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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 4/26/18

Letting Go is a basic principle in any New Thought Community – But Beware!  There are 2 important things to remember:  It is not as easy as it sounds – and – It is the only way to leave a Legacy of Love. 

So many times I find myself attached and entangled with someone, some place or some situation.  When that fact is true, I seem to hold on for dear life, even when I know it would be better for me to let go.  Other times I find that I want to run away because I’m in the middle of something I just don’t like.  That is not really letting go, it is merely an aversion of the choices I made and my ability to let them play out.  In my early days of learning to live a more spiritual life I did a lot of letting go that was aversion.  Later I realized that those gestures were all about judgment and avoidance.  Much later I realized that those same choices would come back to me again and again. 

One day in a fit of despair, wondering why my life was not what I had dreamed it would be, I screamed at God.  When I was able to breathe, the answer came.  This statement downloaded straight from Holy Spirit – as if I was reading it our of a book or hearing it in audio form:

“Only when there is balance in your mind and love in your heart for every moment can true letting go happen.
Otherwise…..you are holding on or running away with every breath you take.”      God

 At first I was very angry with that statement and didn’t even understand what was being said to me.  And – as I spent more and more time in meditation and prayer, I found that letting go became as easy as I was willing to let it be.  Letting Go became a mindful choice that was cultivated over time, never forced.  It was actually when I dove into the Byron Katie Work and shifted from the thought of Letting Go to the practice of Loving What Is or Let It Be, that I understood how my life could be much more vibrant and in the flow.  Whatever arises, whether it is pain, fear & struggle or love, joy & peace – let it come – let it flow and let it be.  Remember the Beatle’s Song:  “There will be an answer, let it be.”   

 This Sunday the Prayer Chaplains will be on retreat at Harmony Haven – mine and Judy’s River House.  I am excited to say that Frank Castellano, Ryan Gill and Alianna Hamer will be the faces you will see on May 29th.  The three of these amazing souls bring the energy of the New Earth – The Generation X’ers and Millennials.  I hope those of you, who fall into the Baby Boomers or Traditionalists will come and share in the message that will be streaming from Unity of Music City’s stage.  The message that our generations to come will be sharing –  Leaving a Legacy of Love begins with Letting Go of the old stories and creating new ones. 

Rev. Denise Yeargin
Spiritual Midwife/Mindfulness Coachwww.highvibrationzone.comUnity of Music City/Senior MinisterLeadership Donelson HermitageOneNashville

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 04/05/18

Spring has sprung.  Everything is greening, flowers are blooming, trees are budding.  The world is becoming more and more beautiful.  This beautiful sight must be a reflection of the inner beauty that rose up during our individual resurrections last Sunday morning.  Unity of Music City has indeed come together to create a “legacy of love” that we are now willing to share not only with each other, but beyond the walls of our spiritual community. 
In saying that, how many of you remember going barefoot during the spring time?  I was always excited when the weather got a little warmer because my mother would stop worrying about me “catching a cold” and allow me to go barefoot.  I would have lived barefoot if my parents and teachers would have let me.  It has always felt more natural to me to be without shoes.  I enjoy feeling the grass and the rocks and the mud beneath my feet.  I love walking over freshly mowed grass and mulch and all those things that springtime brings.  It makes me feel more connected to mother earth in all her splendor and glory.  Some of you who experienced Spiritual Baptism with Deb Moore and I on Maundy Thursday know that we began by allowing each of us to connect with Mother Earth by planting our feet firmly on the floor. 
Sunday morning is Barefoot Sunday!  This day will be special for many reasons and one of those is that we are collecting shoes for Soles4Souls.  Remember wear a pair of shoes you want to release as you come into the sanctuary.  And a second reason is Martha Creek will be in the house speaking about Pain vs Peace – You Choose.  Martha usually speaks in flipflops or barefoot.  She is definitely one of us.  I leave you with a few gems from her last newsletter.  I believe you will see the theme just flows for each of us – preparing us for our Nashville Chooses Peace Festival.    

Rev Denise