different belief.  My belief was more like “What you see is what you get.”

When I got to Unity and began to hear about a different way of thinking, I almost ran from the teachings because the foundation of my life began to crumble.  At least that is what it felt like.  I experienced the dreams I had held for so long and had made come true were no longer working.   My present life no longer fit with the new dream I was creating.  As I changed my beliefs, those things that no longer fit began to fall away.  It was a bit scary!

Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  King is best known for his statement, “I have a dream.”  I can only begin to wrap my mind around the dream process for him and how it changed his world and the world of his family.  And – If King had had the dream but not believed it was possible, he would have never been able to talk about his dream or to share with people so that they could begin to see the vision that he was holding.  And who knows if our world would have shifted in the ways that it has.

What Unity really teaches and what I have begun to understand is the belief is the dream.   It is a pre-thought thought that I have thought so many times that I believe it and then hold it as reality in my world – my dream.  And if my thoughts are really prayers – well then I am projecting my dream right into my world through my thoughts and words – which really begins to change what is (my reality) into my dream.

Join me and Voices of Unity this Sunday as we not only celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., but also the dreamer within each of us.  I have a dream…………..   What dream are you holding?  Can you allow it to change your life?

Peace is the Way.

Rev. Denise