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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 03/24/2016

Are you ready for Resurrection Sunday?  (And the crowds cheer wildly – except then they realize the path they have to take before resurrection occurs.)  Resurrection happens after death.  Are you still as excited about it as you once were?
Resurrection was the name of a television drama series about dead people that came back to life and attempted to integrate into Arcadia, Missouri.  It was based on a book by Jason Mott entitled The Returned. The first “returnee” was a young boy by the name of Jason who drowned.  He was found alive in China and was returned to his parents.  After the second person returned, the town was told that many others would follow.  This created quite a stir within their doubt filled community.

The stir was that some people could wrap their minds around this phenomenon and others could not.  There was fear about things that were not understood.  And some just could not bring themselves to even be in the presence of the person who had “resurrected or changed.”  When I first watched this show I began thinking of the story of Jesus and his disciples whom he visited after he rose from the grave.  The reactions were very much the same.  One disciple even got his name, Doubting Thomas, from the fact that he did not believe it was Jesus until he could see the nail prints in his hands and feet.

Resurrection from the dead.  What does that really mean to us in Metaphysical Terms?  Where is it that we as a human race have been more dead than alive?  Where could we use a sense of Resurrection on this amazing planet we live on? And those of us who choose to resurrect – how will we be accepted by those who have chosen to stay in the old ways of thinking, speaking and being?

Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of sitting with the planning team for The Spirit of Unity Festival. The fact began to dawn on me – we are saying yes to a resurrection that was planned long before any of us were ever dreamed of.  This resurrection was planned among the stars and the moon and the planets.  This resurrection is one of love and joy and peace.  Have you heard the call?  Have you felt the pull to die to the old ways of thinking and to resurrect?

Saturday April 2nd, we have the opportunity to model peace with our thoughts; we have the opportunity to model peace with our words; we have the opportunity to model peace through our actions.  On April 2nd we have the opportunity to be peace with friends, neighbors, family and those that we have not met yet.  We have the opportunity to model peace with persons who may not believe the same things we do.  What an amazing opportunity for us to truly stand in the truth of whom we are as a community of Love – a community of Joy and a community of Peace.
We’ve even planned a “tune up” (for those of us who may need it [LOL]) on Wednesday evening March 30th
with Paradiso & Rasamayi’s Healing Concert, so that we can truly be that resonance of love, joy and peace. So let the shift begin as we Celebrate the Power of Resurrection with the assistance of our own Voices of Unity.  Let’s pave the way for the week ahead, because… Did you know?  Tag – You’re It!   We are the ones that we have been waiting for!
Peace is the Way,
Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 03/17/2016

What an exciting time it is to be a part of our spiritual community.  For many years I have envisioned an event that brings all peoples together no matter of beliefs, religious affiliations, sexual preferences – you get where I am going.  An event where everyone is safe to be and have an experience of oneness.  We are moving towards April 2nd – Our Spirit of Unity Festival – #nashvillechoosespeace, and energy is swirling (literally) all over Nashville.  Can you feel it?   Presently we have 15+ churches that are planning on being present with us.  One of those churches is joining us Wednesday Evening, March 23rd  at 6:30 to share in a Peace Circle facilitated by Becky Astarita and myself.

We have been focusing this entire year on “We Choose Peace in 2016.”  For the last two Sunday’s I have shared Jesus the Master Teacher’s thoughts and beliefs on Love, Joy, and Peace.  Jesus encouraged us to find Love, Joy, and Peace first within our relationships with the living loving spirit of God.  God Is — I Am.  Second he encouraged us to Love One Another.  “One Another” did not mean we got to pick and choose; it did not leave anyone out.  Now as we flow into Palm Sunday  we get an up close and personal look into what happens when we are well aware of walking into a situation that may be filled with many emotions and situations other than Love or Joy or Peace.

A little history before Sunday:  Jesus and his disciples had been in Bethany, visiting the home of Lazarus.  Many people had come to speak to him because it was well known that he had raised Lazarus from the dead.  On the following Sunday (Palm Sunday) Jesus and his disciples began their journey into Jerusalem, metaphysically known as the city of peace.  Jesus realized that because of the energy around him and his teachings, that his ride into Jerusalem would create quite a stir.  There would be a possibility of negative emotions from the Jewish leaders as well as the government officials.  So have you ever wondered how he stayed so peaceful and full of love through all the events of the next week?

Join us on Sunday as we discuss the topic:  The Choice to Be Peace – the Beginning of Personal Transformation.  And joining methis Sunday  to spread the vibration of Love Joy and Peace is our own Michael Elley; singer, songwriter, producer, publisher and actor.  He will be singing songs that he shared as a Citizen-Diplomat Entertainer in the Soviet Union (1986-89).   Remember………..


Peace is the Way,

Rev. D