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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/26/18

The Course in Miracles states that “Peace will come to all who ask for it with real desire and sincerity of purpose.”  When  I read that I want to say, “Well somebody doesn’t know about x or y because if you did you would know that I can’t just ask sincerely for peace and get it!”  When I hear the words to the song, We Choose Peace, I realize that the time is now and my purpose is clear.  It is a choice in every moment and every situation.  I have to decide to share the message of hope with all those I come in contact with.   

What I do realize is that I must want peace more than I want to be right or more than I want anything else.  Do I want to give peace to the world as much as I want to receive it?  Unless I do want to give it as much as I want to receive it then I will not receive it.  Can I even take in that statement?  The question, “What do you want?” must be answered in every moment.  The power of this one decision is the difference between those who Act on the Unity Principles of One Divine Thought Pray/Meditate Act and those who do not. 

When I begin to choose to give peace as much as I want to receive it, I will see it in my brother’s eyes.  I will hear it in my sister’s words.  I will feel it in the neighborhood that I live in.  This is my part in being peace.  I am not here to reinforce the madness or chaos.  I am here to offer peace that passes all understanding.  It is from my own peace of mind that I can feel peace.  Nothing outside myself can give me peace.  Peace begins with me. 

Join us this Sunday as we continue calling the circle by asking the question, What creates more peace in my life?  The amazing Michael Elley will be sharing music with us. 

Remembering our oneness and celebrating the peace that it creates,  Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 10/18/18

We are continuing to ‘Call the Circle’ at Unity of Music City.  The circle I am speaking of is one of people who are willing to take action on what matters. Last week we asked the question “What would I love?”  We discussed that the reason many of us have not created the lives we would love is because we get stuck in the HOW.  Did you realize that the How is not your business – it is purely God’s business.  If you are continuing to marinate on last week’s lesson we will add another ingredient to the marinade by asking the question “What brings me Joy?”   

When I am living a life that I love and I am attracting to me the things that bring me joy – could it get any better than that?  Joy becomes the very expression of God.  I grew up studying the Bible and I didn’t really equate God with Joy. I thought that most of the Old Testament was filled with scary and war filled stories but there was one verse that always seemed to come out of no where – Nehemiah 8:10.  That particular verse has always been of interest to me.  The verse states, “The Joy of the Lord is my strength.”  I did not fully understand that verse.  Did God find Joy in war and death?  Then one day I picked up a book suggested by a professor in my Ministerial program and everything changed for me.  The book was entitled:  God Is A Verb by David Cooper.  

God is a Verb was about the Kabbalah and the practice of Mystical Judaism.  As I read this book, I began to understand that God/Lord is not a noun – God is not a person – God is a verb.  God is the very expression of the energy that created everything we see.  This means to me that I am a part of that energy and have the ability to use that energy to create my life.  The joy of understanding and knowing that fact makes me strong. 

Join us this Sunday as we discuss that Joy.  Adding to our joy will be Voices of Unity and the amazing Nickie Conley. 

Joyfully expressing and Joyfully receiving,
Rev. Denise