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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/22/2017

We have spent November creating Gratitude Graffiti.  Through the process we have become more and more aware of how the practice of being thankful shifts not only our attitudes but our entire world.  So how do we move from trying to change the exterior to being willing for our higher power to change us?  The truth is, our fundamental happiness stems not from anything that happens in the material world.  Our happiness stems from a place of love.  Wherever there is love, there is God. 

Sometimes love seems like a tall order until we realize that love is what we are.  So where is the disconnect?  If I am love and love is God, why is there such chaos in our world?  The Course of Miracles states that it does not teach the meaning of love because that is beyond what really can be taught.  The course does teach the process of removing blocks to our awareness of love.  Love is all around us, but we are in the habit of deflecting it because love can hurt or love can get messy . . . you fill in the blank. 

With every attitude of attack or defense, we send love away.  With every finger we point in accusation, with every label we use to separate, we tell love to leave.  With every thought of limited possibilities we tell the miracle to move along and bless someone else.  The transformation of the heart will take more than an intellectual decision.  To have the experience of love, we must open our hearts to receive it. 

Join us on Sunday morning as we complete our lessons on being a #force4good.  Our very own “Unity in Harmony” will be sharing their time, talent and treasures with us.  It’s more than just the words we say, it’s more than just the prays we pray, it’s acts of kindness I do each day, I share peace and joy and love. 

Blessings for an amazing Thanksgiving. 
Rev. Denise  


Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/16/17

How are you doing with Gratitude Graffiti?  I had some great feedback that focusing on gratitude has been everything from a great reminder to a wake up call. 
This Sunday will begin our third week and prepare the way for Thanksgiving.  We will be filling the sanctuary with praise and thanksgiving.  You don’t want to miss it.  Voices of Unity will be in the house.  
I leave you with a precursor of our time together: 

Psalm 100

Sing a joyful noise to the Beloved all peoples of the earth!
Serve Love with a glad heart!
Join hands in the great Dance of Life!
Know that the Beloved of your heart is the Divine Presence!
Love created us, and we belong to the Most High;
We are born to be loving, expressions of the Creator's Divine Plan.
Open the gates of your heart with gratitude
and enter Love's court with praise!
Give thanks to the Beloved, bless Love's holy Name!
For Love is of God, and lives in your heart forever,
With faith, truth, and joy, now and in all that is to come.
From Psalms for Praying © 2007 Nan C. Merrill

In Gratitude and Thankfulness,
Rev. Denise