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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 04/05/18

Spring has sprung.  Everything is greening, flowers are blooming, trees are budding.  The world is becoming more and more beautiful.  This beautiful sight must be a reflection of the inner beauty that rose up during our individual resurrections last Sunday morning.  Unity of Music City has indeed come together to create a “legacy of love” that we are now willing to share not only with each other, but beyond the walls of our spiritual community. 
In saying that, how many of you remember going barefoot during the spring time?  I was always excited when the weather got a little warmer because my mother would stop worrying about me “catching a cold” and allow me to go barefoot.  I would have lived barefoot if my parents and teachers would have let me.  It has always felt more natural to me to be without shoes.  I enjoy feeling the grass and the rocks and the mud beneath my feet.  I love walking over freshly mowed grass and mulch and all those things that springtime brings.  It makes me feel more connected to mother earth in all her splendor and glory.  Some of you who experienced Spiritual Baptism with Deb Moore and I on Maundy Thursday know that we began by allowing each of us to connect with Mother Earth by planting our feet firmly on the floor. 
Sunday morning is Barefoot Sunday!  This day will be special for many reasons and one of those is that we are collecting shoes for Soles4Souls.  Remember wear a pair of shoes you want to release as you come into the sanctuary.  And a second reason is Martha Creek will be in the house speaking about Pain vs Peace – You Choose.  Martha usually speaks in flipflops or barefoot.  She is definitely one of us.  I leave you with a few gems from her last newsletter.  I believe you will see the theme just flows for each of us – preparing us for our Nashville Chooses Peace Festival.    

Rev Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 03/29/18

What does the word “resurrection” mean to you?  Many people draw to mind the story of resurrection of Jesus the Man from death.  That story is quite spectacular in its own right, and when we focus on just the story, we miss the actually truths that are taught at a much deeper level.  The word resurrection literally means a revival or restoration.  Both of those words have deep meanings to me growing up in a fundamental home. 


Every year, during the summer, my church that was located in the Woodbine area would have a week long revival.  It was an exciting time for us as a ministry.  What it really meant was that for one entire week, Sunday through Saturday we would have a guest speaker that would be extremely dynamic.  He would come in and stir up a lot of energy, we would sing a lot of great music and we would eat a lot of great food, but that was not really what I focused on as a child.  There was something different about that week.   It was about coming together every day and just being in that vibrational energy. The energy seemed to grow and grow and I felt alive.  I felt like my soul on some level had been restored from the day to day grind of quote unquote, “normal life in the Yeargin house.”   The other thing I began to notice is that it bled over into my home.  Our focus in the Yeargin house actually became different. 

What I am writing about here is a literal shifting of consciousness that made everything better.  Our focus began to be about who we would invite to come with us or who we might see from the community.  It was about how it would feel to be in that exciting energy.  It was about creating a high vibration zone.  What I felt for that entire week is that it didn’t matter what had happened before.   For one entire week we were about coming together in a space of love and joy and peace and just enjoying being together.  It was as if for a brief and shining moment our minds had been healed by love – a true resurrection of spirit. 


I urge you –  yes you who are reading this right now – join us this Sunday as we experience what it feels like to be resurrected from the dead.  It’s time to see miracles in our own lives and to be resurrected from the difficult lives some of us have chosen to stay in.  A new world awaits all of us as we allow our bodies, our souls and our minds to be healed in a space of love.  If you are ready to revive whatever has been dead within yourself and restore your hope in living join us at 11:00 this Sunday morning. 


It’s time for a true revival of Unity!

Rev. Denise