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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02/04/2016


Sound has been used in many cultures as a tool for healing.  This healing may come through mantras or melodies or using certain instruments such as singing bowls, flutes, or didgeridoos.  In actuality by using rhythm and sound frequency we begin to entrain our brainwaves.  Then it becomes possible to shift our normal beta state (waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxation consciousness).  You ask what the merit to doing that is — more love, joy and peace.  Is there anyone out there that wouldn’t sign up for more peace or love or joy in their life?

Last evening the participants in Winter Feast for the Soul meditated to “World Sound Meditation (Gaia’s Song)” by Tom Kenyon.  All of the persons in the circle had deep experiences of transformation.  Many if you may have seen the viewing of the movie The Songof the New Earth, created as a song of love and healing for our earth.  This movie was released in 2014 and some of you saw the release in our Sanctuary.  You may remember the music performed by Tom.  Watching the movie and opening to the sound experiences created brief “altered states of consciousness,” which many persons took with them for days and weeks afterward.  (I will speak to our Prayer Chaplains and Healing Arts Ministry about creating another viewing of the movie in our Sanctuary for those interested.)

This Sunday we have an experience with a different Denise; Denise DeSimone – an Author, Speaker, Singer, and Minister who wrote the book From Stage IV to Center Stage.  Yes she took herself from Stage IV Cancer to Healing and then out into the world to talk about it.  Denise will speak to us during our Celebration Service and then offer a Sound Healing Workshop after service called “The Sound of Your Dreams”.  Whether you have had a diagnosed disease or you just would like to “tweak” your health and wellness; this would be an experience you don’t want to miss.

Those who chose to come to the workshop will experience:

  • A Guided Meditation
  • Chakra Clearing and Balance
  • The Wheel of Life Visual
  • Your Name as a Mantra

“Your dream is calling your name.”  Denise DeSimone    Oh – I know – this is Super Bowl Sunday!  You will be home long before Kick– Off time!

Peace is the Way,

Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 01/28/2016


The city of Nashville experienced a Winter Wonderland last week – a forced time of slowing down the pace.  Many of us were literally unable to travel for a while.  In the space of slowing down, I have heard from persons other than myself that those things within that we have tried to ignore or forget about began to surface.  How interesting that Unity of Music City is in the middle of Winter Feast for the Soul and boy did the snow give us a feast!

Prayer and Meditation bring Transformation — and sometimes that means letting go.  That’s a quote some of you may have seen on my Facebook page.  The real reason why some of us haven’t created the lives we desire is that we don’t take the time to get still and quiet and allow spirit to do its most awesome work of transformation.  Are you willing?  Are you open? 

I’m getting ready to make a very bold statement.  If you are seeking peace in your life, it will never be fully within your grasp until you come face to face with your deepest desires.  Just breathe that in.  What thoughts are there?  What feelings surface?

This Sunday is multigenerational Sunday.  It is always a treat to share the stage with our youth.  Sunday the youth of UMC will be giving us a peek into what they have been studying about Peter Pan and the field of dreams.  Peter believed fully in the power of dreams.  No matter whether you have watched the original Peter Pan, Hook or seen the musical, there are many great truths to be gleamed if we as adults are willing to become a child once again. 

“So come with me where dreams are born, and time is never planned.  Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings forever, in Never Neverland.”  Peter Pan

Here’s to flying!  Are you ready? 

Peace is the way………. Rev. D✌🎵💕