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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/09/18

I continue to be amazed at the insistence of some to focus on the 10 Commandments.  It’s not that I don’t see the merit in them but the biggest issue is that Jesus the Christ stated “I did not come to “abolish” the law (or the Abrahamic Traditions), but to “fulfill” the law.”  As we begin to take a deeper look at the gospels, the language used and the translation, the word “fulfill” could be translated as “complete.”  Jesus spoke about assisting his disciples and others how to completely step into living and moving and acting within the law. 

When I received the word that this year’s World Day of Prayer would be focusing on being a healing presence, I realized that we were at a great place in consciousness to focus on healing and wholeness as a spiritual community.  We began that journey this last week.  I hope that you were able to be in the presence of Brenda Julian Williams either Sunday during our celebration service or Wednesday evening as she spoke to the development and use of the Reset Breath.  And now the fun begins!

Jesus the Master Teacher shared a prose poem in eight verses which we call the Beatitudes.  These verses are complete within themselves and constitute what it means to live Practical Christianity in the world today.  Unfortunately many take the verses literally and miss the deeper meanings that lead to “completion of the law.” 

The words in this poem are very similar to the Eight-fold Path of Buddhism or the Oriental mode of approach to philosophical teachings.   Jesus realized that if one’s mental and emotional states were in alignment with spirit, everything else in their life would be right also.  He even said, “God is spirit.”  If we want to heal our lives we must align with the essence of this spirit of love that Jesus was speaking about.  Then and only then will healing and wholeness manifest.  As within – so without. 

I encourage you to walk this journey with us.  Each Sunday we will be taking a deeper look at a Beatitude and each Wednesday evening we will take the Beatitude deeper using the works of Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life.  Each Wednesday evening the Prayer Chaplain Program and the Healing Arts Program will have persons there ready to assist our energy shifts as we wander through the wilderness within. 

Sunday our lesson topic is I AM Willing To Change.  I affirm that each of you will be ready to take the deep dive into this material of healing and wholeness.  We have a new Special Music Guest:  Becky Duffield.  I know she will bless us with her amazing talents. 

Get Ready My Soul – I’m Diving In,Rev. Denise 

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/02/18

My first introduction to meditation was in 1978 when some students from New Zealand visited David Lipscomb University.  As was my family’s custom, we offered our home to two students.  At this particular time we received two girls that would live with us for about two weeks.  I gave them my room so they would be close to the bathroom and moved most of my “stuff” out of my room so that their stay could be as welcoming as possible. 

They were to go with me each morning to David Lipscomb.  I was to deposit them at the Deans Office who would map out their day’s activities.  I then would pick them back up at the Dean’s office each afternoon and drive them to our home for dinner and relaxation.   After the first morning, my mother realized, “Houston, we have a problem!”  Those two girls meditated each morning for about 30 minutes before coming out to breakfast.  And all the while my mother was panicking that they would not have time to eat and be late to their meeting with the Dean.

She would continuously ask me to check on them, which for about two mornings I did by cracking the door slightly and reporting to her, “yep – they are still sitting in the floor quietly with their eyes closed.”  Of course they had told us that they chose to meditate each morning, AND….. that was not something my family did or would have any idea about.  In fact, it became very obvious to me that my mother thought the entire process was silly and a complete waste of time.  Being on time was of utmost importance to her, and anything that hindered punctuality was considered non-essential.

I was actually relieved when the girls left and made their way to Pepperdine University for a two week visit in Malibu, California.  And, they had opened up a space of curiosity within me that I had to check out.  I went to the library (at David Lipscomb) and believe it or not, there was “a” book on Christian Meditation.  I was surprised that I was able to find such a book, but there it was right on the shelf.  I didn’t check it out because somehow I knew if I did, my mother would find out and then I’d have some explaining to do.

I have no idea who wrote the book or much of what it was about.  What I do remember is that the words written on the page were unlike anything I had read about Christianity.  Somehow just reading the words seemed to open up a space within me that had not been opened before.  There were words used like “communion,” “remembering,” “silence,” “atonement” and “restoration of spirit.”  I wasn’t sure what I had dove into, but I did know that my parents would not be amused.  I also knew that if my father and I had to have “the conversation” about him being an Elder in the Church of Christ and that people were always looking and …..  you know the drill…..it wouldn’t be pretty.

I quickly placed the book back on the shelf, never to dive into that pool again until I entered a Unity Church in 1986.  Some of you have heard me share that it was the meditation that touched me deeper than anything else in the services.  I today still pattern the meditations in our services after Rev. Jimmy Scott.  He told me one time that there were many ways to lead meditation, guided, with or without music, etc.  And he told me that scattering words and giving participants time to breathe was a way to assist them on their own internal spiritual journey.  He told me too many words cloud up the mind. He also told me that everyone’s journey through the wilderness takes as long as it takes.  It seems I took a lot of what he said to heart.

I can truly say that meditation and sitting in the silence has been the cornerstone of my journey with spirit.  It has changed my life in ways that I cannot even begin to articulate.  Yes the physical level has shifted, but there is a deep knowing, a strong faith within that everything is working together for good no matter what the outer appears to be.  It has been the catalyst for healing my life.  And now that I have incorporated Reset Breath Quiet Touch into my toolbox, abundant living has been something that has unfolded easily and effortlessly. 

I sure hope you will choose to be with us this Sunday.  My friend Brenda Julian Williams will be speaking about RBQT: Reset Breath Quiet Touch – Why Now . . .Why Me & . . . Why You?  This is important work, not only for ourselves, but also for our entire planet.  We as a collective are in service to humanity.  The time is now to Heal our Own Lives so that we can share with others the truth of not only our being, but the truth of humanity.

Join me in affirming:  As I breathe consciously, my life transforms.  With overflowing love and gratitude for this day and the beginning of a marvelously transforming experience . . . . .

Rev. Denise