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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 12-14-17

It seems every week I get to experience another aspect of the birth of light in a sometimes dark world.  The experience might be watching a news reporter sharing a need for light on our planet; someone standing and speaking light into existence in a group that is going through conflict, or being a part of a circle process that is discussing the many ways to be peace in this world.  No matter what my experience is, I seem to be asked to be mindful and to be called up higher in thoughts, words, feelings and actions.  As I stated on Sunday, “Let there be peace on earth and Let it begin with me.” 

As we move into the third week of Advent, we will be focusing on making room for the Birth of Love within our own bodies, minds and souls.  When we begin to remember that we are the very essence of Divine Love, somehow that very statement begins to shift our vibrational energy and we show up differently.  I hope you will choose to be with us on Sunday.  Our service will be very participatory.  We will be repeating a Novena 9 times in the service.  The number 9 gives us the chance to initiate a new thought into our consciousness.  As we continue throughout the service to affirm our own essence as Love – we will begin to feel it, experience it and hopefully believe it.  We then can take it with us out into our lives and into our world.  

Voices of Unity will be in the house sharing special music and we will sing some of the Carols that many times are still in the DNA of our bodies.  Remember the story of the Birth of Jesus is your story.  You show up as Mary and are willing to bring Hope to the World; You show up as Joseph and are willing to be the Peace in someone else’s life and You will be drawn to the Love within yourself and others as you begin to let your light shine so that others may see and be attracted to your flame.  

There is something sacred here,
Rev. Denise


Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/30/2017

The holidays will become holy if we make them so.  Can you believe that it is December already?  It seems only yesterday that we began our trip of becoming a #force4good.  Take a look at Unity of Music City now.  We have reached out into our community and beyond in a big way and for that I am truly grateful.  Don’t forget our Holiday Luncheon this Sunday which is a day of thanksgiving and a reminder of who and what we are. 

December is time to remember what Unity and New Thought are all about – expanding consciousness on the planet by allowing love to flow in and through us every day in every situation. This particular season assists us in focusing on the rebirth of that love.  Angelus Silesius, a German Priest in the late 1600’s stated, “Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born, if he’s not born in thee, thy soul is all forlorn.”  These words remind us that the Christmas Story is our story.  It stirs believers and unbelievers alike not only to celebrate the birth of Christ but also to become the expression of Love, Peace and Joy in the world. 

The Christ is not about just one man.  The Christ represents our higher self.  The story of the birth of Jesus is an invitation to a mystical journey within ourselves – a place where we can find not only our divinity but also our full humanity – the inner Christ – our higher self.  As we move through the Christmas story, we are illuminating the path traveled by so many before us.  We are gradually led to a place in which our consciousness becomes alive with possibilities.    

Join us this Sunday as we begin the New Thought Journey of Advent – the birth of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy on this planet and in our lives.  We will be assisted in raising our vibration through the music of Pat UpChurch, Deb Moore and again the wonderful Unity in Harmony (Our Very Own Praise and Worship Team). 

Affirmation for December 3rd:  I am the bridge between heaven and earth.  The Hope of all Creation flows through me now.   

Namaste’Rev. Denise