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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/20/17

The first step in creating something new is allowing our light to shine.  Genesis 1:3 reads:  “And God said; ‘Let there be light’, and there was light.”  This divine proclamation of light was the first step in a 7-step process in the story of Creation.  No matter how many times I review this process I seem to find new inspiration and new thoughts.  It takes my mind on a journey of Imagination and What If’s.   

As we continue our 2017 journey of being a #force4good, I have been asking myself “How does shining my light on any given situation assist me in being a #force4good?  What do I even know about the situation and how can I make a difference?”  The answer for me has come slowly and quite powerfully over the last 6 months.  When I acknowledge the light as my inner illumination it becomes my outer expression of love. 

God is —  I am. Let there be light —  I am the light.

As a congregation we have moved through Via Positiva and Via Negativa which are opposite vibrations of the ‘Isness ‘of life.  This week we focus on Via Creativa which means bringing the light to a situation and creating something brand new.  Ask yourself what type of situations do you shine your light in? Are they the situations where light is already there and you are adding your light to make the light brighter – the solution clearer?   Or, are you the brave soul who begins shining your light where there is none?  Are you the one who proclaims, “Let There Be Light!” when everything around you appears to be dark?  

The inspirational Sherrie Phillips will bless us on Sunday as she weaves her magic around the lesson topic:  The Second Coming of Christ.  Did you know that Christ has no body now but yours? 
Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/13/2017

The World Stage seems to be filled with displays of conflict and negativity.  And even as I am writing these words I know and affirm that Spirit is working it out.   ‘They’ may have meant it for evil but we know in ‘New Thought’ that God means it for good.  This realization leads us to our focus – Let Me Be A  #force4good in this world – each day I’ll give my best.    

How can I partner or co-create with Spirit in a way that brings healing and wholeness to the many issues I see in my world?  Is it possible when I find myself in the middle of some “Via Negativa,” to remember to shine my light; to remember my oneness; to just remember? 

The only way to remember is to give space between the incident or situation and my response: surrender to the moment, the situation, the feelings, and turn it over to a presence and a power that is greater.  Many of us attempt to live our lives focused on our intellect or our understanding of psychology, religion, politics, economics – you fill in the blank.  Without a sense of the expanse that is Creation Spirituality, my world becomes too small.  When my world is too small, so is my soul, causing me to pull my energy in to protect myself.   

The choice to pull in my energy means I miss the moment of surrender.  The act of surrender connects me to the power that literally pulls me up out of the dark pit I may find myself in.  Pulling my energy in limits my perspective.  Surrendering means that I am able to touch the energy that flows in and through everything and everyone.  In that moment I begin to remember.  In that moment I also notice my light shining in the middle of the darkness making clear a way where there had been no way.     

Join us on Sunday morning as we continue our discussion of Creation Spirituality.  Our Special Music will be our own Suzie and David Wright.                                                      

“Let me be a source of constant love, bringing hope and happiness.” 

Rev. Denise