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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/02/2017

It is that time of year when we begin to move towards Thanksgiving.  During Thanksgiving we think about those things we have to be grateful for.  The gratitude process is a major step in the direction of developing an Attitude of Gratitude.  Having an Attitude of Gratitude means making the expression of thankfulness a habit. 

Whether or not this attitude comes naturally, paying attention to the positives in your life will train your mind to see more of them.  The more I am thankful, the more I have to be thankful for.  Esther and Jerry Hicks share a game to play called, The Rampage of Appreciation.  This game can be played anywhere at any time by directing positive thoughts to your mind.  Begin by seeing an object or person that you find pleasing.  Feel thankful.  Once you have harmonized with the vibration of gratitude, look in a different direction and find a new object or person.  Continue this process until everywhere you look you see something you are thankful for.   

The vibration of gratitude is the most powerful connection between the physical and non-physical you.  The more you find something to appreciate the better it feels.  The better it feels, the more you want to play the game.  The more you play the game the more you find things to appreciate and the circle continues.  The Law of Attraction assists with positive thoughts with very little time and effort.  As you harmonize with this positive vibration you will enter the state of allowing positive things to begin flowing to you with ease and grace. The better it gets – the better it gets! 

Join us this Sunday morning as we begin the discussion of how being thankful can assist us in being a #force4good.  The amazing Sherrie Phillips will be in the house.  See you Sunday.  “The more I am thankful, the more I have to be thankful for.” 

Namaste’Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/26/17

Gandhi urged us to be the change we want to see in the world.  Those of us reading The Hope by Andrew Harvey are realizing that the change has to first happen within us.  It is not about us “fixing existing systems.”  The word Andrew continues to use is, “transform”, and he is speaking of transforming ourselves first so that we no longer threaten our lives or the lives of others by our choices.  You may be reading this and thinking, I don’t do anything that threatens the lives of others.  Holy Spirit may we release those “sins or error thoughts” of Omission and Commission. 

Sometimes our choices are not out of premeditation to actually cause harm.  One of the glaring ones I think about was discussed at the Tennessee Interfaith Power and Light Conference that Carolyn Bauer and myself attended:  “A Sacred Calling: Faith Communities Caring for our Earth”  It was brought to our attention again about recycling.  Are we as a congregation diligent enough about what that statement even means?  Do I take the time in my own home to recycle?  Do we take the time to be diligent in our activities in our own spiritual community?  What are the choices we are making that may be affecting others in the future?  The choices I make today can, and will, assist in the transformation of garbage dumps and landfills and how that garbage is affecting our planet.  And Transform we must!

Transformation implies a dramatic change in our thoughts, our feelings, our words and our actions.  Thy type of transformation is a metamorphosis of each of us.  When I think of that level of change, I am drawn to a vision of a butterfly.  Do we think that the caterpillar realizes as it creates the cocoon and goes into a deep meditative state that when it emerges it will look nothing like it did before, it will feel nothing like it did before; it will communicate nothing like it did before; it will act nothing like it did before.  We are told that moving from a caterpillar to a butterfly, there are cells within the caterpillar that literally remember the formation of a butterfly.  They are able to hold that vibration as the process of transformation unfolds. 

So the question becomes, what does it take me to transform and can I imagine who I have come here to be?  Am I willing to be the #force4good that I am here to be?  The seeds of my future potential are the blueprint right inside my “being-ness”.  In that same way as leaders within organizations, we are the imaginal cells – we remember the good that is within each person and know that those seeds put together can create the future potential of the organization.  That means cells pulling together.  If one cell decides I don’t want to do this, then we develop a cancer that affects the whole. 

We were told by Jesus the Master Teacher that the only way to inherit the Kingdom was to become as little children.  Well this Sunday our own youth will be joining me on the stage to share the words of Gandhi who told us years ago that “WE MUST BE THE CHANGE.”  I affirm you will join us. 

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror.  I’m asking him to change his ways.  And no message could have been any clearer.  If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change.” 

Rev. Denise