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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07-21-2016


When James Cameron created the movie Avatar, I do not know if he realized fully the impact it would have on humanity.  The premise of the movie was about a hybrid human-alien called an Avatar, created to facilitate communication with the indigenous Na’vis from the planet Pandora and pave the way for the creation of peace between the two worlds.  When I begin to think about that statement, I am reminded of what we as a spiritual community have begun this year; a way of communicating with persons from other beliefs than ourselves.  This Avatar had to be willing to fully put him or herself into another dimension or plane and be willing to experience life through different eyes. 

Part of the movie focused on “seeing each other.”  The cornerstone of the Navi philosophy was “to see with an open mind and open heart – to be present.”  They discussed two types of seeing:  “tsea” = physical vision; those things that I can see with my eyes; and “kame” = spiritual vision which included being fully present with compassion and open to understanding of another.  The Navi’s belief was that when we are willing to see beyond the physical realm we will truly become one and create Pandora, or “heaven on earth.” 

Becky Astarita and I have had an interesting week with our Peace Circle Process moving into Metro Schools and other arenas and digesting our own feelings about how this work seems to be creating a life of its own.  We are both getting practice every day in seeing not only with physical eyes, but also with spiritual metaphysical vision to a bigger picture that Holy Spirit, Universal energy, God…. is drawing us as toward. To be fully transparent and authentic, I will share with you that the leaders of The Church of the Living Waters have decided to not be a part of the Peace Circle Process at this time.  The conversations have been about beliefs that are different in the realm of religion/spirituality. 

I will share more on Sunday about the conversation, knowing that we are exactly where we have been led to be, and knowing that it is not our intention to make anyone sit in a Peace Circle.  Now how peaceful would that be?  We believe that everyone is exactly where they should be in this moment, and sometimes the process does not feel as peaceful when your “stuff” is triggered by other people’s beliefs, words, action etc.  And in saying that, how do I keep an open mind, open heart, and continue to be present so that I can really see you? 


I hope that you can join me on Sunday morning for a lesson entitled, “I See You.”  I think Holy Spirit has a great sense of humor because this lesson was not planned this week; it was decided upon over a year ago and our experience as a community has unfolded to this moment.  How do I choose to see others when I have stuff up about their decisions?  How do I choose to see others when I feel hurt or have a past with that person?  Can I remain clean and clear “to see with an open mind and open heart?”  How can I truly be present to others? 


The amazing Sherrie Phillips will be blessing our Sunday service with music.  And we will be again having an experience of seeing each other hopefully beyond the physical seeing.  Those of you that were in our service last week know that we had two experiences, one was a conversation, and one was the game of 2 Truths and a Lie.  The energy that was stirred “I am willing to know myself as I am getting to know you,” has given many of us things to think about and process this week. 

I leave you with words from Avatar: 

I see your heart, your soul, your fear, your emotions

I accept you for who you are.

I love you for your goodness and for your struggles

You may be seeing me

I may be seeing you

for the very first time. 


Namaste’ Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/14/2016


Today’s news seems to be filled with killing, corruption, abuse and mad angry people.  It seems those who are causing the stress all too often feel justified because of certain beliefs they hold dear.  These beliefs are generally those of separation – my culture is better than yours; my religion is going to heaven and yours is not; my education is broader than yours…..the list goes on.  It is as if we are narrow minded believers. 

Think of a horse that is drawing a cart.  That horse may have blinders on his or her eyes so that he or she will not look at anything but what is right in front of him/her.  The person who is training such a horse does not want him/her to see anything to the right or the left, diverting attention in any way.  Might we be doing the very same thing when we emphasize our own beliefs or faiths – forgetting to look at the larger perspective. 

Many of us have lived our lives with blinders on, moving through each day, talking only with persons who are like us, experiencing only situations that are familiar to us and sharing conversations with our family, friends and close acquaintances.  And as we are living in our safe places of “bliss”; we are missing out on the much broader experience of humanity. 

There are about 7 billion human beings alive today and to create peace in our lives and in our world, we must begin to see the possibility of common agreement among varying cultures, ideologies and religious experiences. We each must be willing to take our blinders off and begin to see a much broader prospective. Might we be able to find common ground in our differences by emphasizing the values we each share? 

Join us on Sunday morning at Unity of Music City for “Getting to Know You.”  As many of us were moved last Sunday, hearing the story of Pastor Tony from The Church of the Living Waters; might there be those that are sitting in front of you, behind you or even beside you that have stories that you have not heard – that if you were willing to open a space to hear, might change your experience with that person forever?  Getting to know another person creates a space in our lives and the lives of others for more and more peace; more and more love; more and more joy.   

“Haven’t you noticed suddenly I’m bright and breezy, because of all the beautiful and new things I’m learning about you, day by day.”  (from The King and I)

Namaste’  Rev. D