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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/15/2016


One of my favorite songs that Judy Blackwelder ever wrote for me to sing is “Be Still and Listen.”  That particular song speaks to slowing down the frantic pace of our lives and becoming mindful or present to the messages that come from spirit. I think the reason that song had such an impact on me is because I have gone through the gyrations to learn the lesson – Be Still and Listen.   

One of the lessons I learned was not listening to all the suggestions many well-meaning friends had for me.  As I said, those friends meant well, and just because another thinks a path is for me does not mean my inner GPS would lead me in the same direction.  Another lesson I learned was to not listen to those old messages still ringing in my ears from years gone by.  Those are not the messages I need to tune into. 

Because I have gone through the process myself, when a client says to me, “I need to learn to be still and listen to the wise voice inside,” I know that they are already listening to one loud and very convincing voice.  This is the “nails on the chalkboard voice” that says the things our parents, teachers, and others have led us to believe.  The main problem with that loud voice is that its personal counsel rarely is the truth of who we are.

In those moments we must begin to notice that true inner voice which may not be as strong in the beginning, but becomes stronger as we begin to “pay attention” to its message.  That inner voice is the voice of inner wisdom.  The message is calm not fearful which is very different from messages like, “You have to do it my way” or “You always screw things up.”  When I learn to be quiet and still, I also begin to know what is real, finding answers I’ve searched for right inside.

We have an amazing opportunity on Sunday, September 18th to hear Charles Holt speak and sing about listening and following that Inner Voice.  Charles has performed across this planet including being in the Lion King on Broadway.  Charles is committed to creating, performing, and producing experiences that speak truth and inspire a higher quality of life for all those who are willing to listen to the still small voice within.   

Join us on Sunday  for An Experience of Authentic Transformation.     

Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/01/2016


Many of the ancient scriptures refer to us as “the beloved.”  I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t raised to believe that God thought about me as the beloved.  I do know that some of you were and for that I know you are thankful, but for those of us who were taught that we were either born in sin or very soon thereafter, committed acts or even thoughts that separated us from God’s love, the thought that I was beloved was not one of my top 10 or even top 40 hits.  

In saying that, what type of relationship did I have with God or did you have with God.  It should not surprise us that there are so many persons who are still struggling in our world today with their concepts of who or what God is.  The verdict is still out:  Do I really want to establish a relationship with this “being” or “force” or “energy” that I am unsure of?  And if I do have a relationship – how do I talk with this being/energy/force?

My desire for each of us is that throughout September, we begin to use our powers of Wonder, Questioning, and Remaining Present to dig a bit deeper into our thoughts, ideas and beliefs about God. 

This Sunday, my dear friend Rev. Becky Whitehead will be joining me on the stage to begin these conversations and to link our conversation to prayer, which will assist our amazing Prayer Chaplains to kick off World Day of Prayer. 

I know many of you may not as of yet have World Day of Prayer on your radar but WDofP is a “Sacred Tradition” began by Unity Churches Worldwide.  This 24-hour prayer vigil is Held annually on the second  Thursday in September, and celebrated at Unity Village and in Unity centers and churches around the world.  I say celebrated because yes, I believe we as congregants and members of Unity Worldwide have forgotten that this is a “Celebration of Relationship with Spirit/God.”  This year’s theme speaks to that:  Discover the Power Within Release Your Divine Potential.  If for no other reason I affirm that you will be a part of this 24 hour prayer to hold our city in the arms of love for 24 hours.  

September 10th will be the second step of a journey that Mayor Megan Barry has begun with the Nashville Community called Real Talks.  The first was held in July and at that time a container was opened for 100 hand-picked leaders of the community to come and begin discussions about what our city needs to (using my words) “live successfully in peace.”  On September 10th there will be around 1000 “random persons from the Community” coming together.  

 I need not tell you, The Stakes (on September 10th) are Higher; The Players are Varied; Now is the Time to Decide; Now is the time to be in Prayer.  Today is the Day to put your Time Talents and Treasures into this project if you want to see the city of Nashville move forward with all its challenges, in a successful way.  I am jumping out on a limb here with the Chaplains.  We have decided to run Prayer Circles, and I am asking that in those circles we take a moment to remember Real Talks:  Race, Equity and Leadership which is what any city needs to survive these times.   Let’s come together on World Day of Prayer, either in our homes or here in the sanctuary on Thursday Sept.  8th  at 7:00 to pull consciousness together and hold the sacred space for our city.   If we as God/Holy Spirit/Universal Force who has always considered us “beloved” will hear……will smile…..and will respond with a resounding Yes.    

 “If my people pray, humbling themselves, seeking my presence and turning their backs on separation, I’ll be there ready:  I’ll listen and assist you in shifting your thoughts of separation so that your land may be restored to health and wholeness.”  2 Corinthians 7:14  Denise’s Version

Namaste’   Rev D