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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/22/2016


September brings many things, and two of my favorites are Unity’s World Day of Prayer and Fall.  Both periods of time speak to me of “change” and “transformation”.  Of course if you know me, I love change on most all levels.  It is always exciting for me to “see what Holy Spirit has in store for me around the next bend.”

The Fall of the year means that very soon luscious color will explode throughout my world and things will look very different to me.  The trees that were once green with new growth will be going through the process of letting go of what no longer serves them and preparing for deep transformation.  That transformation always includes a dormant period of quiet rest so that new growth can appear next spring. 

The World Day of Prayer is a reminder every year not only of Oneness as we hold in consciousness a thought with other “Unitics” around the globe; but World Day of prayer is that gentle reminder that I also must go into a time of quiet and rest so that I can be renewed to my purpose and passion here in this physical body temple. 

As we prepare for the last Sunday of September, our lesson is entitled ‘Moving Forward’.  May each of us move forward not only in time and daily tasks, but also in a new transformed life – taking with us some of the things we have learned about New Thought’s Positive Affirmative Prayer:

  • The Universe responds to emotions.
  • Hurt/Pain is the Teacher – Wisdom and Love are the Lessons.
  • Beauty is the Transformer –
    o   The more good I notice the more good notices me.
    o   The more kindness I share the more kindness finds me.
  • Blessing is the Release – “Blessing something is the ‘lubricant’ that frees our hurtful emotions.”   Gregg Braden

I hope you will join me and Voices of Unity on Sunday as we celebrate this month of shift, change, and deep transformation for each of us. 

Rev. D 

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/15/2016


One of my favorite songs that Judy Blackwelder ever wrote for me to sing is “Be Still and Listen.”  That particular song speaks to slowing down the frantic pace of our lives and becoming mindful or present to the messages that come from spirit. I think the reason that song had such an impact on me is because I have gone through the gyrations to learn the lesson – Be Still and Listen.   

One of the lessons I learned was not listening to all the suggestions many well-meaning friends had for me.  As I said, those friends meant well, and just because another thinks a path is for me does not mean my inner GPS would lead me in the same direction.  Another lesson I learned was to not listen to those old messages still ringing in my ears from years gone by.  Those are not the messages I need to tune into. 

Because I have gone through the process myself, when a client says to me, “I need to learn to be still and listen to the wise voice inside,” I know that they are already listening to one loud and very convincing voice.  This is the “nails on the chalkboard voice” that says the things our parents, teachers, and others have led us to believe.  The main problem with that loud voice is that its personal counsel rarely is the truth of who we are.

In those moments we must begin to notice that true inner voice which may not be as strong in the beginning, but becomes stronger as we begin to “pay attention” to its message.  That inner voice is the voice of inner wisdom.  The message is calm not fearful which is very different from messages like, “You have to do it my way” or “You always screw things up.”  When I learn to be quiet and still, I also begin to know what is real, finding answers I’ve searched for right inside.

We have an amazing opportunity on Sunday, September 18th to hear Charles Holt speak and sing about listening and following that Inner Voice.  Charles has performed across this planet including being in the Lion King on Broadway.  Charles is committed to creating, performing, and producing experiences that speak truth and inspire a higher quality of life for all those who are willing to listen to the still small voice within.   

Join us on Sunday  for An Experience of Authentic Transformation.     

Rev. D