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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/17/2017

Over the last month we’ve been reminding ourselves of who we are, where we came from and where we are going.  We’ve also begun affirming that we are divine expressions of the energetic flow of the Universe that some call God.  As I continue to reaffirm the presence and power in my life, I begin to understand that it is in every one of us. 


I know who you are.  I know where you came from and I know where you are going, even when you have forgotten.  And so my mission, if I choose to accept it, is to remind you with my thoughts, my words, my emotions and with my actions.

Many times when I first see a person I have a judgment because it is the nature of the human intellect – “this is ok in that person, this is not okay in that person.  He is good, he is not good, she is beautiful, she is ugly” – all kinds of thoughts.  Know that we don’t even have to think these thoughts because in a moment these assessments and judgments are made.  These judgments are often wrong because they come from my internal filing cabinet created from my past experiences. 

The major problem with this type of operation system is that those thoughts will not allow me to experience something or someone the way they are right now in this moment. This one fact is very important to my well being and the well being of our entire planet.   What I have a hard time understanding is how they were five years ago does not matter in this ‘now’ moment. How they were yesterday does not matter in this ‘now’ moment.  How they are in this ‘now’ moment is the only important factor in this encounter. 

So the first thing to do is to notice and acknowledge the source of creation within them.  This is the intention of Namaste’.  What if every time I met another I first remembered and heard the words in my head, “I know who you are”?  That would imply Namaste’ – “I bow to you.” The gesture Namaste’ represents the belief that there is a divine spark within each of us and it begins within the heart.  Therefore Namaste’ is a gesture between one divine spark and another.

I affirm you have had a great week and will join us on Sunday to experience the Divine not only in yourself but also in each other as we discuss Service to All Sentient Beings in Your Life.  The awesome Ryan Gill will be sharing special music with us. 

“It’s acts of kindness I do each day – I’ll share peace and joy and love.”

Namaste’Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/11/17

“I am a richly endowed expression of an opulent Universe.”

I ask for water by turning the tap.  I ask for light by flipping a switch.  And in both of these examples I have a belief that water and light will be provided.  If by chance something does not work in the way that I have believed it will, I realize quickly that there is a disconnect somewhere in the flow of either electricity or water.  If I cannot remedy the situation myself, I call in someone who has been trained to work with the flow of electricity or the flow of water. 

Jesus the Master Teacher stated in Luke 12:32 “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”  That very statement means all I really have to do is believe in the abundant flow of love, joy and peace and it will be done.  So . . . when I am not experiencing that flow, I must begin to look at my beliefs, thought patterns and personal blocks.  Sometimes that means talking with someone who is more versed in Universal Principles or Laws and can assist me with those things that maybe I can’t see myself because I am “too close to the situation.” 

In speaking one day to a father who had asked Jesus to heal his son, Jesus told him in a very few words that he was glad to heal his son, but that all that was really needed was believe.  “Believe and the healing will occur.”   The father stated, “I believe…..help my unbelief.” 

I hope you will join us at Unity of Music City on Sunday Morning at11:00,  as we continue our journey of believing in ourselves as Instruments of the Divine.  When I believe, I treat myself with tenderness and respect – Body – Mind and Spirit. 


How could anyone ever tell you

You are anything less than beautiful

How could anyone ever tell you

You are less than whole.

How could anyone fail to notice

That your loving is a miracle

How deeply you’re connected to my soul.


Namaste’Rev. Denise