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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/06/2017

Can you believe it is already July and we are moving into the 3rdquarter of 2017?  Unity of Music City began our year with a focus on “Being a #force4good.”  The path we have taken has been one of Subtle Activism, the alignment within ourselves with Compassion for All Creation.  Secondly we focused on taking steps of Compassionate Action. 

Our community has helped out in many ways within our Donelson, Hermitage, Old Hickory areas, and beyond.  Some of those ways have included:  Second Harvest Food Bank, Soles4Souls, Pennington Elementary Volunteers, and just recently our involvement in Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.  Now is the time and we are the people to take the next bold steps. 

During our third quarter we will focus on what Social Engagement really looks like and how we, as individuals, make decisions around service. Social Engagement is defined as one’s degree of participation in the community or in society.  There are many opportunities for service, the challenge is finding the one that fits for you and your life style.  

Social Engagement is moving beyond merely giving money or placing a can of food in a box for someone to take to a Second Harvest Food Bank.  Don’t get me wrong, those actions are awesome ways to serve the families and organizations that we are serving.  But, if you begin to talk to the people who have taken the time to go to tutor or read to students, or work for a couple of hours on a Saturday at the Dodson Chapel Food Bank; that action is a very different level of involvement and creates a much different affect within the lives of all involved.   

Martin Luther King, Jr. stated:

 “What the world needs today is a higher love that is
spontaneous and overflowing.I’m speaking of Agape Love,the love of God at work
through each human heart.”


I believe that continues to be what our world needs in 2017.  I affirm you will find the time to join us this Sunday as we begin our focus on Social Engagement and what it truly means to express and receive Agape Love.  Join me in holding the vision for our planet – moving from Mass Consciousness to the Consciousness of Love.  Our Special Music Guest this Sunday is Deborah Bishop, a recording artist, singer, songwriter and performer.  We look forward to her own special flavor added to our Sunday Celebration.

Remember for the month of July – no matter what may be going on in the outer  world – Spirit is Working It Out!

Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/29/17

Most of us have heard the phrase, “The Truth will set you free.”  Have you ever wondered what truth that is?  Is it my truth, or your truth?  Is it the truth of my neighbors?  Surely it isn’t my parents’ truth?  Maybe it is my children’s truth? 

In that same energy flow, what is truth?  How do I decide what things are true for me?  Expanding that thought even further, how do I evolve past the things I have held onto for so long?  Can I Iet go of the truths that have been holding me back?  Am I even willing to admit that letting go of certain thoughts, emotions and situations in my life would give me the freedom to live and move and have my being in more love, more joy and more peace? 

And then is it simple to say, and harder to live:  “What truth am I willing to stand for?”  What truth do I hold so dear that I would stand in it even when others disagree or want to cause me harm? 

We are entering a holiday weekend where the phrase “We Hold These Truths” might be spoken.  Have you ever said to yourself, “What truths am I holding?”  “What truths am I willing to let go of that might be holding me back?”  And a question that is very important for our world today, “What truths am I willing to stand up for – even when others disagree?” 

If you will be in town this weekend, I hope you will choose to join us on Sunday morning for, “What Truths Are You Holding?”  I’m sure there will be a little patriotic music and possibly a little Standing In Our Truth . . . . .

“I’m gonna stand in my truth and let my troubles go.  I’m gonna stand in my truth and claim my power to make it so.” 

Have a blessed weekend,Rev. Denise