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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 11/01/18

Have you ever contemplated how to grow hope in your life and the world?  Hope is a feeling of expectation and a desire for certain things to happen.  Actually there are some spiritual practices that coach us to not have expectations – so, how does hope or faith work? 

Many of us use the word Hope in a kind of flippant, non-committed way.  I hope that it doesn’t rain today.  I hope that she will go with me to the party.  I hope that this crisis will pass.  That type of hope is on some level hopeless because we are waiting for some force outside of ourselves to shift the present situation in our favor. 

I ask you to contemplate hope for the next few days.  Hope to me is that quiet whisper inside me that is saying “Yes” when it seems the whole world is saying “No.”  We live in such uncertain times today.  Many people are hungry, homeless or hurting in other ways.  I have hope that you will join Unity of Music City on Sunday morning in the discussion of hope.  Time can stand still and hope can rise to the top when each of us breathes into the sacred moment together and answers “What would we love?  What brings us Joy?  What creates more peace?” 

The amazing Professor Deb Moore will be speaking Sunday morning.  I know you will want to join her and others in your spiritual community as you say “Yes” to being the light of the world.  Together we can make a difference. 

Namaste’Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/26/18

The Course in Miracles states that “Peace will come to all who ask for it with real desire and sincerity of purpose.”  When  I read that I want to say, “Well somebody doesn’t know about x or y because if you did you would know that I can’t just ask sincerely for peace and get it!”  When I hear the words to the song, We Choose Peace, I realize that the time is now and my purpose is clear.  It is a choice in every moment and every situation.  I have to decide to share the message of hope with all those I come in contact with.   

What I do realize is that I must want peace more than I want to be right or more than I want anything else.  Do I want to give peace to the world as much as I want to receive it?  Unless I do want to give it as much as I want to receive it then I will not receive it.  Can I even take in that statement?  The question, “What do you want?” must be answered in every moment.  The power of this one decision is the difference between those who Act on the Unity Principles of One Divine Thought Pray/Meditate Act and those who do not. 

When I begin to choose to give peace as much as I want to receive it, I will see it in my brother’s eyes.  I will hear it in my sister’s words.  I will feel it in the neighborhood that I live in.  This is my part in being peace.  I am not here to reinforce the madness or chaos.  I am here to offer peace that passes all understanding.  It is from my own peace of mind that I can feel peace.  Nothing outside myself can give me peace.  Peace begins with me. 

Join us this Sunday as we continue calling the circle by asking the question, What creates more peace in my life?  The amazing Michael Elley will be sharing music with us. 

Remembering our oneness and celebrating the peace that it creates,  Rev. Denise