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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 09/13/18

What an exciting week this had been at Unity of Music City – and it’s not even over yet!  The Mind Body Spirit preparations for World Day of Prayer have been happening over the last month by focusing on healing.  I have spent many hours in prayer with several of our prayer chaplains and congregants.  I just left our sanctuary to go home and rest a bit before this evening’s service.  And now I continue to hold the affirmation:  I am a healing presence.  You are a healing presence.  As we come together – we are the very presence of healing. 


And that presence is Love.


So . . . . . I am excited to say that we have an amazing guest speaker this Sunday, that dropped into our laps (not really – he was drawn to us through the law of attraction).  His name is Scott Stabile and he wrote an amazing book entitled Big Love: The Power of Living With a Wide Open Heart.  Some of you may have decided to step into his writing workshop on Saturday.  I do believe he still may have a few slots open if you are interested in “writing your story.”   Saturday: 11 – 3:30 in the Namaste’ Café. 


I just saw this post on Scott’s Facebook page and so I share with you: 


“Let the sure strong voice that links you to the abundant love overflowing within you whisper and then scream the truth of who you are –  a child of the divine, a playmate to the oceans and the trees, a radiant expression of humanity, and of love.”


I hope you join us this Sunday to be blessed, to be filled with passion and to be healed by Big Love.   



Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 08/23/18

Unity of Music City has been focusing for the entire month of August on the theme “You Can Heal Your Life.”  We’ve practiced the Reset Breath; we’ve looked at Our Willingness to Change; we’ve discussed our beliefs in what we deserve, what we are willing to accept into our lives and now comes one of the big frogs:  “Critical Thoughts and Pesky Emotions.”

Unity’s third principle is:  Thoughts in mind reproduce after their kind.  Do I really understand what that Universal Principle means?  It means that if I think a thought (or feel an emotion because all thoughts contain emotional charge) that thought will reproduce like bunnies.  Literally hundreds of experiences to confirm my thought – over and over.  It is as if the Universe is saying – “Well O.K.  If that is really what you want, here it is.” 

When I actually began to understand the magnitude of that principle is when I did work on some of my core beliefs and the thoughts that led me to believe those thoughts.  When we tell ourselves something over and over, when we allow others to tell us things over and over, we begin to believe them.  When we continue to step into relationships that confirm for us we are not good enough, when we continue to work in environments where we never get it right, when we are in situations where there is constant competition to be “better than someone else,” it can cause wear and tear on our very souls.  Been there, done that, and it makes you physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually sick.   

I hope you choose to join us this Sunday morning as we unravel some of those thoughts using the affirmation:  I Am One With The One.  We will be joined by the inspiring Laurie O’Shea who will share with us music that  supports us to Heal our thoughts, heal our emotions and continue on the path to Freedom. 

Breathing Out.  Breathing In.

     Every Breath Is Love.

Rev. Denise