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Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 03/28/19

The Good Samaritan story is one of those stories from the Bible that is very familiar and has been used in many Sunday Talks over the years.  A man traveling on a dangerous road, is beat up and left for dead.  Two men walk by that should have stopped to assist but did not choose to help.  Then one comes by that shouldn’t care but does – simple and easy to understand right? 

Maybe that’s it, and maybe there’s more to the story than that.  Have you ever really wondered where our responsibility lies when it comes to our neighbors?  What about those people who are not your neighbors – those pesky “enemies.”  Oh I forgot – we are “unitics” and don’t have enemies – or do we? 
Would you stop to help someone in need that you don’t even like or someone who has in the past been known to treat you “less than?”  What did Jesus the Master Teacher really mean when he shared the parable with the lawyer who asked the question, “Who is my neighbor?”
What if you had to turn the question inside out and answer who has been a neighbor to you?  Who has reached a hand out to you when you were in a place of need?  Who stopped their busy lives to assist you?
Join us Sunday as we complete our lessons on Justice Mercy and Humility.  Voices of Unity will again be in the house to share amazing music that will inspire us.  Remember that we will also share the movie, Won’t You Be My Neighbor at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon.   I look forward to our time together.  

It’s time to look at life from both sides now,

Rev. Denise

Denise’s Daring Daydreams for 03/21/19

What an amazing ride spirit has been taking us on.  Quite a few of us spent the weekend with Grandmother SilverStar assimilating more of the Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creation.  Several of us met for Lunch Bunch midday on Wednesday and discussed what Compassion looks like in a world that works for all.  Then many of us met in circle on Wednesday evening as Deb Moore led us in Satsang, “gathering together with the truth.”  What has occurred to me during the ride this week is that all the words and experiences lead us back to One Truth – I AM. 

In the Unity way of life you may have heard me or other spiritual leaders say, “Be careful of the words you place after, I Am.”  Have you ever wondered what that really means?  To me it speaks of a deeper truth, because who I am at the core is the true essence of my spirit.  When I remember who I am, I realize my essence is beyond body images, labels or words.

I know you will want to join this flow with us on Sunday morning as we continue our conversations around who we are and how the very idea of “who we think we are” has influenced our ideas of Justice, Mercy, and Humility.  Have you ever wondered how justice, the giving and receiving of it shapes the collective consciousness – what we believe about ourselves and others? 

Voices of Unity will be in the house to bless us with beautiful vibrations from our own Dr. Judy Blackwelder.

Go Spirit – your power can’t be denied,
Rev. Denise