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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/18/2016


As a Spiritual Community, Unity of Music City has taken on the challenge this year of learning and experiencing what Choosing Peace is all about. In a world that appears at times to be so separate and even in conflict about many issues, we are finding that Living Peacefully and Compassionately not only affects each of us and the persons that we are in contact with, but that it is also affecting us as an entire community. 

We are in the middle of a three-week series of lessons entitled, Your Presence is Requested.  Last week in our Sunday Celebration Service we experienced several moments of Wonder.  In our Wednesday evening study group we took a walk together with the phrase “I wonder about.”  I encourage each of us to do just that at least once before Sunday

Morning.  Walk through your home, your neighborhood, your place of business, etc. with a wonder filled mind.  It seems we never resolve issues in our lives unless we are willing to suspend our viewpoint in favor of a genuine moment of wonder. 

This week we are focusing on Feeling the Spiritual Center.  You may automatically be asking yourself, is there a center point where spirit resides?  Eric Butterworth, a well-known Unity Minister who is no longer in the physical body wrote:  “God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”  I ask you to remember you Geometry or Math classes, and that for me is many years ago. 

A circle is a shape with all the points the same distance from the center.  The circumference is the distance around the circle.  Now the quote by Eric Butterworth stated that God, Spirit, Universal energy is a circle whose center is everywhere:  That means where ever I may be I am standing in the center of Universal Energy.  Actually Quantum Physics teaches the very same thing.  And the second part of that statement is that this circle is infinite because the circumference is nowhere. 

I just ask you to ponder this statement in preparation for Sunday service.  The obvious fact that brings to the surface for me is that every person, animal, plant, object etc. is in this very moment in the very center of Spirit.  Or there is not a spot where God is not.  I leave you with a quote from Psalm 139:7 “whither shall I go from thy spirit or whither shall I flee from thy presence?”  The writer of the psalm states that there is no place I can go that is away from God or the presence that created this amazing world we live in.  And that statement goes for every other person inhabiting this planet with us. 

When I choose to acknowledge the fact that each of us live in the spiritual center; I then can have the ability to connect with those persons or situations that I have labeled separate or different from myself…..creating more peace….more love…..more joy….and more compassion.    Isn’t it time to truly live from that center and begin to light up our world?  Join us on Sunday for another Experience of Authentic Transformation.  Sean O’Shea will be sharing special music.  See You Sunday!    (If you are in search of the grace prayer that we used in Sunday service – it is posted on my Facebook page.  I will have more in the bowl on Sunday for those who want a copy.        

Rev. D 

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/28/2016


Do you remember when you were a child?  I know, for some it was a while ago and for others of you not so long.  Take a moment and breathe into that time and place when you were young and had that special friend that you love to play with and spend time with.  And then think of the time that you and your friend had some sort of disagreement that led you to either think or speak, I’m not going to be your friend any more. 

I remember the day that happened with Pam and me.  She lived three houses away and in those days we were able to run back and forth through the back yards to each other’s homes.  It was almost as if we were sisters.  I remember the day when Pam and I got into a rip snorting fight about a doll’s arm.  We had both brought our favorite dolls to this big weeping willow tree in her front yard.  We had created a pallet with our mother’s blankets and pillows, a kind of fortress or “girl cave” and were setting up tea sets etc.…. you get the picture. 

I had run home to get one more item from my bedroom and when I returned, “Suzie” my favorite doll (which was one of those if you held her hand could walk with you) had an arm that was off and lying beside her.   When Pam returned I was “hot”.  I was livid.  How could you ever do that to my Suzie?  You know that she has been my favorite doll for years and now she is torn up. 

Pam assured me that she had not hurt my doll; that she was just seeing it the same as me.  She also told me to look at the blankets and pillows which had muddy footprints on them.  Little did we both know that her big brother had been waiting and watching.  He had upset our entire set up, walking on our mother’s blankets with muddy shoes, broken one of the tea cups, and torn Suzie’s arm off.  But through all of the fussing and fighting, I picked up Suzie, her arm and my tea set, leaving my mother’s muddy blanket and pillows and rushed home.  Of course saying over my shoulder, “I will never play with you ever again!” 

It is obvious when I retell this story that I did not know the whole truth, but by the time I got home to my mother, I had created a big story about Pam and all the horrible things she had done, even to my mother’s blanket and pillows.  My mother was not a woman who was very consoling and of course told me to go back and get her blanket and pillows which she would have to spend time washing – and to go to my room until I quit crying.   

It seemed like quite a while till my daddy came home, but when he got home I remember he pulled me up into his lap and listened to my story, he fixed Suzy’s arm and then he asked me a question I will always remember – my dad was a very wise man.  “Are you sure that Pam is the one that hurt your doll?” That was the first time I had even thought about the possibility that someone else might have done what I had conjured up in my mind had definitely been her.

I invite you to our Multigenerational Service this Sunday.  Our lesson is entitled “Enemy Pie” will be presented by our Youth.  I will be adding a bit of Byron Katie wisdom to the morning.  If you are not familiar with Byron Katie, she is the creator of what persons who are familiar with her call, “The Work.”   Join us on Sunday

as we do a bit of our own Work around Enemies and learning to rethink that label.  Our over own Harmony 5 will be sharing some of Judy’s awesome music.  

In this month that we typically think of and sing about Freedom, I leave you with a Byron Katie quote:  “No one can give you freedom but you.”  It happens when you do The Work.                                                                     Namaste’, Rev. D