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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/14/18

Have you ever thought, “My life would be much easier without some of these Relationships?”  It seems that when we review our day or week or year, it is relationships that seem to rise to the top of the conversation – “For better or for worse.” No matter if we are talking about partners, bosses, children, parents or friends, many times our lives would be less hectic without some of the relationship issues we seem to face.  

Edwene Gains says, “Life is a party – this is a party planet.”  Have you ever felt in the deep places of your soul, “Everyone else was invited and ready for this party and I think somehow I got thrown in the back door and now the door is closed and I can’t get out?”  How do I step into this divine dance of relationship, of loving and being loved without my deepest fears coming up? 

This Sunday’s lesson is ‘Love Like You’re Dancing’ . . . what if I have two left feet . . . then what?  How many times do I find myself in the Divine Dance of Relationship without the balance of giving and receiving? We have been told to love our neighbor as we love ourselves –  so what’s it all about Alfie?  There seems to be an ongoing dance of giving and receiving in all our relationships.  If we are not balanced in the flow, it starts with the loving God part . . . God being the essence of life.  Do you love your Life?  What if the only real thing that needs to change is that you need to become a better dance partner?

Join us Sunday for an experience and a conversation of The Divine Dance of Life. 

 “When you get the choice to sit it out or dance . . . I hope you dance.”

Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 06/07/18

“A dream is a wish your heart makes . . .”  was a song that was part of the Walt Disney movie, Cinderella.  It had many of the same sentiments of “When you wish upon a star . . .” from the movie Pinocchio.  How is it that in the 1940’s and 50’s there was emphasis placed on dreaming and 60+ years later, we as a society, place much more emphasis on reality and “figuring it all out?”  What would it be like to tell your boss or the people you are serving on a board with, “I’m going to go home and dream a bit about all this and get back to you?”   But wait . . . what about the spread sheets, the budget, the . . . you know what I mean.  Even when the movie, The Secret, came out many people embraced it and many people pushed back on it saying it was all about wealth and getting what you want.   What I can tell you about the movie and the law of attraction is that it was basically about “the dream”  which can be used for individuals or groups.  We could even lean into a dream of making the world a better place or possibly Unity of Music City becoming the #force4good we have dreamed about. But the main idea of the dream is that you loose control of your own ego thoughts and allow something greater than you to take over. 


As a noun the word dream means a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.  If I believe that dreaming only happens during sleep then it makes sense that I would not necessarily take them seriously or even remember all of my dreams.   Another definition of the word dream as a noun is a cherished aspiration ambition or ideal. When I begin to think about dream in that way, it is understandable that the desires of my hearts, my goals, and intentions are in some way dreams.  The question I would ask is, do you realize that the desires of your heart, your personal intentions are coming from your higher self – something greater than your ego mind? 


The interesting thing about the word dream is that it can also be used as a verb.  “I dreamed about the situation last evening” could still happen in my sleep, but what about “I dreamed about my deepest desires?”  What about visioning or contemplating the possibility of doing something brand new?  What about leaning into the desires of my heart and visioning or dreaming the infinite possibilities of the universe? What about dreaming about stepping into your own abundance?


This Sunday, June 10th we will be doing some Dreaming at Unity of Music City.  Our lesson topic is the 5th Invitation which is “Be Awakened by the Dream.”  Have you ever had a dream that was so very real that it woke you up?  I’m not talking about a dream at night.  I’m talking about a dream that was from that deep place of desire within yourself and the desire or the dream woke you up to who you really are.  The amazing Julie Rust will be with us supporting our lesson with songs about believing and dreaming. 


Calling all dreamers,

Rev. Denise