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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02/25/2016


Most of us have studied and understand on some level the Law of Attraction, brought to the masses through the Abraham-Hicks materials and Esther and Jerry Hicks.  But how many of us are as familiar with the Law of Vibration, which serves as the foundation for the Law of Attraction. The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe is moving and vibrating.  Nothing rests even when it is being still.  We are all living in a sea of energy that is constantly vibrating and that connects everything and everyone.

The second fact to become aware of is that we are governed by the Law of Vibration.  We have a vibration and so do our thoughts, our words, our songs, our feelings, our homes, our cars, our animals, the food we eat  – everything about us is pure vibrational energy.   It may not be a Universal Law we want to embrace, and science has proven the Law of Vibration to be true through the study of Quantum Physics.  The understanding of Quantum Living has assisted many of us to change an old belief of “Seeing is Believing” to “Believing is Seeing”.   Actually choosing the thoughts we desire to think and the feelings we desire to feel and becoming impeccable with our words will begin to change our world in miraculous ways.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if more of us could become mindful of that one fact?

Sunday, February 28, we will complete our discussion that began last week “The Practice of Mindfulness Brings Peace”.  We will dive a bit deeper into the world of Mindful Living.  The actual practice of Mindfulness opens the door for us to be more and more aware of our personal vibration, starting with the body, mind and feelings, and them actually moving to our core beliefs.  It is those beliefs we hold that truly are the basis for our personal vibrational energy.  Those of us who are willing to take a look at our beliefs without fear may find that we are able to shift our personal vibration with more ease and grace.

Shifting your vibrational energy takes practice – and the blessings that come are life changing.  Each and every moment we breathe into brings blessings to us; blessings in the sense that this is yet another piece of the puzzle of peace in my life.  The ability that I am able see a true picture of my life is the same moment that I begin to have the ability to change the pieces and shift my vibration.  May you be filled with loving kindness.  May you be well.   May you be peaceful.  May you be happy.

The awesome Doug Beale will be sharing some very thought provoking music with us on Sunday – “Why do we argue?  Why do we fight?  Everybody thinks God’s on their side.  Count to ten before you throw a stone.  Whatever you believe – you might be wrong.”  Paul Thorn

Peace is the Way,
Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 01/18/2016


The months of January and February have been focused on taking time within.  During Lunch Bunch conversations and Winter Feast for the Soul’s meditations and sharing we have focused on not only on the importance of creating a meditative practice in our lives, but also to begin to develop a deeper communion with Holy Spirit, God or the Universe which begins to create a Mindful way of living 24/7.  During the classes what I seeing happening is people are developing a greater ability to attend fully to life’s experiences (Mindfulness).  Some have actually begun a meditative practice that they had not incorporated into their lives before our time together.  And last evening someone shared with us a physical healing that is happening during the meditation every Wednesday evening. YES!  Did you hear that – “healing”!  Did that wake you up?

The process of Prayer and Meditation was and is the basis for the creation of the “Unity Way of Life.”  It was created from the heart of Myrtle Fillmore merely because she had a belief that she was a Divine Child of God and thereby she did not inherit sickness, or poverty, or …….  What if you realized that all the things that pull you away from the calm peace of your soul could with ease and grace is released?  What if you knew that once you release those things you could fill up with loving kindness?  What if you knew you could experience a wholeness and wellness beyond anything you have ever allowed your body, mind, and spirit to experience.  What if you knew you could feel the peace that passes all understanding of any situation you might find across your radar screen.  What if you knew that prayer and meditation would lead you to living a happy, joy filled life?

If you knew that the financial issues you have been experiencing would fade away through the process of what you put in your mind and how much time you spent in communion with spirit – if you knew that the disease or illness you are experiencing would actually draw you into a deeper level of healing, body mind and spirit —  if you knew spending more time in the silence would fill you up with loving kindness your life would flow with ease and grace – if you knew that the relationship you are struggling with would begin to correct itself if you spent more time in the silence – and if you and the person you are struggling with could actually sit in the silence together – wow!  Miracles would shift everything………   Then would you be willing to make a change in your life?

“Who wants change in their life?”  Many times we say a big yes to this because we want things out there to change so that we can experience love, joy, and peace.  Then the question comes a little closer to home…… Who wants to change?There are usually not as many loud voices shouting yes to this question.  Let there be peace on earth and let it begin  with….. Them?  You?  Are you ready for a little bit of willingness that the change begins with you!?!   Join me on Sunday morning for The Practice of Mindfulness Creates Peace.

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. 
If you are attentive, you will see it.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh

May you be filled with Loving Kindness.  May you be well.  May you be peaceful.  May you be happy.

Peace is the Way,
Rev. D