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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/15/19

Have you ever been divinely inspired to do or be something?  As I continue to focus on The Four Agreements and get clearer on what it means to be ‘impeccable with my words’, I begin to really understand that it all begins with me.  Until each of us begins to realize that Jesus the Master Teacher was speaking truth when he said, Love your neighbor as yourself, then, and only then, can we begin to love ourselves in a way that causes the world to shift.  That my friends is answering the call or the invitation to the light. 

It is interesting to be in Lunch Bunch and Wednesday evening class right now and to be sharing with our spiritual community conversations that are about not only how I would change, but how the world would change if I realized I was made of light.  How do I do that you ask?  Spend time in the silence.  I must recognize the light within and when I do, nothing can hold me back from the invitation to be the light everywhere I go. 

This divine inspiration is “encoded in light and moves us in a direction that is expansive, infusing us with deep desire – beyond the wish for anything personal or material.”  Those words come from Jacob Israel Liberman and a book entitled Luminous Life.  In this book he writes further that when I begin to act in the direction of expansion, my desire is for oneness with the vision I have been given – and this vision is about creating a peace that will make my life full of enchantment and bliss.  The question is, “When am I going to be willing to step into the invitation?” 

Join us on Sunday Morning as we discuss what it means to Love and Respect Myself and how that is deeply connected to my personal invitation to light.  This conversation is also deeply rooted in the first agreement Be Impeccable with my words. 

Our own voices of Unity will be joining me in a song with Nickie Conley and Becky Duffield melding their amazing voices to move you to a place of saying yes to the light. 

So in preparation for Sunday ponder this affirmation:  

I allow my Christ Nature to be present.  I am light.

Rev. Demise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/01/19

Where did July go? It seems just yesterday Judy and I were planning for our family’s July 4th celebration at Harmony Haven, and now it is August 1st.  As a spiritual community we have focused on Freedom and as we turn the corner into August our focus will  be placed a bit beyond Freedom to the topic of Agreements – and it will continue to touch into personal freedom in many ways.

Have you ever thought about the Agreements you have made with persons, organizations, your culture or possibly your family of origin?  As children, the adults in our lives prepared us to be a part of their society.  We learned to live in the same dream our parents were living in.  Our personal belief system many times got trapped in the structure of that dream, and that dream became normal for us. Or, possibly you were one of those kids that pushed against the norm and were possibly punished for doing so. 

I don’t believe that the adults in our lives, for the most part, “domesticated us” with any bad intentions.  The adults can only teach us what they know; they cannot teach us what they don’t know. You can bet that they had all kinds of judgments about themselves, and that everybody else was judging them too.  They lived in a kind of rewards/punishment society – and guess what – it’s the same society we live in today.  Are you ready for a change?  

During the months of August and September we will be looking at the Agreements we have made and the Agreements we as Divine Spiritual Beings choose to keep.  Many of those agreements have kept some of us living our lives in a type of hell.  This “hell” has produced a toxic fear that keeps many of us from creating the lives we are here to live.   

Want to create heaven here on earth?  Join us this Sunday for, ‘Understanding the Power of Our Words’,  and how they are attached to these very same agreements.  Our special music will be Beck Duff.  She will be bringing to us some tunes that will not only stir our souls, but cause us to think about our words and how very powerful they are in the creative process. 

Learn to live your life with arms wide open.  Choose your Agreements mindfully. 

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

This is where your book begins . . . . .the rest is still unwritten.

Rev. Denise