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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/24/18

If you have been joining us on Sunday mornings, either in person or on YouTube during or after the fact, you are aware that in the months of May and June you will be given  7 Invitations from Holy Spirit.  These invitations are tailormade to assist you in setting your heart on fire and liberating your life.  This Sunday we are ready for invitation #3:  Resist Nothing.  I know that each of you has heard “what you resist persists.” 

If it is true that what you resist persists, the opposite is equally true . . .namely, “what you embrace dissolves.”   I can feel your minds racing as you read this.  What about – and what about – and what about?  Did you know that negative states persist because we give them energy and importance through giving them all of our attention. When we offer no attention, no resistance, they wither and fade away.   But that is all soooo haaarrrrd!   And what about all the other people who are giving that particular situation attention?

As we end the month of May and our focus on the mother energy, may we remind ourselves to Feel Everything, Question Everything and Resist Nothing.  In that way we bring the Shakti Energy into our lives which provides balance, healing, and wholeness to each and every situation.  In order to restore balance and to sustain our lives, and the life of our planet, it is of utter importance that not only women, but also all men connect with and reengage with their inner Shakti/feminine energy. This is the essence of the light that is presently pouring into our planet.  I know that many of you feel the shifts in mind body and spirit.  So, when you tune into Shakti, she will heighten your capacity to open spiritually, love deeply and fearlessly, create masterfully and move through the world with joy and inspiration. 

I hope you join us this Sunday.  We will have a new music guest invited specifically for this occasion:  Her name is Caroline Bolich and the songs she will be sharing with us are ‘Om Para Shakti’ and a song called ‘Sacred’. The love of the mother’s greatest gift is that everything she touches becomes sacred. 

Namaste’Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/17/18

Do you know who you are?  The song “Who Are You,” was the title song for CSI, Crime Scene Investigation.  During the sitcom, the main characters investigate murders and attempt to determine not only who committed the murder, but who exactly was the victim and why did this murder happen.  When I watched the show, I would begin to question inside myself, if the persons knew who they were, would this situation escalated to murder?  Could they have discussed a different way to settle the disagreement?  When did the two people begin to forget who they really were?

Last week we began a series of 7 lessons that work together to “Set Our Hearts On Fire.”  Each week there will be an “invitation” given.  For the Month of May the invitations will be about our personal “beingness”.  In June, the invitations will be in reference to our actions in the world.  Last week’s invitation was “Feel Everything.”  As we discussed feelings we reminded each of us that feeling everything does not mean you must endure everything.  Feelings come to assist us in knowing more fully who we are, and they also come to “pass through.”  Secondly, feeling everything does not mean expressing everything.  Some feelings are only for us to experience and make course corrections for our lives.  One of the major course corrections in the realm of HEARTMATH is, “am I staying in my own hula hoop?”  —  “Am I swimming in my lane?” or “Am I attempting to be the director of someone else’s play?” 

Some of us spend so much time worrying and fretting over someone else’s life, that we wake up one day realizing that our own life has passed and we haven’t really lived it.  Hence why we are diving into these 7 invitations.  They are invitations that when put into practice can assist us in being more present in our daily lives and also free us to live the life we came into these physical bodies to live. 

This Sunday, May 20th, we will be invited to “Question Everything.”  This is a big agenda, especially for those of us who were taught to not question authority.  Questioning everything means reconsidering all my beliefs about myself, others and the world.  The question of “Who am I?” becomes bigger at that time.  When I am in the middle of a stressor or a situation that has brought up some feelings that I don’t know how to process or express, am I willing to ask myself, Who am I in this moment?  So I ask you to repeat after me . . . . .

 I am a spiritual being having a human experience. 

Our lives are the grand expression of two sides of the same coin.  Sometimes we just need to flip the coin over to the other side. We do that by resetting our breath and remembering our “I-AMness” in this now moment. 

Namaste’Rev. Denise