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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11-17-16

Have you ever pondered why there is so much suffering in the world and how it sometimes steals our peace? This Sunday you are going to be able to be a part of “The Work.”  “The Work” of Byron Katie is a way to identify and question the thoughts and beliefs that cause all the suffering in the world.  “The Work” is a way to find peace with you and with the world.  The old, the young, the sick, the well, the educated, and the uneducated – anyone with an open mind can do “The Work”. 

Is your mind open to the possibility that your thoughts and beliefs are a big part of the problems that show up in your world?  Eckhart Tolle, the author of The Power of Now and A New Earth says this about “The Work”, “The root cause of suffering is identification with our thoughts, the stories that are continuously running through our minds.  “The Work” acts like a razor-sharp sword that cuts through that illusion and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being.”

“The Work” consists of four questions that can literally change your life if you allow them to.  These four basic questions assist you in dealing with ‘what is’.  Suffering happens with each of us when we believe a thought that argues with ‘what is’.  Byron Katie says that if you want reality to be different than it is you might as well try to teach a cat to bark.  You can try and try and in the end the cat will look up at you and say, “Meow.” 

Many people new to “The Work” want to argue and say “It’s disempowering to stop my argument with reality.  If I simply accept reality, I’ll become passive and lose the desire to act.”  “The Work” answers with:  “Can you really know that’s true?”  Which is more empowering – “I can’t believe I lost my job; I wish I hadn’t lost my job” or – “I lost my job; what can I do now?” 

Unity of Music City is honored to have Martha Creek who was trained by Byron Katie joining us this weekend.  What better way to begin the holiday season than to truly become thankful for what is in our lives – learn the lessons that are there for us to learn – and then from that place create peace.   Martha will be presenting a workshop

on Saturday entitled Self Differentiated Living and Leading.  This workshop was designed specifically for our Unity of Music City Leadership but if you feel drawn to join us please feel free to attend between 10:00am and 2:00pm. We all are being called to lead in some capacity – and especially in today’s world.    

Sunday morning Martha will be speaking about “The Work” and then sharing a workshop Sunday afternoon after Lunch entitled Living in Joy – The Integration of “The Work.”   

This workshop will assist each of us to take the four questions and actually use them on an issue in our lives. 

I leave you with a quote from Byron Katie:   

“I live in a place of gratitude.
It would take a lifetime to describe

this moment — this now,

which doesn’t even exist except as my story. 

And isn’t it fine?

The wonderful thing about knowing

who you are through your story

is that you’re always in a state of grace,

a state of gratitude

for the abundance of the apparent world. 

 I overflow with the splendor,

the generosity of it all.”

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/10/2016


WOW.  What a week we have had.  And no matter what side of the election you might have been on, (of which there were more than two), I fully understand now why spirit led me to read, study and share this Toltec process of The Power of Belief.  (I love it when synchronicity looks me in the eye and I can say “I see you Holy Spirit – and I Believe.”)

We have already explored the first two steps which are Practicing Awareness and Giving Up the Need to be Right.  In exploration of our own beliefs and those of others we must become aware, which takes the process of curiosity. Am I willing to be curious about another’s belief and how does that willingness possibly change who I am as a person?  I also have to give up my need to be right if I am truly willing to listen to “the other.”  Am I willing to truly explore where my beliefs came from and why I hold them so tightly? 

But – and I mean  But – I think where many of us are right in this moment is possibly a place where we may need to do a bit of self-care.  I may be struggling to be fully aware or to give up anything right now.  When we are holding things close to the chest and attempting to process  –  We must learn to ‘Love Ourselves Without Limits’. 

The act of self-love is taking a pledge to treat yourself with compassion rather than criticism or kindness rather than self-loathing.  That would include not allowing myself to get on the “ain’t it awful train” and ride it to the end of the track.  Are we really Unity Truth Students – and do we really believe Thoughts in Mind Reproduce after Their Kind? 

In order to master this third step of ‘Loving Ourselves Without Limits’, there are few hurdles some of us must be ready to jump over.  I won’t sugar coat this…..it will be a bit of work.  Are you ready?  We will take a deeper look at each one on Sunday. 

Are YOU ready to……..

  • Accept the parts of yourself that you deem “unacceptable” or that you try to hide?              
  • Let go of love that is conditional – your own and others?
  • Embrace the act of forgiveness?
  • Banish the demon of perfection?
  • Be impeccable with yourself?

Let there be love, joy, and peace on earth and let it begin with me — not with Hillary Clinton, not with Donald Trump, not with Barack Obama, not with ______ (You fill in the blank).

Rev. D