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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10-19-17

Are you aware of the power of truth in your life? Where do you experience truth? Where do you experience something less than the truth and feel its effects. When are you a part of the problem?

Over the last two years we have focused on two main objectives as a spiritual community: ‘We Choose Peace’ and ‘Being a #force4good’. It has become extremely obvious to me when I do not choose peace and when I do choose peace. It has also become obvious when I am being a force for good and when I am contributing to the problem. When I am contributing to the problem I am reminded of the story of Nicodemus. Nicodemus was a Pharisee who secretly believed in the power of the words of Jesus. He could hear and feel the truth spoken, but he had to spend time with Jesus at night, in the dark, because others in his tribe would have not approved of his new connection or changing beliefs. Therefore he could never admit his association with Jesus in the light of day.

When he finally asked Jesus, what must I do? Jesus spoke these words to him, “You will not inherit the kingdom of heaven unless you are born again.” Nicodemus misunderstood the context from which Jesus was speaking. Jesus spoke in parables and metaphors quite often but Nicodemus thought Jesus meant he had to be born from his mother again. Jesus was saying to Nicodemus, you must change your thoughts and stand in the truth you know. Nicodemus left saddened by what he heard.

This story shows us the quiet pain that comes from not standing in truth and honoring what we know to be true – even if all we know to be true are the questions we carry inside ourselves. Each time we experience a chance at the truth, we make a choice to either stand in it, declare it to be so, or to hide what we know to be true. Many of us have chosen over the years to live in a False Self. We have made this decision for many reasons, many of which come from that place of fight or flight within us. If my family or my friends knew, if my coworkers knew, if the people I have been attending church with really knew, and the lists goes on and on. Very often we continue to behave in old ways, even though we know the truth and know that it can set us free.

I affirm you will join us at Unity of Music City on Sunday morning for The Power Of Truth. We will be continuing the story of Moses and will eventually find ourselves at the ultimate place of decision. Do I allow my past to win, or do I choose to stand in the power of truth and “part the seas of fear in my life?” Voices of Unity will be sharing special music with us. As always, they inspire us to think through the amazing music written and arranged by Dr. Judy Blackwelder.

“I’ve got the power, the power within. You’ve got the power that never will end. We’ve got the power, everybody say Amen. We’ve got the power of God.” Dr. Judy

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend. Don’t forget Circulation Day is Saturday. If you haven’t brought items to share with the community, bring them on Friday or early Saturday morning.

Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/12/17

Over fourteen hundred years ago, Seng- Ts’An, a Chinese Sage, offered advice to anyone who was asking him how to deal with another.  His advice was clear and direct but quite mysterious to most.  His advice was simply, “Not two.”  To make sense of these two words, we have to take a look at all the things that were not said.  The depth of what was not said:  We are not separate and everything that divides us or separates us, removes us from what is sacred.  This experience of separation also weakens our chances for true love, joy and peace and narrows the possibilities of creating the world we would desire.   

Last evening we had 15 brave souls who chose to sit in circle together at Unity of Music City and begin discussions about what the First Amendment means and how we can better show up for each other even when we disagree.  As I watched the interaction in the large group and in the small double circles, I began to see the growth that has happened with Unity of Music City (previously known as Unity Center for Positive Living) over the last 21 years.  We are finally coming into our own understanding of who and what we are, what our role is in our community.  As we have let go of fears that have kept us “imprisoned,” we are also beginning to show up more and more authentic with each other.  

Our congregation has stepped up this year to be involved in several community projects and we are beginning to be recognized as such.  How exciting is that!?  I hope that you will join us this Sundaymorning as we continue our journey of what is Sacred Activism and how are we moving gracefully into it as individuals and as a spiritual community.  On Wednesday during Lunch Bunch we were reminded of our past mission statement: 

Remembering Our Oneness With All Creation – We Awaken The World To Infinite Possibilities

Someone in our group said, “I’m not sure we were spiritually mature enough or ready for that statement when we used it as our mission statement”.  I agreed.  What I will say is that as intentions and visions go, we created that statement 12 – 15 years ago.  It’s kind of like buying a coat for a child that is two sizes too big, knowing that they it will one day fit or even possibly become too small.  

I believe we are at the place where this mission statement is who we are.  Actually the coat is fitting even though some of us are still a bit skeptical because we kept it in the closet for soo long, we forgot it was there. Maybe it’s time we pulled it out, dusted it off and remembered why we came.   

I hope you join us on Sunday morning as we look at “Beyond Us and Them”.  We will also be picking up on the second 40 years of Moses’ life.  The part where he stepped into his purpose (although a bit begrudgingly).  Our own Nancy Deckant will be performing some beautiful songs to assist us in looking a bit deeper into our issues of oneness and separation.  Can we really remember our oneness will all creation?    


I honor the place in YouIn which the entire universe dwells.I honor the place in YouWhich is of love, of truth, of light and of peace.When you are in that place in YouAnd I am in that place in me…..We are one. 

Ram Dass

Have a blessed day,
Rev. Denise