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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02/08/18

What an amazing time to be alive – not because we don’t have any conflict or “issues” to deal with.  It is just the opposite – I am given the opportunity every day to walk my talk, to prove that my faith and these Unity Principles work.  Some of you may know that I spend part of my waking hours, when I am not being a Unity Minister, as a Spiritual Midwife and Mindfulness Coach, and some of the people I serve are attempting to have a family and are struggling getting pregnant.  Last evening I was using a therapeutic process called, Cognitive Restructuring.  It is a fancy name to say, “Thoughts in mind reproduce after their kind and you get to choose.” 

The people I work with are not necessarily ‘New Thought,’ although last evening I had 4 of the 8 people in the group that had extensive experience in visualization, yoga and meditation.  When they left the group, they had all shifted some thoughts and were actually experiencing some relief in their stress levels and for the most part had smiles on their faces.  I share this with you to say, this stuff we call ‘Unity’ really works – when you work it.  So, this Sunday is the Second Sunday in February.  For the entire month of January we began by taking a look at the first 4 Unity Principles:  One Divine Thought Pray/Meditate…..   Now it is February and it is time for some Action.  It is time to put the love thing into action.

Last Sunday we focused on the Oneness of all creation and our connection with the One Presence and One Power. Ask yourself, “When am I experiencing the Presence?  Am I willing to spend more time in the silence?” This Sunday we will be focusing on our Spark of Divinity and how that Spark can assist us as we maneuver through the high traffic volume of our lives.  I hope everyone reading this email will choose to join us as we begin to understand two very important things:  The Living Loving Spirit of God can lift us higher, up over the traffic jams in our lives to our destination of love, joy and peace.  And secondly, when each and everyone of us join hands and get on the Love Train the trip will become smooth and much more fun because we can share our love and give each other support. 

Our own Pat UpChurch will be sharing special music with the help of Unity in  Harmony – our own Praise and Worship Team.  My how we are blessed to have such talent right in our own community! 

“Your love, lifting me higher – Than I’ve ever been lifted before”


Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 02/01/18

During the month of February, our spiritual community will be focusing on becoming The Heart of Humanity:  All that I choose to give and All that I am open to receive.  
On Monday, March 4, 1861 President Abraham Lincoln made his first inaugural address.  In this address he called the nation to remember “the better angels of our nature” and to avoid the separation of the Union.  Can you begin to imagine a nation that focuses on their best not their worst?  What are the better angels of our nature?   Could that better nature be our human heart?  Does our heart hold the key to not only transcending separation but also transforming each of us into a Heart of Love?  Could the answer be that simple?  
What we are learning together on Wednesday evenings is that it is as easy or as hard as I make it.  Last Wednesday evening in our Winter Feast for the Soul our spiritual practice was Offering Compassion to Others.  During the evening we explored more deeply a passage of scripture from Micah 6:8.  Micah was a prophet and his message to the people was a mixed one involving the chaos and pain that would be coming if things did not shift or transform.  But his message contained hope – the world they could create if they stepped into “better angels of their nature.” 
Verse 8 of Micah chapter 6 states that we have been shown what is better, what will work to create the world we desire: 

  • Do Justice
  • Love Kindness and Mercy
  • Walk Humbly with your God 

These simple but powerful words speak to the prescriptive means to transform not only ourselves and our individual lives, but to also affect global transformation.  I foresee a powerful month of learning, laughing and loving together.  This Sunday the amazingly talented Charles Holt will be joining us to share special music. 
Remember:  I am the love of God, giving and receiving love wherever I go.  All that I choose to give and All that I am open to receive.