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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02-16-17

I had never heard the term “Emotional Hygiene” until I began reading A Force for Good by Daniel Goleman.  The term refers to a process that is similar to the physical hygiene taught in schools today. 

Most of us were taught that there are certain things our bodies need to stay healthy and free of disease.  The main objective would be to stay clean so that we will not be subjected as easily to those things that cause disease in our bodies.  

Those of us who have studied New Thought and writers like Louise Hay know that dis – ease in the body is not necessarily caused by outside pathogens.  Many times dis – ease is caused by our own thoughts and emotions, hence the need for Emotional Hygiene. 

The Dalai Lama states that our emotions, when taken to the destructive level, can become emotional pathogens causing us as much difficulty as what we have labeled ‘dangerous viruses’.  Our schools teach physical hygiene, why not emotional hygiene?  Why were we not taught these things?  Why are we not teaching our children to label, express, and release emotions? 

Our personal emotions are somewhat etched into our brains.  Each of us as humans has a certain set point of emotions that seem to be genuinely “us”.  These are the emotions that we regularly visit.  The visiting is not the problem.  It is the destructive emotions that we may choose to live in for years that cause struggles in our lives and in our world.   

What if that fact did not have to be the case?  What if we learned how to be more mindful of all emotions?  What if we were so connected to ourselves, and the world, that we saw the wonder of it all in every situation we encountered and allowed it to pass through us?  What if as meet someone having a negative experience we remember our oneness knowing that they are our brother or our sister?  

In using the Laws of the Universe the Law of Attraction states that what I put out into the universe will come back to me heaped up, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  Whether you want to call that the Law of Attraction, the Law of Increase or the Law of Cause and Effect, it is really saying the same thing.  I am responsible for my personal experience in this thing we call life. 

So here’s the 200,000 dollar question:  If what I put out there comes back to me, doesn’t it make sense that if I reach out to others in being a force for good then when I need it, someone will reach out to me also?

Sunday February 19th will again be a day to experience 7 more words from the Season of NonViolence.  These 7 Words, when used together, provide a backdrop for us to begin looking deeper at those emotions that may have kept us stuck and to release the things keeping us separate from God and each other. 

Let’s all become a Bridge Over Troubled Water  for those in our world that seem to be weary and feeling small.      


Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02-09-17

Can we reinvent the future?  The great Henry Ford stated, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t so a thing, you’re right”.  Sounds like he believed thoughts in mind reproduce after their kind. 

I know, I know . . .  many of us are spending our time pointing fingers and cursing the darkness; blaming others for what we perceive to be wrong with the world.  If you go back and read the Dalai Lama’s statement, he very clearly says, we must become the counterforce of the force that created what is if we want to create something new. 

I hope you realize he did not say push against what is or complain about what is. He did say become a new energy or a new force.  We do that by paying attention to our own consciousness and by adding those things that will assist in creating and possibly releasing things that stand in our way. 

I am excited about Sunday morning.  The amazing and inspiring Sherrie Phillips will be back with us as we look at the next 7 Words that we will be adding to our minds and hearts during our 64 Days of Nonviolence:  Healing, Dreaming, Faith, Contemplation, Groundedness, Faith, and Humility.  I hope to see you on Sunday as we meld our energies together to “Reinvent the Future”.  


Rev. D