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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/20/2016


Sit still, pay attention, quit fidgeting, stop talking, Shhhhhhh.  Did you ever hear any of those things growing up?  I heard them all over and over again. Maybe my mom was preparing me for a life of meditation and inner transformation.  It is interesting that by the time I got to Unity, it was not difficult at all for me to begin to be still.  Stillness might have been easy, but the knowing was a little bit more difficult.

It’s interesting at this age to realize all the beliefs that I have let go of over the years.  The people who were here for service on Sunday heard one of my released beliefs that “Men are evil.”  And as you begin to ask, how did I let it go? —  I began to become more and more aware of the world around me, my feelings and thoughts, my physical body and the interpretations that I added to each of those inputs. 

Are you aware of the way you interpret everything that happens to you and around you?  If you’ve ever been in a situation with an interpreter, what begins to happen is that you eventually pay more attention to the interpreter than you do to the person who is sharing with you.  And interestingly, sometimes the interpreter shares things that are not exactly what the person who is talking to you shared. 

What if that is the same way with the process of interpretation of your feelings, your thoughts, and the things you are seeing and hearing……?    Did you know that the practice of Awareness – Noticing what you are noticing without attaching judgment could be the first step to the creation of more peace in your life? 

Join us on Sunday as we begin to discuss the Steps on the Path of Peace.   Peter Heavern will be sharing music with us.  One of his songs is called Pathway to Peace.  I leave you with the chorus:

I listen, listen and breathe

I take a little bit of time just to be

With my spirit voice, feeling free

In my spirit voice, I am free to be me.


Peace is the Way,
Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/14/2016


Have you ever felt your heart break?  I know I have, and the thing that makes it harder to heal is our personal attachment to the way we think things are supposed to be. In effect, the structure or image we have built in our mind begins to collapse.   Eventually we move on, but not before we set in place a belief that keeps us safe in the future. 

What is interesting to me are the emotions that occur during the time we feel our heart is breaking, they are real. Emotions never lie.  Yes, we feel hurt or angry or jealous; but it is what happens after the emotions that causes us the greatest pain.  It is the story we create after the fact that many times adds a lifetime of pain and confusion.  That story has a lot of generalizations and “awfulizing” statements that seem to make the situation much worse.  I am talking about statements such as:  “I will never again!”, or “all so and so’s can’t be trusted!”….…..etc. etc.

Join us on Sunday morning when we will be discussing Faith and the Broken Heart.  Do you have the faith that is able to withstand the test of time?  Do you have the faith that is able to make it through the heart breaks of life?  Are you able to create lemonade from lemons or are you sitting around complaining that you didn’t want the lemons in the first place or that you always get lemons…..  You know the drill. 

The awesome and inspiring John McAndrew will be with us this Sunday singing two great songs that will assist us in processing this topic.  I hope to see you all either in the Namaste’ Café at 10:30 where Eric Santagada is adding his awesome tunes and energy or at 11:00 in the sanctuary to Celebrate All We Are Becoming Today.

Rev. D