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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 12/27/18

Here we stand at the door of 2019 and what an amazing ride we have been on over the last year.  Whether you enjoyed the ride or have a few bump and bruises to show for it, as my friend Linda Wannamaker says, we are sitting upright and sucking air, and for that we are grateful.  There have been many who have chosen to become part of the next dimension, holding the energies for those of us still in the physical body on the planet.  There have been many who have chosen to come back into the physical like my grandson Zachary Lee Haendel – bringing ages of wisdom with him.  You can see it on his face and in his sweet, sweet smile.  He knows that he knows, that he knows, that he knows.

Where does that wisdom of the ages go? Why do we allow the world to “steal it from us?”  I hope you join me and our Healing Arts Ministry for a different twist on our Burning Bowl Service.  For those who have been to many, this one will be a bit different.  We are adding some new parts this year and integrating the old in ways that will be a magical event for each of us – a great way to end 2018.  (And yes for those of you who like things to stay the same – you can choose to not be a part of experiences that do not feel right for you. Although there are no “naked chickens dancing!”)

Our focus on Sunday, December 30 will be Turning Resolutions into Realities.  We will be walking through a process that has 7 steps; one for each day.  What I have been finding is that when we do certain processes only once a year energies build up and it seems harder to step through to the other side.  So the question I leave with you is – What if we did this process every week on a smaller scale and stayed clean and clear with ourselves, with our friends and families, with our employers, with our intimate relationships, with our world?  Maybe this could become a clear path of integrity for each of us? 

I hope you can join us on Sunday.  I have been putting this process together for several years now and guess what?You are the first to see and hear and experience it!!!  It is a culmination of a lot of my personal evolution towards staying in integrity with myself.   I am finding it immensely helpful in clarifying what is mine to do  and releasing what is not mine.  That releasing part is of great importance and one of the hardest to get integrated into your life. BUT, when you learn to release in ways that are not cruel, but firm, the places, situations, or people that you release begin to see your life moving forward.  They see you stepping into your integrity – the authenticity of you.  In that way we are saying yes to the desires of our heart and in that way we become messengers of Love, Joy & Peace.  This process gives others the opportunity to do the same.  The process not only blesses our lives, it blesses others also. 

Our special music will be over the top.  Just take my word for it and surprise yourself with a magical experience.  Sunday morning.  Unity of Music City, 11:00 a.m.  See you there. 

Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 12/06/18

The first week of Advent we focus on Mary and the hope that each of us can bring to the world.  Of course to be messengers of hope, we must first create hope in our own lives.  It stands to reason that possibly anything unlike hope may have come to the surface for you to take a look at during this week, and then to begin to be that vibration of hope in your own life.   I guess I would say how is that working for you?  If there have been some challenges, you are right in line with the Sacred Christmas Story of Creation and Manifestation. 

The second Sunday of Advent will shift our focus to Peace – Peace that passes all understanding.  Our focal point this Sunday is Joseph who used the vibration of Peace to heal the stress that was around him.  Looking at the story of Mary and Joseph and their journey to Bethlehem, we seem to forget that this is our story.  What have I had to face – where have I been asked to go – what have I been asked to do and how can the vibration of peace assist me on the journey? 

There is a quote that has made its way through New Thought and finally into a book entitled Peace is the Way by Deepak Chopra.  The quote goes something like this, depending on who is saying it: 

“There is no way to peace – peace is the way.”

Deepak’s book lays out very succinctly a 7 day plan to Being Peace.  Yes, you read that sentence correctly.  There is a difference in acting peaceful in certain circumstances and Being the very vibration of Peace. 

I affirm you will join us for the Second Sunday of Advent.  I will share with you these 7 gentle mind, body and spirit shifts that will assist each of us in tuning into Peace during the holiday season.  Don’t forget our Reiki Clinic on Friday Evening (this is also a gentle way to give your Body, Mind & Spirit a tune up).   

Our Special Music this Sunday will be by our Praise and Worship Team and also our own Judy Blackwelder who has written a very special song that she will share about what peace means to her.  I leave you with a few of her words:

“I close my eyes and say a prayer – knowing God is always there.  And in that thought I always find – Peace of Mind.”