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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/30/2016


We are One.  The late Unity Minister Eric Butterworth stated in many publications and books, “we are as a drop of water is to the ocean – being of it and unto it, yet having our personal expression as a wave expresses itself for a time and then becomes a part of the ocean again.” 

By consciously becoming aware of and learning about this unlimited expression of ourselves and others, we begin to open the door to the understanding of oneness. Your personal expression is as real and true to you as my expression is to me.  And — these expressions are part of the total oneness of all creation. 

When we begin to look deeper into the experience of Oneness we find what we do to ourselves we do to the other; and that ultimately there is no distinction between the “self” and the “other.”  We become the “unity of all that is.”  Mahatma Gandhi said, “I believe in the absolute oneness of God and therefore also of humanity.”   Gandhi’s statement reminds me of our Unity Principle, “There is one presence and one power in my life and in all the universe, God the good omnipotent.” 

When I allow my mind to take in this principle, I am at first comforted and then I begin to say – stop!  What about those situations that happen that are not “good”?   Did those things not come from God?  Is there another presence in my world?  What is that darker energy that some of us call “our shadow side” and how does that presence show up in my life and the lives of others?  Am I “one” with that too?

When the Dalai Lama was asked about the attack in Orlando, for a moment he lost that smile on his face and that gleam in his eyes. He attributed the violent extremism to “a lack of a sense of oneness,” among those with “anger that turned to hate in their hearts.”  He warned each of us of a “miserable century” if there isn’t a birth of “global action he calls muscular compassion.”  The Dalai Lama encouraged each of us to start with ourselves and reach out first to our youth.  He reminds each of us the education of oneness, begins with our youth. The Dalai Lama also stated, “Each of us is born with a deep sense of oneness, but, some have been taught a self-centered attitude of anger and hate by their parents or other teachers.  These negative emotions cause them to lack a sense of oneness for their human brothers and sisters.” 

As I am in Florida this week, remembering my oneness with my parents, my sons and their wives, I encourage you to ponder those areas in your lives where you may push against oneness with another.  Judy will be joining my family in Florida on Thursday.  We are leaving you in great hands this weekend with our great friend Tim Bays.  Tim is speaker, humorist, and musical presenter who uses songs and stories to entertain, elevate and inspire.  He has shared concert bills with artists ranging from Sarah Vaughn to Arlo Guthrie.  He’s a successful songwriter with recordings by Randy Travis and Peter, Paul and Mary. 

I know that this July 4th weekend will be a great one for you as you remember your freedom of personal expression, along with your oneness with each and every one in your life.  Do yourself a favor and “soak your soul” in the music, message and magic that Tim will bring to Unity of Music City on Sunday July 3rd.  Judy and I wish you love, joy, and peace and we will see many of you again on July 9th at 10:45 for our next Peace Circle with The Church of the Living Waters.  And we will see you at our service on July 10th where I will be sharing the stage with Pastor Tony Rogers-Sirten. 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Namaste’   Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/16/2016


What an amazing week I have had at the Unity Conference in Kansas City.  It is always exciting to be with hundreds of other Unity Ministers, Licensed Unity Teachers, Board Members, Youth Ministers, Music Ministers….  the list goes on and on.  One of the things that have been a topic of conversation several times is the shooting in Orlando; and specifically, when is the world going to become more compassionate, loving, and empathetic? 

There was an incident on Tuesday  evening where two Lesbian women who were attending the conference, went into a restaurant in Kansas City and were told quickly that they would have to leave because the establishment would not serve them.  As I was standing by the table where Dr. Judy and I were sharing our Nashville Chooses Peace event video, I was talking with Rev. John Strickland of Unity of Atlanta.  We were both amazed about what we had heard. 

John and I have been friends and acquaintances through the Unity movement for many years.  I was asking about Atlanta and he was asking about Nashville and how we viewed the openness, diversity, and oneness of our cities.  At some point I said to him, “You know, I truly thought that we would be past some of this separation and hate by now.  It’s 2016!”  John then stated, “There are so many good things that people are coming together to do that are spreading love and peace, and, there is still quite a bit of darkness out there that needs us to keep shining our light.” 

I shared with him an article I read this week as I was doing research for Sunday’s  lesson on Empathy.  This article is on the World Change Cafe website and is about overcoming “Empathy Deficient Disorder”.  The article was very interesting.  It spoke to the fact that so many in our world today are unable to step outside of the self and tune into the other – especially if the other has different beliefs or looks differently or acts differently than what they think is acceptable.  As I have read and reread this article I have begun to take a deeper look at me and said, Where am I not willing to share compassionate and empathy because I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the belief system of this person…….need I say more?

As we prepare for Sunday  and Father’s Day, may we remember the Father energy as it provides the action of creation and manifestation in our world.  A father might not “do it exactly the same way the mother would,” and a father knows that what you love you give your time and energy to.  In that way a father begins to form empathy with his child so as to see through their hearts and minds the world from a new and different viewpoint. 

Father God – the universal “masculine” energy fills each of us up with the ability to express – to push ourselves out into this world and be all we came here to be.  That same energy does not discriminate or choose certain groups of people to work with.  That father energy expresses through each of us, no matter our differences.  And when we fall down and skin our knees, that same father energy gives us the courage to stand up and try it again and again until we get it right.  Empathy from the Father is the ability to view the world through another’s eyes or reference point and still reach out.  Empathy from the Father is the ability to step outside myself and enter the internal world of “the other” without losing my reference point.    

Join us on Sunday morning when we will talk about the Father Energy and the Development of Empathy which leads to Compassion.  We have three Special Music Guests.  First is Allen Stanley, who is driving in from Tupelo, Mississippi to share Father’s Day with us.  And then many of you may remember Michael and Diane Killen who used to live in our fair city and shared music with us many times in Donelson Plaza. They will be in Nashville this weekend.   We are so blessed to have these friends joining us this Sunday  as we experience through thoughts, words, ideas, and music what it means to let Empathy lead us towards a life of Compassion.    

Namaste’,    Rev. D