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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/03/2016


Have you ever been so sure that you were right, that you gave up your ability to be peaceful?  The reason many of us are limited in our present day lives is because we are holding on to limiting beliefs.  And, I realize that now, you are asking, “why would someone do that?”  I think it is because it is very hard to let go of the conviction that you are right. 

We live in a world where we have been taught that it is imperative, (a life or death situation) that we be right.  Think about your growing up years.  You were probably trained that being right was a way to be accepted.  Being right was the way to get good grades and scholarships and praise. Being right was a way to avoid criticism.  Being right was a way to win. 

The reason we can’t let go of what we have come to believe (even if it is making us unhappy and sometimes even if we don’t believe it anymore) is because we have been champions of our points of view.  We have defended our thoughts and beliefs at every turn.  We actually have a deep seated need to be right because we have become Judge and Jury of anything that might be even a scooch different than our sacred internal beliefs.   (The Harvard Business Review stated recently in regards to shifting beliefs in business — “The work of deep-seated, sustainable change remains the hardest work there is.”) 

Have you ever heard someone complain that what they really wanted in their life is impossible?  If you begin to listen closely, they will present evidence, much like a lawyer in a courtroom, proving their point.  If you or anyone else should suggest another way of looking at the same issue you would hear, “Yes…….but.”  That very statement stops the process of evolving and taking in new information. 

What if Henry Ford had listened to the “Yes…..buts?”  What if the Wright Brothers…..what if……what if…..    I ask you between now and Sunday to think about what would happen if you were willing to suspend justification and evidence gathering for just a few hours?  I am about to share with you a big piece of truth…….breathe………….   

“Giving up the need to be right does not mean that what you are observing,
hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, touching, smelling…. is not accurate. 

Giving up the need to be right only means I am giving up my interpretation because
that’s where the attachment begins.”  Rev. D


Join me at Unity of Music City on Sunday, November 6th  for Step 2 on the Path of Peace: Giving Up the Need To Be Right.  Joining us for Special Music is Michael Elley.  I know you will be not only blessed, but also be given much to think about and ponder.  

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  Neale Donald Walsch

Namaste’   Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/27/16


“What we reach for may be different, but what makes us reach is the same.”  Mark Nepo 

Over the last month we have been discussing beliefs, how they are formed within each of us, and how we go about shifting or changing those beliefs that are no longer serving us.  Many times as we go about the business of changing our beliefs, we anticipate a reward for the uncovering of a new truth.  For our timeless effort, we expect bells, whistles, money, or recognition.  We may even expect more love and appreciation, or at the very least, a life of no more pain, loss and suffering.   

What we eventually discover is that no amount of thinking and shifting can eliminate some of the pain of living.  No reiki attunement, reconnective healing, or chakra alignment can keep the rawness of life from running through us – but that is the deal – it comes to pass through us – not to sit in us.  Remembering that there is One Presence and One Power helps me know that I’m in the place where God shows up. There is nothing that can separate me from the Unconditional Love of God because I Believe.    

The truth is we chose to come into these lives and it seems the closer we get to the core of the truth of our being the more we look for that reward.  Soooo…..are you ready to hear some deep truth?  The reward for uncovering the truth of your being is no longer playing the victim card and stepping into the experience of with who you are – a Divine Child of God.  The reward for understanding that fact is peaceful moments in the midst of chaos.  The reward for loving is being the carrier or messenger of love.  It is really that simple. 

The river’s purpose is to carry water, and as the water deepens and widens the purpose grows more and more.  Sunday our youth will be joining us for Multigenerational Service, and sharing with us a story by Neale Donald Walsch, “Little Soul and the Sun.”  You don’t want to miss this exciting service filled with moments of laughter and moment of deep grace.  Voices of Unity will be sharing music.   


“I believe in a loving spiritwho’s the air that I breathe.”
Dr. Judy


Namaste’,  Rev. D