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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 4/28/2016


Affirm with me:  This is the year my dreams come true!

Henry David Thoreau stated, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

This quote has been an inspiration to Judy and me in stepping forward towards the life we had envisioned over 18 years ago.  In fact, the words are so magical that we have placed a framed picture of the two of us with the quote in its entirety right over our piano.  We see the picture every day, and sometimes several times a day….sort of like a vision board.  However, some days our dream has been overshadowed with life stuff.

Much of the life stuff has been spectacular like family fun, time spent with friends and interesting growing opportunities with jobs and careers.  Some of the life stuff has brought up our fears about our own abilities; a deep look into personal failures that sometimes we use as reasons to not move forward and personal frustrations that every person on this planet deals with at some points in their lives.

What has become exceptionally clear to me over the last two years is that every one of us has the same stuff – and – every one of us has dreams that live inside of us.  These dreams are great passions that were implanted within us at the moment of inception – when we decided we were going to come from the light.  Soooo…….what stops us?  What is it that some people have within them that helps them to step into their dreams and create magical lives?  Are they so different from the rest of us?

My answer is NO!  The difference is in the quote:  Advances Confidently in the direction of…..   It is all about where I keep my focus.  It is about continuing to step forward in confidence.  So I ask myself, “What is my dream?  What do I want to create and how much of my time do I spend thinking those thoughts, versus thinking about other things random things that sometimes flow into my mind?”

Over a year ago, Judy and I decided to take the plunge and travel to LA to a Dream Builder Live event with Mary Mannin Morrissey   I can share with you, I had no idea what was about to happen.  I just knew I had the calling to go.  “Oh My God!”  In a short 52 hours, my life began changing right before my eyes.  What actually happened with Judy and I is that we were immersed into a process with hundreds of people in a huge room.  All the people in the room were vibrating at the same level – all focused on their dreams – all speaking them out – all focusing on the joy, the love, the peace of the dreams.  The room was filled with music, message, meditation, and magic….the Holy 4.  It was infectious – and in a holy instant – we were changed.

This Sunday you will have the experience to step into the energy of the Holy 4 at Unity of Music City.  The Message and Meditation will by my dear friend Felicia Searcy who works closely with Mary Morrissey and coaches persons on the very same process: Dream Big Dream Bold.  Felicia will be speaking at the 11:00  service “You Are Meant for More”.  Just hearing those words is exciting.  Then after our service she will be offering a Dream Builder Workshop to those brave enough to look deeply at where they might be able to tweak a few things and totally change their lives.

Know that Judy and I will be providing the Music; which is part of the reason we were brought together in this life time.  This holy union is much bigger than the two of us and we know we were brought together to get Judy’s music out into the world in a bigger way.  Her music is truly a message that can change the world; look at what We Choose Peace has assisted us in creating this year.

You my dear friends will be a big part of the Holy 4.  I promise An Experience of Authentic Transformation for each of you as you step into the Magic that happens every Sunday at Unity of Music City.

Peace is the Way,
Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05-05-2016


Sunday is Mother’s Day!  That fact will usually stir some sort of emotion depending on the meaning of the word mother to you.  Charles Fillmore, founder of the Unity Movement defines the concept of “Mother” as the nourishing element of Divine Mind in which all spiritual ideals are brought into fruition.  The thought of nourishment brings to mind substances necessary for growth of the body, the mind, and the spirit.  And isn’t that the nostalgic idea many of us continue to hold about our earthly mother.  She was to be the place of nourishment, the place of safety and security as we received all the things we needed to become the people we are today.

I have shared with many of you that my relationship with my own mother at times is difficult – and in saying that I do have many fond memories of loving experiences with the woman I call my earthly, biological mother.  I can truthfully say that she gave and continues to give the love she has inside her to give.  Then there is the woman that I called my mother of choice, Jodie Warlick.  She was truly the nourishing presence in my life for over 15 years. Jodie assisted in holding the high watch for me as I wandered through the wilderness of change and growth that led me to be the woman I am today.  Jodie was truly that place of compassion that I checked in with almost daily.

So what does the word mother mean to you?  What ideas come to mind when you hear the word?  The feeling of Compassion still rings true for me, whether it is about my mother or my ability to mother my two sons or others.  Compassion is defined as feelings of care, concern, sensitivity, tenderness, mercy tolerance, and kindness.  Compassion also contains an ability to hold another’s suffering as they walk through healing situations in their life; whether those situations are physical, emotional, or spiritual in nature.

Gandhi said, “Compassion is a muscle that gets stronger with use.”  I invite you to join me for spiritual exercise on Sunday as we begin with the topic “The Deepening of Love Through Compassion.”  “It is in exploring the vibration of compassion that one begins to come to the expression of love.”  Rev. D.  That compassion encompasses self and others.

We know that love is what we are. Love is the divine energy that is flowing through us and expressing in our lives and out into the world.  I have created a working definition of Love for my own life.  It is,

Lifting Others Valuing Everyone; and that definition includes the desire to share compassion with everyone I come in contact with.

I know some of you will be spending Sunday with your mothers or with your families, and, I know that if you are in town, you will want to be with us as we begin a series of lessons about Love and Compassion.  Love and Compassion are some of the instruments or practices that create more peace in our lives.  If you are unable to attend, don’t forget we are live streaming through YouTube every Sunday morning. You can join us from whatever place on this amazing planet you may be.

If you are in town this weekend you and your mother just might enjoy a Cinco de Mayo Celebration 7:30 Friday

Evening at the Keeton Theater in Donelson.  This celebration will feature our very own Stephanie Urbina Jones and also the amazing Mariachi International of Nashville De Glencliff High School.  Tickets are $10 ahead or $12 at the door.

I wish for each of you a peaceful Mother’s Day Weekend of love, laughter, and deep compassion.  Remember:  Peace is the Way.

Rev. D