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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/08/2017

Just about every week I have someone sitting in my office or on the phone or in a community meeting telling me a story of “ain’t it awful.”  (Frank Castellano explained the energetic reasons for that on Wednesday evening and it became totally clear to me that is part of the process).  I get every opportunity to learn the Universal Laws and how they work if I am open and willing to participate in the party!  The problem is, sometimes I forget that this is the party planet and I can order what I want and I can assist others to do the same. 

Sometimes in my lucid moments I remember and I ask people, “Sooo ….. what have you been asking the Universe for lately?” (Depending on their religious backgrounds, sometimes I may say, “What have you been asking God for lately?”)  Many times they just sit and stare at me with that look of, “I didn’t know I had been asking for anything.”  And then I will say, “Did you know that you are asking with every thought, with every word, with every emotion, with all the energy you are emitting?  You are even asking right now as you are worrying and complaining about what someone else is doing.”   It is the Universe and the Law of Supply that is attempting to fill your order.  In my mind, I can almost envision a person in the warehouse of all that is standing and saying, “OK ……  If you say so …..  but you’re not going to really be pleased with this order.”  

The problem with the above conversation begins almost immediately when I hear one of two statements and sometimes both:

  1. I was just venting to you. I didn’t know I was placing an order. 
  2. I know you believe in all that “stuff” but I don’t really believe that “it” works. 

My answer to Number One is maybe it would have been good to tell me and the Universe your intention of “I’m just upset so don’t really listen to me because I’m just needing a place to vent.”  (Know that process is possible and we will discuss on Sunday).  And the second part of the conversation many times goes: Gravity and the Law of Supply works all the time whether you believe in it or not.

The Universal Law of Supply is working always and in all ways.

  • We are told that Everyone who asks receives.  What are you asking for?
  • We are told that everyone who seeks finds.  What is your heart seeking or  desiring right now in this moment? 
  • We are told that when you are brave enough to knock on the door it will open.  Sometimes by the time you get to the door part – it is already open; you just have to walk through.  And …..
  • We have been told that we must believe.  When I believe then I the signal to the universe is I am ready to receive – Send my good to me now!

 “The Law of Supply is an open invitation from the Universe:
You are invited to this now moment to receive the gifts you have asked for.”

                                                           Rev. Denise

You are invited to a party at Unity of Music City on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m.  This party will begin the celebration of the presents we have received from the “Father of Lights.”  The amazing Joe Gross will be playing his Trumpet with some tunes you do not want to miss! 

              “Just believe, be ready to receive . . . so what did you have in mind?” 


Namaste’Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/25/2017

Every morning nature puts on a show for us to see, especially in Sedona, Arizona.  Wednesday morning at 4:47 a.m. I walked to the Airport Mesa, a popular spot for viewing sunrise and sunset in Sedona.  I had looked on the website www.timeanddate.com and found out that the sunrise on Wednesday morning was to be at 5:17 a.m.

When I arrived at the spot, there was only one gentleman waiting.  We nodded to each other and I found a place to stand to view the magnificence I knew I would see.  It was about 5:03 by this time.  Between 5:03 and 5:10 we accumulated about 12 other persons.  Each of us was finding that perfectly magical place to stand with either our cell phones or a camera to take that perfect picture, proving that we had experienced the sunrise.  Then it happened – 5:17 came and went and no sunrise. 

 One man kept checking his phone and mumbling to himself something I was unable to hear.  One woman kept saying to her husband, the website must have been wrong.  Another man ran back and forth to his car checking the time and putting on a jacket etc.  It was quite cool standing there waiting for the sun to peek over the horizon.  In full Denise form, I began to get tickled at all the frenetic activity, kind of like what many of us do when things don’t go the way we think they should go.  The next thought that went through me mind is “no one told the sun what time was on the internet; and, the universe has been doing this long before we ever got here, maybe we should just be still.”
I turned at one point and took a picture of two hot air balloons which were floating through the air in a magical way, predicting the sunrise was near.  By 5:22 many were moving back and forth from side to side, just making sure they were facing the right direction.  And then it happened, 5:23 a.m. the sun finally peeked up over the rim streaming rays of golden light our way.  Quite like magic I heard in my mind our spiritual community singing:  I need to be still and let God love me, I need to be still and let God love me, When this old world starts to pull and tug me, I need to be still and let God love me.
As we prepare for Sunday morning and The Earth is Our Mother Part 2 – what would being still and knowing that the creator of the universe has got this and can add a calm and peace to your life that nothing else could do?   For those of you who missed Part 1 – we will do a bit to catch you up as we continue on our journey of reconnecting to the Mother of us all. 

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep.”  Rumi


                                  “Be still and know”.  Psalm 46


Rev. Denise