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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/14/2016


Today’s news seems to be filled with killing, corruption, abuse and mad angry people.  It seems those who are causing the stress all too often feel justified because of certain beliefs they hold dear.  These beliefs are generally those of separation – my culture is better than yours; my religion is going to heaven and yours is not; my education is broader than yours…..the list goes on.  It is as if we are narrow minded believers. 

Think of a horse that is drawing a cart.  That horse may have blinders on his or her eyes so that he or she will not look at anything but what is right in front of him/her.  The person who is training such a horse does not want him/her to see anything to the right or the left, diverting attention in any way.  Might we be doing the very same thing when we emphasize our own beliefs or faiths – forgetting to look at the larger perspective. 

Many of us have lived our lives with blinders on, moving through each day, talking only with persons who are like us, experiencing only situations that are familiar to us and sharing conversations with our family, friends and close acquaintances.  And as we are living in our safe places of “bliss”; we are missing out on the much broader experience of humanity. 

There are about 7 billion human beings alive today and to create peace in our lives and in our world, we must begin to see the possibility of common agreement among varying cultures, ideologies and religious experiences. We each must be willing to take our blinders off and begin to see a much broader prospective. Might we be able to find common ground in our differences by emphasizing the values we each share? 

Join us on Sunday morning at Unity of Music City for “Getting to Know You.”  As many of us were moved last Sunday, hearing the story of Pastor Tony from The Church of the Living Waters; might there be those that are sitting in front of you, behind you or even beside you that have stories that you have not heard – that if you were willing to open a space to hear, might change your experience with that person forever?  Getting to know another person creates a space in our lives and the lives of others for more and more peace; more and more love; more and more joy.   

“Haven’t you noticed suddenly I’m bright and breezy, because of all the beautiful and new things I’m learning about you, day by day.”  (from The King and I)

Namaste’  Rev. D  

Denise’s Daring Daydreams 07/07/2016


We Hold These Truths…

July 4, 1776, The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then was announced to the thirteen American Colonies.  Many of us have memorized at least portions of those words.  And I ask, were these words ever held as total truth and can we open our minds to hold them today?

Whether we adopt the truth that “all men/women are created equal” or we align to the truth that we are “created in the image and likeness of God” it would seem that over those 240 years there have been many shifts toward even greater perceived separation.  And we in Unity, Centers for Spiritual Living and other “New Thought” centers propose to hold as a truth that we are all “One”.  The next task is, “How do we remember our oneness with all creation?”  That, my friends, is the question. 

During our Lunch Bunch, which I must say was a lively group of awesome souls who literally came to the table to listen and to talk about Compassion, in their personal lives, we discussed what a Global Community might begin to look like and sound like and feel like.  And again the question began to rise up from the group, “What would we be willing to give up in this moment to create balance and equality in our world?” 

I know that when any American is asked to “give up” something or when a New Thought advocate is told that they might need to “give up” something as my grandma would say, “them’s fightin’ words.”  And in this moment I ask that you dig a little deeper into the recesses of your being.  If our goal is to not only talk about the truths but to actually live them, how do we create a global society in which all men/women are given the chance to live equally with the rights of Life, Liberty and the chance to Pursue Happiness?  It is through stepping up to the plate with our time, our talents, and our treasures.  We can either do that on an individual basis, or we can combine our resources and do it is a group, together, making a possible greater impact.  “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”

This weekend is a special one at Unity of Music City.  On the heels of our amazing #Nashville Chooses Peace; we are stepping up in a new way to walk our talk. 

On Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. we are having a Peace Circle with The Church of the Living Waters.  This will actually be the 4th circle we have had with that congregation, and many of our community have been able to be in attendance.  What is different about this Saturday?  We are actually beginning to get the importance of not just sitting in the circle, but also listening and opening up to those who may have different points of views. (If you are planning on coming, bring a snack, some finger food to share with our friends).

Sunday Morning, I will be sharing the stage with Pastor Tony Rogers-Sirten.  A fun fact about the two of us is that we both came out of The Churches of Christ and have somewhat of a similar journey.  We are presently in two very different churches as ministers or spiritual leaders.  And over the last 6 months of getting to know Tony and working towards the same goals, we have realized that both of us and our communities want the same things for our families, our friends and ourselves  – life, liberty and the pursuit of a happy, loving and peace filled life.  I want to also acknowledge Becky Astarita who introduced us and created the bridge for this process.  (We have also invited another minister or two who are beginning to be interested and could possibly show up on Saturday  for the process) 

I leave you with a quote that you will hear again on Sunday,

“Our goal is to create a beloved community

and this will require

a qualitative change in our souls

as well as a quantitative change in our lives.” 

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Change always means there is a bit of letting go or giving up of something.  If we are willing to walk our talk, it will first take a qualitative change inside that only happens when we do our personal work and when we are willing to come to the table to be a part of the talking and the listening.  The action happens when the “changed” part of our being creates transformation in our personal lives and in the lives of others.  

Remembering our Oneness with all creation, we awaken the world to infinite possibilities.  Come this weekend, either to the circle on Saturday or our Celebration Service on Sunday.  Be a part of new possibilities.  This will truly be An Experience of Authentic Transformation



Namaste’, Rev. D