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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/03/17

When Nelson Mandela was in his early 80’s he was asked to sum up what he knew at that stage in his life.  He thought for a long time and then he said:  “There is a force in the universe, call it God or spirituality or whatever you like, that wants the victory of truth and justice.  This force will help you if you are steady, humble, brave and patient.  Never, ever give up, however bad things get.” 

Throughout the month of August we will continue our conversations about what it means to be engaged socially in community.  We will be discussing that presence and power which some call God or some call universal energy and we will begin to call it AGAPE LOVE – the #force4good in our world.    

Many creation stories have been written, spoken and shared.  One of the common denominators in many of the stories is that after creation, the thought was, “It is good.”  I ask you to begin to think of the force that created everything we see is, was, and will always be the flow of love who calls it’s creations, “GOOD”.  Now think about those of us who are stepping into being a #force4good.  We are learning ways of harnessing that love for the good of not only ourselves, but for the good of all humanity.  When we create from that flow of Agape Love energy we can look at our creation and say, “It is good.” 

I hope that each of you reading this Daydream will join us on Sundayas we step into 4 weeks of focusing on how we can truly transform our world through the energy and flow of Agape Love. 

“Cause the children laugh a little bit louder and people seem a little bit nicer. I think I’m moving just a little bit closer, closer to Agape Love.” Song Written by Bukeka Shoals

Sending waves of Love to you today.Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 07/20/17

The first step in creating something new is allowing our light to shine.  Genesis 1:3 reads:  “And God said; ‘Let there be light’, and there was light.”  This divine proclamation of light was the first step in a 7-step process in the story of Creation.  No matter how many times I review this process I seem to find new inspiration and new thoughts.  It takes my mind on a journey of Imagination and What If’s.   

As we continue our 2017 journey of being a #force4good, I have been asking myself “How does shining my light on any given situation assist me in being a #force4good?  What do I even know about the situation and how can I make a difference?”  The answer for me has come slowly and quite powerfully over the last 6 months.  When I acknowledge the light as my inner illumination it becomes my outer expression of love. 

God is —  I am. Let there be light —  I am the light.

As a congregation we have moved through Via Positiva and Via Negativa which are opposite vibrations of the ‘Isness ‘of life.  This week we focus on Via Creativa which means bringing the light to a situation and creating something brand new.  Ask yourself what type of situations do you shine your light in? Are they the situations where light is already there and you are adding your light to make the light brighter – the solution clearer?   Or, are you the brave soul who begins shining your light where there is none?  Are you the one who proclaims, “Let There Be Light!” when everything around you appears to be dark?  

The inspirational Sherrie Phillips will bless us on Sunday as she weaves her magic around the lesson topic:  The Second Coming of Christ.  Did you know that Christ has no body now but yours? 
Rev. Denise