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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/29/16


If you want to change your life —  Right now – in this moment – there is nothing more powerful than changing what you believe.  What we believe creates our personal reality.  Some of those beliefs are actually unseen agreements we made long ago. 

Our beliefs impact every thought, every word, and every feeling.   Those same beliefs impact the actions we make that shape our world.  In fact, we interpret everything we see, hear, and feel through the filter of our beliefs.  Those very same filters even seem to alter the things we perceive. 

Last evening there was a group of persons who met at Unity of Music City to have conversations beyond the Debrief of the Real Talks.  One of the discussions we had that actually lasted almost one hour and a half was in regards to the conversations and experiences each of us had growing up around race and separation from others. 

I can’t speak for anyone else who was there, but what became very obvious to me as I sat and listened to others talking and sharing their experiences and their feelings were the fact that the beliefs of their family or their friends did make an impact on them.  Sometimes the impact was positive and sometimes negative.  Eventually each person had to decide whether to hold onto a belief or not.

The other fact I came away with was that everyone in the circle has transformed or moved beyond many beliefs from their family or friends. 

Over the next two months, Unity of Music City will be focusing on beliefs and a process we can use to change the beliefs that are limiting to our lives. There is no way for us to change unless we begin to have an understanding of how we create our own unique perception of the world through what we believe.

Join us this Sunday for The Fabric of Belief.  You don’t want to miss the singer, songwriter, performer — ‘Rique’ who will be adding his amazing voice and presence to our morning. 

“Limiting beliefs result in drama and sadness.  Positive beliefs support a life filled with happiness and possibilities.”   Don Miguel Ruiz

Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/22/2016


September brings many things, and two of my favorites are Unity’s World Day of Prayer and Fall.  Both periods of time speak to me of “change” and “transformation”.  Of course if you know me, I love change on most all levels.  It is always exciting for me to “see what Holy Spirit has in store for me around the next bend.”

The Fall of the year means that very soon luscious color will explode throughout my world and things will look very different to me.  The trees that were once green with new growth will be going through the process of letting go of what no longer serves them and preparing for deep transformation.  That transformation always includes a dormant period of quiet rest so that new growth can appear next spring. 

The World Day of Prayer is a reminder every year not only of Oneness as we hold in consciousness a thought with other “Unitics” around the globe; but World Day of prayer is that gentle reminder that I also must go into a time of quiet and rest so that I can be renewed to my purpose and passion here in this physical body temple. 

As we prepare for the last Sunday of September, our lesson is entitled ‘Moving Forward’.  May each of us move forward not only in time and daily tasks, but also in a new transformed life – taking with us some of the things we have learned about New Thought’s Positive Affirmative Prayer:

  • The Universe responds to emotions.
  • Hurt/Pain is the Teacher – Wisdom and Love are the Lessons.
  • Beauty is the Transformer –
    o   The more good I notice the more good notices me.
    o   The more kindness I share the more kindness finds me.
  • Blessing is the Release – “Blessing something is the ‘lubricant’ that frees our hurtful emotions.”   Gregg Braden

I hope you will join me and Voices of Unity on Sunday as we celebrate this month of shift, change, and deep transformation for each of us. 

Rev. D