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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 03/03/2016


This month, I am pulling the “Jesus Card”.  That very statement may cause some to shudder and give others a feeling of peace.  Your personal reactions depend on what your thoughts are about this man.  Did you know that Jesus never taught one single fearful principle?  He taught about Love and Forgiveness.  In fact, he asked people to let go of the laws and commandments they had been attempting to keep and to focus on Love.  But we have realized over 2000 years later that even the purest of words and intentions can be distorted.

This month leading up to Easter Sunday, we will look at healing beliefs around the man Jesus; letting go of distortions; seeing him as he was and is today; and understanding that many of his teachings came from Buddha, Krishna and others.  We will also focus on allowing the flame of the Christ, the flame of love to burn within our hearts.  That Love actually can come to us from the heart of the Christ because he was one who remembered the light in the darkness of the world.  That Love can come from him because he not only received the gift of love, but was able to give it unconditionally to all who would receive it.

In the 1990’s a man by the name of Paul Ferrini began to publish some remarkable books, 40 to be exact.  Paul’s writings, poetry, meditations and Affinity Circles helped heal people of thoughts and emotions that had been keeping them in lower vibrational energy, and gave them the tools to become more spiritually grounded in the challenges of daily life.   Paul was simply sharing the message that Jesus the Master Teacher shared over 2000 years ago.  Paul offered to those who would join him an experience of Peace in thoughts, words, and actions.  That experience may be spoken of in many different ways through the words we use, and that experience is Love – Joy – Peace.  So how do we get there?

There are three stages of development along the way.  The first stage is subconscious knowledge which is driven by our instinct and our emotions.  This is the stage of the Old Testament.  In this stage, we do things out of fear.  “Do this or God will punish you!”  “Do this or Santa Claus will not bring you a toy.”  “Do this or I will not love you.”  Many of us can speak new thought lingo, and still occasionally hang out in Stage One, fearing an outcome that we believe will come if we do not show up a certain way.

Stage two is Self-Conscious Knowledge which begins to build the intellect and personal empowerment – thinking that if I know enough, I can ward off this vengeful God; find a way to get my Christmas present and make you love me.  Stage two is being aware of God but still feeling separate – New Testament mentality.  Stage Two teachings focus on what you will miss if you don’t allow God into your life – attempting to entice you into a life of spirit.  Stage three is much different than the other two.

Stage three calls for the birth of a new human; a different way of living individually and collectively – a new practice if you will.  Think about a Musical Composition which begins to come to life when someone steps up to perform it, and of course they must practice first.  I can remember practicing certain piano pieces for over a year to get to the place where I was ready to perform.  Our lives can only become peaceful when we step up to the practice of Peace as called for by Jesus the Master Teacher.  That practice begins and ends with Love. It calls for a thorough investigation of the mind and the fears on which our thoughts have been based.  It calls for us to look at the creations that our fears bring to the surface.

My prediction for the spiritual community of Unity of Music City is this:  During the Month of March – we will find God in our hearts and in the hearts of our brothers and sisters.  We will find that ministry or place we can plug into or that class or experience that will begin our practice of the presence of peace.  We will begin to experience our own divinity, knowing that divinity is our very essence.  And we will choose to share that love and joy and peace with everyone we meet.  We are advertising a Spirit of Unity Festival: Nashville Chooses Peace on April 2nd from 10:00am – 2:00pm.   Have you chosen the vibration of peace for your life today?  Begin the practice.  It will lead you to the performance of a lifetime!

Peace is the Way,
Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02/25/2016


Most of us have studied and understand on some level the Law of Attraction, brought to the masses through the Abraham-Hicks materials and Esther and Jerry Hicks.  But how many of us are as familiar with the Law of Vibration, which serves as the foundation for the Law of Attraction. The Law of Vibration states that everything in the Universe is moving and vibrating.  Nothing rests even when it is being still.  We are all living in a sea of energy that is constantly vibrating and that connects everything and everyone.

The second fact to become aware of is that we are governed by the Law of Vibration.  We have a vibration and so do our thoughts, our words, our songs, our feelings, our homes, our cars, our animals, the food we eat  – everything about us is pure vibrational energy.   It may not be a Universal Law we want to embrace, and science has proven the Law of Vibration to be true through the study of Quantum Physics.  The understanding of Quantum Living has assisted many of us to change an old belief of “Seeing is Believing” to “Believing is Seeing”.   Actually choosing the thoughts we desire to think and the feelings we desire to feel and becoming impeccable with our words will begin to change our world in miraculous ways.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if more of us could become mindful of that one fact?

Sunday, February 28, we will complete our discussion that began last week “The Practice of Mindfulness Brings Peace”.  We will dive a bit deeper into the world of Mindful Living.  The actual practice of Mindfulness opens the door for us to be more and more aware of our personal vibration, starting with the body, mind and feelings, and them actually moving to our core beliefs.  It is those beliefs we hold that truly are the basis for our personal vibrational energy.  Those of us who are willing to take a look at our beliefs without fear may find that we are able to shift our personal vibration with more ease and grace.

Shifting your vibrational energy takes practice – and the blessings that come are life changing.  Each and every moment we breathe into brings blessings to us; blessings in the sense that this is yet another piece of the puzzle of peace in my life.  The ability that I am able see a true picture of my life is the same moment that I begin to have the ability to change the pieces and shift my vibration.  May you be filled with loving kindness.  May you be well.   May you be peaceful.  May you be happy.

The awesome Doug Beale will be sharing some very thought provoking music with us on Sunday – “Why do we argue?  Why do we fight?  Everybody thinks God’s on their side.  Count to ten before you throw a stone.  Whatever you believe – you might be wrong.”  Paul Thorn

Peace is the Way,
Rev. D