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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 05/17/18

Do you know who you are?  The song “Who Are You,” was the title song for CSI, Crime Scene Investigation.  During the sitcom, the main characters investigate murders and attempt to determine not only who committed the murder, but who exactly was the victim and why did this murder happen.  When I watched the show, I would begin to question inside myself, if the persons knew who they were, would this situation escalated to murder?  Could they have discussed a different way to settle the disagreement?  When did the two people begin to forget who they really were?

Last week we began a series of 7 lessons that work together to “Set Our Hearts On Fire.”  Each week there will be an “invitation” given.  For the Month of May the invitations will be about our personal “beingness”.  In June, the invitations will be in reference to our actions in the world.  Last week’s invitation was “Feel Everything.”  As we discussed feelings we reminded each of us that feeling everything does not mean you must endure everything.  Feelings come to assist us in knowing more fully who we are, and they also come to “pass through.”  Secondly, feeling everything does not mean expressing everything.  Some feelings are only for us to experience and make course corrections for our lives.  One of the major course corrections in the realm of HEARTMATH is, “am I staying in my own hula hoop?”  —  “Am I swimming in my lane?” or “Am I attempting to be the director of someone else’s play?” 

Some of us spend so much time worrying and fretting over someone else’s life, that we wake up one day realizing that our own life has passed and we haven’t really lived it.  Hence why we are diving into these 7 invitations.  They are invitations that when put into practice can assist us in being more present in our daily lives and also free us to live the life we came into these physical bodies to live. 

This Sunday, May 20th, we will be invited to “Question Everything.”  This is a big agenda, especially for those of us who were taught to not question authority.  Questioning everything means reconsidering all my beliefs about myself, others and the world.  The question of “Who am I?” becomes bigger at that time.  When I am in the middle of a stressor or a situation that has brought up some feelings that I don’t know how to process or express, am I willing to ask myself, Who am I in this moment?  So I ask you to repeat after me . . . . .

 I am a spiritual being having a human experience. 

Our lives are the grand expression of two sides of the same coin.  Sometimes we just need to flip the coin over to the other side. We do that by resetting our breath and remembering our “I-AMness” in this now moment. 

Namaste’Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams 05/10/18

What an exciting week it has been at Unity of Music City.  We had a full house for Lunch Bunch and again we filled the room for the first Heart Math Class.  It is obvious to this minister that people are beginning to understand the importance of what it means to be a life long learner, and what it means to want to release a bit of the stress that goes with the human condition and this thing we call living. 

So last evening we glazed over the cerebral parts of HeartMath – who developed it and where and why.  We also experienced three exercises during the evening.  Two of those exercises we will experience again this Sunday morning (the reader’s digest version)  – in case you missed them last night. The third exercise we do on a regular basis on Sunday mornings – it is called a Reset Breath Quiet Touch or RBQT, and was created by my friend and mentor Brenda Williams.  The process helps us to be able to read our original blueprint, our personal divinity, the divinity that was breathed into us from holy spirit.  Are you aware of the divine blueprint that is specifically yours?  Wouldn’t it be a great experience to be able to push the reset button every time you felt less than or not good enough or pulled off center by the ebb and flow of live? 

While on the Chaplain Retreat we discussed Presence.  As you probably felt last Sunday when the Prayer Chaplains were inducted the energy felt different in our sanctuary and that energy has continued to permeate our physical facility.   For the next 7 weeks we will be given 7 invitations to live at that level of Awareness, Presence and Intention. These 7 subtle shifts can assist us in becoming more aware of how we are showing up and how our very Presence is affecting not only ourselves but everyone else around us.  And with that fact we can set the intention throughout each day to be more aware and to be willing to take the time to resonate with our original blueprint — when we remember.    

As the Energy of Divine Mother desires to nurture and love you, are you willing to nurture yourself and love yourself?  Now’s the time and Unity of Music City is the Place.  Join us this Sunday Morning at 11:00 as we celebrate the energy of Mothers and most specifically the Divine Mother that lives and moves and breathes within each of us.  And affirm with us:   I am safe.  I am loved.  I am free to live in the presence of the divine mother.   

Rev. Denise Yeargin