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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 03/02/17

Unity of Music City is Rediscovering Lent together.  Whether you have been a participant in Lent before or this is your first time I invite you into the practice “Unity Style.”  New Thought believes that Lent is best practiced by letting go of negative thoughts and feelings, not necessarily things. (Although, sometimes I find those things may be standing in the way of realizing my true Christ nature.)

Lent is a season of retreat from “things of the world”, for two reasons:

  1. Cleansing of the mind
  2. Remembrance of Spirit

In this way we are preparing ourselves for Easter Sunday – a resurrection from the darkness of doubt, fear, and negativity to the light of faith and understanding of the One presence and One power. 

I hope you will join us on Sunday for a Lesson entitled The Altar.  We will be discussing how to prepare ourselves as the true “Altar of Spirit” – and that process involves “altering our minds.” We have a new face joining us for Special Music: Trace Jory.  Some of you have already met Trace, who attends our services regularly.  I know his songs will touch your heart and your mind as he assists us in shifting from the place of seeing ourselves as broken or less than – to seeing ourselves as the Temple of God – the Altar of the Divine.  We know that “It is not I, but the Christ within that does the work.” Galatians 2:20

.   All I have to do is be willing to create the altar/alter. 
Rev. D

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02/23/2017

Millions of Christians are preparing their hearts, minds, and bodies to celebrate Lent March 1
st – April 13th  2017. Many associate Lent with fasting or abstinence.  In the spirit of the law, there is a lot more to the observance than just letting go of something for approximately 40 days.  

Like many other religious traditions and rituals, most follow the letter of the law but not necessarily the spirit of the law.  I have recently seen people posting on Facebook that they are giving up the following:  alcoholic beverages, caffeine, sugar, sex, a bad habit, or an addiction.  Since I did not grow up with this tradition, the first time I heard about it, I wondered what happened at the end of the 40 days.  Do they go back to their old ways of being; or do people notice a change within their mind, body, and spirit?  Is Lent a practice or ritual that has lost its true importance? 

For the next few weeks as we continue to focus on a Season of Non-Violence, we will begin to look at what it would mean to Keep a True Lent.  Charles Fillmore gives this definition:   

“Lent is a season of spiritual growth –

A time for progressive unfoldment

And transformation.”

 Charles felt it was of no use to go through the outer practices of change if those same changes did not lead to a deeper feeling of communion with the one presence and the one power.

Charles used a scripture from Isaiah 58:6 which speaks of “losing the bands of wickedness.”  We will take a look at that scripture translated through The Message on Sunday Morning.  I will urge the spiritual community that meets at 4319 Saundersville Road toKeep a True Lent  – to breathe into the statement “I am holy. Only goodness comes from me.”  Imagine your life as you “lose the bands of wickedness” by using tools of emotional hygiene and building a muscular compassion for all those you meet. 

As we prepare for our Nashville Chooses Peace Event on April 8 – let’s all step into the ways in which we can be a #force4good in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our city and in our world.   We just might discover how Keeping a True Lent will assist us in that goal. 

Rev. D