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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/31/17

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Intellect, Instinct and Intuition? I have been pondering those words and the way they play out in my life over the last few weeks. My belief today is the difference in the way we begin to show up to situations and how we make decisions in our lives depending on which perspective or option we choose.

The interesting thing is that all three processes are important and vital for our growth and our survival here in these human bodies. The difference is that choosing one over the other may get us different outcomes in the very same situation. So how do I know which one to choose, or how do I know which one is my failsafe?

The word failsafe means a system or plan that comes into operation to prevent something from going wrong; or possibly to course correct when something is going a direction we did not want to go.
If you are in town during this Labor Day Weekend, I hope you will join us as we begin preparing for World Day of Prayer by discussing Intellect, Intuition and Instinct. We will also look at how these three relate to our Body-Mind-Spirit connection and the Health and Wholeness of our lives.

Sharing special music with us this Sunday will be Julie Rust. I affirm each of you will have a safe and marvelous Labor Day Weekend. See you on Sunday.

Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/24/17

W O W!  What a week of insights and shifts.   I have listened to story after story of how experiencing the Eclipse made a profound impact on people’s lives and their personal belief systems.  The scripture, “Be Still and Know,” is the first one that comes to mind.  In the silence and the stillness there is an experience of oneness that we begin to feel and understand at the cellular level. 

Which leads me to this weekend.  Unity of Music City has an event called “Listen to the Land.”  We have 5 acres of land that needs to be developed and used and we have stepped up to listen to our land to see what information it might have for us.  This event begins on Friday evening and ends on Saturday afternoon.  There will be eating, drumming, meditation, circle processes, etc.  Our Youth will be having a joint Unplugged experience and will be joining us for some of our process. 

I am thinking that there will be some great learning and understanding that will happen when we slow down and begin to get still and just listen.  And then on Sunday morning my “brother from another mother,”  Rev. Jamie Sanders, will be joining me on stage for an experience of discussing what lessons we all have learned that have made the biggest impact on our lives. 

We actually are going to be brave enough to take questions from the audience.  You don’t want to miss this!  If you have ever experienced our Blog Talk Radio Show, “Spirituality Today,” it will be a bit like that – Wild and Free with Jamie and Denise

Our very own Praise and Worship Team will be providing music and who knows what else might happen!  You never know when Jamie and Denise tag team together. 

Imagine being able to live a life that feels created just for you.  Imagine being able to live with ease and grace secure in the knowledge that everything is unfolding exactly how it is meant to unfold.    

Just Imagine . . . . .Rev. Denise