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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 04/07/2016

Unity of Music City’s Wednesday evening class resumed last evening with a discussion on Words and Prayers.  We are studying the book Christian Healing written by Charles Fillmore and published in 1909.  It always amazes me how every time I read something by papa Charlie, there is quantum physics written on those pages that had not been spoken of in the early 1900’s.

Our conversations last evening surrounded the creative process that happens with the spoken word and how our prayers can either assist in that process or be “spoken amiss” as Charles quoted the scriptures.  Where the rubber meets the road is personal beliefs and faith.  As Truth Students on the path we can become more mindful of our thoughts and our words and our vibrational energy so as to become the vibration of that which we intend to create.  This also includes not focusing thoughts, words, or emotional energy on the conditions in the present moment.  As Mary Morrissey states:  “You can’t get to your dream, you must come from it.”

One of the persons who have been most influential in teaching me to trust and hold the sacred space over the last 7 years is Brenda Williams.  Brenda blessed me and our spiritual community by being a part of #nashvillechoosespeace and signing the peace pole. She has held along with many of us the anchoring of Peace on our land.

This Sunday,  I will be sharing a process that some of us learned from her known as RBQT: Reset Breath Quiet Touch.  The truth behind this process is:

  • One Breathe to connect your higher intelligence
  • One touch to activate your body’s intelligence
  • One moment to sustain Resonance within the Greater Field of Possibilities

Knowing the importance of our intentions and continuing the resonance anchored on our land on Saturday, Brenda has given our planning team use of some power point slides and her teachings to assist us in continuing to not only hold the resonance but to allow it to become stronger as we invite others into that vibration of peace.

I hope you can join us on Sunday as we discuss The Faith Factor.  Dr. Judy is introducing a new special music guest from Glencliff High School. Her name is Alison Brazzel, an amazing performer who is sometimes seen teaching Spanish to high school students.  Alison will blow you away with her soulful presence and reggae sound.

Remembering our oneness with all creation, we awaken the world to infinite possibilities.
Peace is the way.
Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 03/31/2016

I just returned home from the Paradiso and Rasamayi Concert.  What a healing evening.  As I left, I had a guest say to me, “I just did seven years of therapy and letting go in one hour …what an easy way to heal.”  I felt the same way.  In fact, I have been saying that very same thing for years.  Everything is energy – vibrational energy. All we really have to do is continue to tune ourselves up or transmute discordant energies to the energy of the divine. The fastest way to tune up is through some sort of toned vibration – such as singing bowls, digeridoos, singing, humming, toning etc. And where is this tuning up leading us?

Unity of Music City has the opportunity to bring about social change this weekend.  We are invited to show up as hosts on Saturday’s Spirit of Unity Festival.  We are stepping into the vibrational vortex of peace and inviting others into that same vibration.  Many people will be willing to step into the vortex with us because there have been many of us meeting weekly creating the foundational vibration and honing the vision of peace into a reality.  We are actually empowering people with our thoughts, our words, and our emotions to adopt new behaviors in their lives.

We envision a day of not only food and fun, but also of holy and sacred experiences.  We are inviting persons to join us in a unified field of Peace.  Are You Ready?  We are all being Called Into Healing – which means first healing ourselves – tuning up our personal vibrations.  Second we are asked to share that vibration with everyone we meet.

I affirm I will see each of you on Saturday for our Spirit of Unity Festival.  I also affirm we will meet together on Sunday
to Celebrate and once again spend a moment in the process of tuning our personal vibrations.  To assist in that tuning, the amazing John McAndrew will be joining us as we begin our April and May Focus:  Called Into Healing – Called Into Peace.
Remember:  It’s in every one of us ….. Peace is the Way.      Rev. D